This mod features new units, maps and skirmish space structures (including sub-station which allow you to build a new units in skirmish). As well enhanced income bonus.

NOTE: Star Trek ships are exclusive! And many of new units are only available in skirmish and some of them available in GC. Also, some stuffs on the list are not yet included in game, so it will be added in future release.

Units list are moved to features tab.


- Open Circle Fleet (Part of the Rebel Alliance)
- United Federation of Planets/Starfleet (Part of the Rebel Alliance)
- Allied Nations/U.S. Allied Force (Part of the Rebel Alliance)
- Global Defense Initiative (Part of the Rebel Alliance)
- Nazi Germany (Part of the Galactic Empire. Will be removed from mod in future release)
- Dominion Alliance/Dominion Order (Part of the Galactic Empire)
- Brotherhood of Nod (Part of the Galactic Empire)
- Separatist Consortium (Led by a former Soviet members. Part of the Zann Consortium)
- Klingon/Romulan Confederacy (Part of the Zann Consortium)
- Borg Collective (Part of the Zann Consortium)


Thanks to:

- Warb_Null
- Evillejedi
- Swgbex
- Red Dragon
- Sidious Invader
- Bailknight
- Admiral Ace
- Lord X
- Nomada Firefox
- Emperor Niko
- z3r0x
- Anakin_Sklavenwalker
- Geroenimo
- Ozzy667
- NeoMarz1
- Jedi_Clone_X2
- Republic at War team
- Steiner Modding Group
- thomas39120
- Avenger85
- LoW
- IA2
- Jedi Consular
- Shakky
- THX1138
- Daft_Vader
- Alx438
- mapayne
- Thrawn's Revenge 2.0 team
- Frank Klepacki
- Electronic Arts
- Petroglyph/LucasArts
- Kenny Z
- Todd Kumpf
- Robert Mayer
- Howard Day

More TBD...

Credits also will be updated.

Archive password: everythingempireatwar
Just extract into the "Mods" folder in your Forces of Corruption directory.
Custom maps are very important! To install maps, put all the maps from mod's "Custommaps" folder into Data\Art\Maps of the mod's Data folder.

As I'm a rookie modder, I don't have an experience with modeling, rigging, and advanced modding.

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