Finally its there! A Vietnam War modification for Call of Duty! This modification is made on the last installement to date - Call of Duty:World at War by Treyarch.

Report content Vietnam Mod v1.1 Patch Server Files
Feb 22nd, 2010
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RGN VIETNAM MOD MULTIPLAYER PUBLIC VERSION 1.1[Patch] Copyright © RGN, Raiders Game Net - 2009/2010 Thank you for downloading the RGN VIETNAM Mod. This Readme file contains the most recent information regarding the RGN Vietnam Mod Modification for Call of Duty: World at War. The RGN Dev team is proud to present the first public version of the multiplayer component of the Vietnam Mod for Call of Duty: World at War. The mod will take you to the Vietnam War, deep in Vietnam, where you will fight new battles between the NVA/Vietcongs and the US 1st Cavalry.

Changelog from 1.0:
[F] : Fixes
[A] : Additions
[F] Fix 128 Bones error (not fully tested)
[F] Fix a bug in S&D when changing Class during First Round
[F] Fix a bug in CTF where icons would follow players
[F] Fix a bug when player bled to death (no more gibbing)
[F] Fix a bug with M79 Thumper Firing mode change (goes in Slot 3 as it should now)
[F] Fix Booby Trap safe for Team mate now with set "2"
[F] Fix a display issue on Control Multiplayer Menu
[F] Fix CFG files for typo / default setup (rotation.cfg, weapon_control.cfg, ambient_control.cfg)
[F] Fix Claymore + Weapons Pool sounds (could be heard all over the map)
[F] Fix a problem with drop grenades where "throw back" was showing
[F] Fix Center Obituaries/Low Ammo/Ammo counter Dvars
[F] Fix Claymore detonating when Axis plants
[F] Increased Recoil on PPSh-41
[F] Ranks are now US Army instead of Marines (Icons + Text)
[F] Misc typos in cfg/localized files (weapon pools cfg amongst others)
[F] Fixed non-visible Squad Invite on HUD
[F] Fix lapse in spawn protection
[A] Added 2 dvars to show/hide 2D/3D icons - also hides Flag carrier in CTF (see updated player_control.cfg)
[A] Added Dvar to switch on/off Red Crosshairs on enemies (see updated player_control.cfg)
[A] Added Dvar to Show/Hide Bomb carrier in SAB (see updated player_control.cfg)
[A] Added Weapon Damage Modifier for all weapons/items/hardpoints (see updated weapon_control.cfg)
[A] Added Dvar to show/hide Server Info screen
[A] Added Key bind for Binoculars
[A] Added Dvars for Jump height, Fall damage
[A] Added Dvar for crouch enforce (anti stand/run) (see updated player_control.cfg)
[A] Added M72 & Chicom Type-69 (Rpgs) as items (see updated weapon_control.cfg)
[A] Added Dvar to Show/Hide Talking icon on VOIP (see updated player_control.cfg)
[A] Added Dvar to show/hide compass on HC (see updated vietnam.cfg)
- This patch requires RGN Vietnam Mod 1.0 files already installed. You can find the Executable here:
- Once the 1.0 files are install execute the RgnVietnamMod_patch1.1.exe file (for Clients) or use the Server Files package (See more informations in Notes)
- To uninstall the Mod patch use the Add/Remove programs (Clients) or delete the folders (Server Files)
- For all support related issues please contact us at our website:
- Alternatively you can email vietnammod AT zeroy DOT com
- Check for more information in docs Folder provided in file.

Zeroy (Founder/Mapper/Scripter)
Paulo88 (Level Designer)
Wakka (Level Designer)
Narcozz (Level Designer)
Carcass26 (Level Designer)
Coldair (Level Designer)
Atomicelvis (Level Designer)
|[FR]|FOX (Level Designer)
Veserius (Level Designer)
Maquina (Level Designer)
Buster (Skinner)
Oneshot & BengalSniper (Researchers)
Additional content by:
Xiao (Skinner)
Mapicted (Modelling)
Robbo (scripting help)
Lonewolf - 509th (scripting help)
Number7 (scripting help)
NovemberDobby (scripting help)
xHolyx (scripting help)
CodemanX (scripting help)
Deavius (scripting help)
Marc - AKA Wildcard (scripting help)
{PST} Joker (scripting help)
OMWG (scripting help)
OpenWarfare Team (scripting)
RGN Dev Team (Past and current members)
Bell, Ravir, Worm, Nedgerblansky (legacy scripting)
Michel S. Boonstra (Knokploeg Sound Mod)
Regolith (For his awesome Xmodel Exporter tool!)
Thanks to:
Mike_Nomad, Wizz, Mr.Ray for the support and advice
SevenSniff, Spacepig, Redskull, Busterking (support) (Beta testing/Server)
RGN VIP Members (testing, support)
Blackmonkeys (support, testing)
B2Z Goucho + NFO CrazyCro and their Clan members (Beta testing/Server)
509th, Metal and ={dBb}= Clan, themadcappr and his Clan for addtional testing on 1.1 patch

Special Notes:

THIS MATERIAL IS NOT MADE OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION Inc. 3100 Ocean Park Boulevard, Santa Monica, California 90405.
The compiled assets and codes contained in this Mod should NOT be decompiled without express approval from the RGN Vietnam Mod Team.
This modification contains textures and sounds re-created from assets from other Publishers, these and all original and composed textures or assets in this Modification remain property of the sources respective owners.
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Vietnam Mod v1.1 Patch Server Files
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