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T he third BETA release of VLM is now available for download! Included in this release are numerous fixes, improvements to the installation process and a few additional mod packages.

New Features & Improvements

For this release I've listened to the feedback received regarding the installation of the mod packages, and as a result I've now included additional descriptions and notes for each mod package, to which can be accessed directly from within the mod manager itself. Additionally you'll find links to screenshots and / or videos that show off the particular mod package if they are available.

Improved Armor Customization

A while ago I showed off the screenshot above and mentioned some of the additional mod packages found in VLM that aren't related to weapon load-outs and in particular improve your character appearance.
First of all in this release you'll also find a copy of Abvex's MASS-ively EFFECT-ive COLOR-palette mod, which I've received permission to include. This is a great mod that adds hundreds of additional armor tints for you to customize your armor with. The color palette mod included in previous versions of VLM has been removed and I will not be continuing its development.
Secondly if you look at the far right of the above screenshot, you'll see that the other N7 armor has been added to the armor selection. In VLM you can either choose to select it as a Full-Body Armor or customize it with shoulder pads and helmets etc. If you want, you may also remove your shoulder-pads, to which can look good under certain combinations. Adding additional armors is merely a test for now, I'm aware other mods have produced similar results - but if this checks out bug free and works properly for all users then I will be expanding to it in the future.

Other stuff and ETA till next release...

I've been a bit tight for time with this release as I have a backlog of other projects I need to finish first, so not everything I wanted to include is included. A few additional weapons mods and improvements will be released later on, probably next month some time when they are completed. Remember this mod is still in BETA, so please continue to post your feedback and / or bug reports. In the mean time enjoy V1.2!


There are a few other changes and improvements I’ve not covered in this news post, so check out the change-log for further details. You can download VLM V1.2 [BETA3] here.

If you encounter any problems then let me know and I'll try and fix it in a later release. Also please give this mod a rating here and if you want to post any detailed feedback then you may use the VLM forum board here.

VLM V1.1 [BETA2] - Now Available!

VLM V1.1 [BETA2] - Now Available!

4 years ago News 1 comment

The second BETA of Vetron's Loadout Mod is now available for download!

VLM V1.0 [BETA1] - Now Available!

VLM V1.0 [BETA1] - Now Available!

4 years ago News 4 comments

'Vetron's Loadout Mod' V1.0, a load-out mod for Mass Effect 2 is now available for download!

Armor Changes

Armor Changes

3 years ago Feature 2 comments

A detailed list and brief overview of changes made to armor in the upcoming release of VLM.

Weapon Changes

Weapon Changes

3 years ago Feature 3 comments

A detailed list and brief overview of changes made to weapons in the upcoming release of VLM.

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VLM V1.2 [BETA3]

VLM V1.2 [BETA3]

4 years ago Full Version 11 comments

Download for V1.2 [BETA3] of VLM, the loadout modification for the game Mass Effect 2.

VLM V1.1 [BETA2]

VLM V1.1 [BETA2]

4 years ago Full Version 0 comments

Download for V1.1 [BETA2] of VLM, the loadout modification for the game Mass Effect 2.

VLM V1.0 [BETA1]

VLM V1.0 [BETA1]

4 years ago Full Version 0 comments

Download for V1.0 [BETA1] of VLM, the loadout modification for the game Mass Effect 2.

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Tshunin Feb 24 2011 says:

Hi Vetron!
I'm trying to get the load-out mods working, and this is what I got so far.
I'm using the LITE version and I have all DLCs installed.

These 3 disable the 4th weapon slot if enabled separately and/or together - for me, at least

The Kasumi, Shadow broker, Digital & Collectors edition mods are working fine together and/or alone. I have 4 weapon slots and the available weapons enabled by the mods.

The ammo mods are also woking fine.

GAMEPLAY.REVISED LOAD-OUTS, VLM also disabled the 4th weapon slot for me.

I tried out the "Every weapon" mod too, but didn't work for me. I was able to choose the different weapons on the ship, but I only got 3 of them on the surface, 2 normal & the heavy

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Vetron Creator
Vetron Feb 25 2011 replied:

Hi, the mod is working correctly - regardless of your character class you only receive 3 weapon slots whilst running this mod.

The problem being that you can only carry one 'assault rifle' (for example) at once, thus if multiple slots were added you could still only carry one of them. Thus if there are 4 slots, this isn't much different from how the game is originally, giving a slot for each weapon, with different weapons available to each class. This is due to the fact weapons are specifically assigned a slot on the body of the character.


The "Every Weapon Mod" - try running this with no other load-out mods activated and see if it works then. Remember you can only select one of each weapon type (shotgun/assault/sniper) at once. Picking two assault rifles would lead to the second assault rifle disappearing. If it continues not to work correctly, let me know what weapons you are selecting in-game and I'll try and replicate it on my end to fix it.


If you wanted to just enable a fourth slot on the 'VLM' load-out mod then you can just make a few simple changes to the code:

Say you were playing as a infiltrator...
Find the line "+PlayerLoadoutInfo= (ClassName= SFXPawn_PlayerInfiltrator..."

