Welcome to the shield-wall. Hold firm your spear and your shield, the time for blood-letting is here. Whether you fight for the Allfather, Óðinn or for the Christ Almighty - now is your time, let forth the ravens of war! Vikingr strives to recreate the dark ages of Northern Europe. Choose to fight for Norðmenn, Engle, Normant, Goídil or the Eastern Rusĭ amongst the cold beauty of new, unforgiving landscapes.

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I would like to put my opinion in here as well. The ram-usage isn't that bad since Native itself uses a lot. The CPU usage is due to M&B not being able to use multi-threading. It can only use one core, as far as I know.

And all this talk about OSP is just ridiculous. Only a select few mod for M&B does NOT have any OSP. For you who don't know what OSP is it's: Open Source Pack. This means that anyone may use them. Almost every mod uses OSP these days. All I'm saying is that some of these posts are full of ****, literally.

The crashes, I have no idea about. I've never crashed in this mod and I play with full graphics. I think the codes are good enough. Someone mentioned something about all of the coding being OSP. Me, myself, can't find any of the codes (that you see in the way the game works) being OSP. I might not have looked in the right places, but I can't find any of the stuff to be OSP.

Please try to make constructive criticism and base them on facts.

For me, this mod is most enjoyable and I love the new features. The taunting is awesome :D
The new gamemode "Raid" is also splendid. I love to raid the villages and sail in on a longboat to smash some skulls and set houses on fire. Also, the new items are lovely.
(OSP or not)

I give it an 8. It's not perfect, but for a beta and incomplete mod, it very good.

I started playing Vikingr immediately after watching the teaser trailer. What hooked were (quite embarrassingly) the pretty lanscapes. Truly well made scenes.

The mod certainly isn't without flaws, it's quite demanding on the computer, but I can run it alright on a fairly old rig. It didn't freeze or crash though, not even once.

What I like beside the graphics is the whole theme of the mod, the combat is quite different to native, it requires the players learn and develop other skills than simple 2h spamming.

I wish the guys had a stable of historical researchers and 3D guys to make new stuff, because certain factions (*coughRuscough*) aren't certainly as polished as others yet.

But overall it's an incredibly fun mod to play. Nowadays the only reason I start Warband.

good textures ect. but consider to add singleplayer ;)

Well i could say i like this mod but i wouldnt think any1 would like too many trees or too big terrains and too detailed Icons in the map and trees will allso make the game lag

so basically if ur making a mod u need to think about of those who have a low power PC -looks at own pc and smacks it D:- like mine but anyway onto the review..

i liked the idea and all and screens and everything and im a fan of nordic and wiking thingies but i dont think this one will go too far since u seem to make a mod that looks like everything else... all tho!

the Towns and Cities look BEAUTIFUL and allso the interior looks good too but ill just give this mod an 8 for... not too good looking terrain

where u can allready see that theres TOO MANY TREES i can count attleast 40 in 1 screen that attleast 10 makes ur fps drop 10 from ur original... so if u have about 40-50 u get 30-40 with 10 trees and so forth or somtin im not sure ALL THO the shieldwall looks good and when ur riding u seem to rise ur sword/axe and whail it in the air and i would like the idea that you would be able to yell like GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA or something idk but down to the Breakdown

4/5 for terrain

5/5 for gear

4/5 for new animations and items seems

so basically... its an 8 :D


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