This is a working production of a new storyline to Vice City. It's 2010, Niko Bellic has moved to Vice City to seek the real American dream. During his time at this new location, he begins to mix with the wrong crowd again. He is now forced into a deep debt to the Vercetti family. Niko then realizes that if he does not get the money to he Vercetti family in time, he won't have any chance at fighting back when they come for him. Niko then attempts to get the money back for the Vercetti family, but he figures out a weak point in the Vercetti empire. Niko then prepares for a huge gang war, nothing like Vice City has ever seen before. The player must then build Niko's empire, fight the multiple gangs that inhabit Vice City, and push back the Vercetti family once and for all. Prepare for an all new addition to the Grand Theft Auto saga, as Fan Fiction reigns supreme with Vice City's Serbian.

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Vice City's Serbian
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