Welcome to the shield-wall. Hold firm your spear and your shield, the time for blood-letting is here. Whether you fight for the Allfather, Óðinn or for the Christ Almighty - now is your time, let forth the ravens of war! Vikingr strives to recreate the dark ages of Northern Europe. Choose to fight for Norðmenn, Engle, Normant, Goídil or the Eastern Rusĭ amongst the cold beauty of new, unforgiving landscapes.

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I started playing Vikingr immediately after watching the teaser trailer. What hooked were (quite embarrassingly) the pretty lanscapes. Truly well made scenes.

The mod certainly isn't without flaws, it's quite demanding on the computer, but I can run it alright on a fairly old rig. It didn't freeze or crash though, not even once.

What I like beside the graphics is the whole theme of the mod, the combat is quite different to native, it requires the players learn and develop other skills than simple 2h spamming.

I wish the guys had a stable of historical researchers and 3D guys to make new stuff, because certain factions (*coughRuscough*) aren't certainly as polished as others yet.

But overall it's an incredibly fun mod to play. Nowadays the only reason I start Warband.

Well Im playing this mod since it officially came out (0.70) being an alpha (so there are bugs and other issues still) and I dont have top tier pc myself, but I had no crashes now when its 0.72 and still alpha. Mod has great spectacular look on max settings (which I can still try, its just only less playable).

Mod is more balanced than native, classlimit is great feature which native lacks, it has lots of features native lacks and thats what I like the most (starting drowning after some time your head was underwater or instadeath if u fall too deep, taunts, nice little features like beheading, raid mode which native should have had from a start, etc). Archery is harder but more rewarding, horses are more deadly but easier to kill, overall it needs more skill to play and is lot more fun.

And then there is community, not only it is fun to play with these people, you can pop up on forums and have a help or just share your thoughts. And being still alpha mod it give you a nice opportunity to suggest new great features and if its really useful and fun be no doubt modders will add it (new fun features come an go if they appear imbalanced, new models are made etc).

To conclude I might just say whole purpose of a review is to decide if you should try a mod or not, no review can replace personal experience and a try is what this mod definitely deserves. I will just add that I spent many spare hours playing native before, now I use every chance to play this mod only.



The best mod out there for Warband, Absolutely fun to play. If anyone says otherwise, then they obviously have a mod of their own with a pet dog that follows them everywhere on the internetz :).

The chainmail could be more shiny, thats about it.

And add a Bythonic faction......

Looks like an excellent, well done and historically accurate mod, something we could definitely use more of.

good textures ect. but consider to add singleplayer ;)

Vikingr, which revolves around battle in the period leading up to the year 1066, when both the Vikings and the Normans invaded England, is probably my favourite game ever. Note: I say game, not mod. It takes the original, native game (Mount & Blade: Warband) and elevates it several levels. Most problems it has (if any) are due to the latter.

Striking is the great atmosphere, in the form of beautifully textured landscapes, with plenty of gloomy, cool and misty woodlands, and of a truly immersive battle experience. It is essential in this game to work together with your team mates, looking out for each other, as the manoeuverability of your character is far more realistic than in the native game. No more whirling around foes at full speed, side-stepping in a crazy fashion as you would see in many lesser games.

Nay, team play is everything; stand together or die alone. And this can lead to most thrilling situations. One of these is the forming of a shield wall, where you and your mates join at the shoulder and raise your shields in a defensive row, while you all knock your shields with your weapons repeatedly, challenging the other side to assault your wall at great cost of life and limb. Vikingr is grim, cool and builds fellowship.

Hurl insults at each other! Nothing beats playing a Saxon, killing your foe and, with the press of a button, yelling “pig filth!” at his corpse, figuratively spitting at it. These moments add levity and matter-of-factness to what can be tense situations.

The developers of Vikingr have an eye for detail, making sure names and gear are historically accurate. Notice for instance the pattern welding on some of the swords. And they are ever working on improving it, with new factions to come.

I give Vikingr a 9 out of 10. If it keeps improving like it does, it might receive the first 10 I’ve ever given for anything.

Excellent improvement on the original mechanics. Still not a real looker, but much better appearance than vanilla. Nice custom models, and really liking the general attention to historical accuracy. Balancing is decent as well. My only complaint would be the sword textures for the vikings, they look like they have tattoos xD


I love the gameplay and the strategy it ads to my game it's best mode i ever played i hope it will ccontinue because it's cool P.S continue the mod it will help you in future with other mods because you will have more views

One of the highest quality mods I have ever played.
Everything looks and works great.
Vikingr does the same thing for Mount&Blade; with what Counter Strike did for Half-Life.
Every M&B fun should check it out.

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