This is a total conversion modification for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which transforms the game into the PlayStation exclusive Vice City Stories.

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For the devs:

If Rockstar doesn't do it, the community will! Awesome mod guys! Only some missions glitch out a bit and the map isn't done yet. But i'm sure you guys are working on that. Also, it would be great to put the original car door opening / closing sounds in. The same thing goes for the explosions. I was waiting for this for years, and you guys are giving it to me. Thanks!

For the people:

This mod is great and works well on illegal versions of the game. I'm not sure if it will work on the steam version since the gross patch that came out, but its certainly worth a try!

Its a pretty solid mod, amazing team, there's a few bugs here and there but its still nice. Its still in its BETA and we will just see what will happen.

Great mod, full of potential.


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I. Love. This. I really enjoyed this game when it came out on the PSP in 2006-ish? forgive me i'm too lazy to google in the AM :P It looks great on my comp and really makes me want to play the San Andreas thats been sitting idle in my Steam library for easily 3 years + so uh yeah, thanks for making me like my game again :) I have had a single issue with the Mission for Phil Cassidy where martinez is smoking with phil in the opening cutscene. (Truck Something??) again, the AM... the problem is Phil wouldnt stop driving into a corner after aquiring the cholo truck in the 2nd half. That sounds kinda like a mouthful but yeah, it made the mission impossible as he simply wouldnt back up. but I'm sure if I try again ill have better luck, we'll see ;) Anyway in conclusion it's working GREAT so far and awesome job to the team, really brings back memories for me. BTW I found out about this from a forum sig on I believe a Saint's Row forums. Ironic? Who says advertising doesn't work? :) 9/10


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