Replace: "LoadoutWeapons_HeavyPistols, LoadoutWeapons_AssaultRifles, LoadoutWeapons_HeavyWeapons" with "LoadoutWeapons_HeavyPistols, LoadoutWeapons_AssaultRifles, LoadoutWeapons_Shotguns, LoadoutWeapons_HeavyWeapons"

This would simply assign an extra medium weapons slot, and thus give you 4 slots. There is a tutorial that goes in to more detail here:

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SpetsnazVDV Feb 22 2013 replied:

Yeah, I'm having a similar problem, now that I got it installed. I have the arc projector, the vindicator, the m3 pistol, the m4 shuriken, and the viper sniper rifle. However, the only guns that I can use are the sniper rifle, the pistol and the arc projector. I am playing as a soldier. Also, my squadmates only have two guns in game.

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SpetsnazVDV Feb 23 2013 replied:

Because im playing as soldier, the loadout screen gives me more than 3 slots in game however, it lets me only use 3 weapons.

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Quacyk Feb 19 2011 says:

Mod Manager gives me an error every time i click "apply...". Could someone just give me already modded coalesced.ini? Replacing it would work, right?

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Vetron Creator
Vetron Feb 19 2011 replied:

Yup if you just replace a modded coalesced.ini with your default it should work ok. Let me know what mods you want activated and I'll send you a download link via PM. Not all mods can be activated at one time, so let me know what you want activated.

So I can track down the problem, what error message are you experiencing? What OS you running on? What mods are you trying to activate?

Also you could try getting the mod manager directly from here=> and see if that fixes things.

+2 votes   reply to comment
BloodySickBeard Jun 16 2011 replied:

I got the same error. :/
Which is a shame, cos I like the idea of being able to equi any weapon to any slot (does this work with NPCs too?), and I'd like to see what extra armours/colours/casualwear is available

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Nabataku May 28 2011 replied:

havin the same prob, wont let me replace the ini file

+2 votes     reply to comment
Quacyk Feb 19 2011 replied:

I get message that "value" can't equal "zero". I have three options - details, continue and close. Win 7 64bit. But this problem isn't caused by your mod, it happens becouse of mod manager regardless what mod I'm trying to load.

I'd like .ini with default VLM (not lite, all DLC).

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Vetron Creator
Vetron Feb 19 2011 replied:

I've sent you a PM with the download link. I'll have a look round and see what the cause of the error is... its not your OS as I use 64-bit Win 7 too. If I can't find a solution to whatever the problem is with the mod manager then I'll package a few pre-modded coalesced files with the next release.

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Quacyk Feb 20 2011 replied:

Thanks for the help. Great idea for a mod, by the way.

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Bl00D_R3av3r Feb 19 2011 says:

Somehow I don't get the weapon in the first slot.
I am playing a biotic on newgame+ and I use the lite version.
Without the mod I have 2 pistols and a sniper. With it I don't get the weapon in the first slot only the other 2, but i am able to chose shotguns, assault rifles and snipers.

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Vetron Creator
Vetron Feb 19 2011 replied:

I'll look into this. I've just checked the code briefly, you should be seeing 3 weapons slots (one for light weapons (Pistols), one for medium (assault rifles etc.) and the other for heavy weapons) - but if your not, then there is obviously a bug somewhere. Anyone else experiencing this issue?

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Bl00D_R3av3r Feb 20 2011 replied:

I have 4 slots 2 for medium (assault etc), 1 for pistols and one for heavy weapons. But one medium slot isn't working anyways.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Vetron Creator
Vetron Feb 20 2011 replied:

I'm still trying to track down the cause, so far I haven;t been able to replicate the problem. Only 1 medium slot should be showing while the VLM mod is enabled (thats why the other slot isn't working), regardless of class you should be seeing only 3 weapon slots in total.

Couple of questions:
Did you enable the LITE version with the relevant packages for any DLC you own? If so, which ones did you enable / which DLC do you have installed?

Are you running with any other mod packages activated?

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Bl00D_R3av3r Feb 26 2011 replied:

Customisation.Additional Casual Wear
Customisation.Additional Full-Body Armors
Cheats.Unlock Weapons
Visuals.Higher Graphics Settings
Gameplay.Revised Load-outs, VLM LITE
Gameplay.Revised Load-outs, VLM LITE - [Cerberus Network]
Gameplay.Revised Load-outs, VLM LITE - [Kasumi - Stolen Memory]
Gameplay.Revised Load-outs, VLM LITE - [Lair Of The Shadow Broker]
Gameplay.Enable Extra Light Weapon Ammo LITE
Gameplay.Enable Extra Light Weapon Ammo LITE - [Kasumi - Stolen Memory]

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Vetron Creator
Vetron Feb 27 2011 replied:

I think I may have a possible idea what is causing it, I'm going do some testing and see if I can fix it.

I'm thinking its to do with the special weapons being given a different weapon class to the weapon slots the player has. Thus the special weapons / game progression is triggering an extra weapon slot.

I couldn't find any conflicts between those activated mods, the only one that would actually effect the players load-out slots would be "Gameplay.Revised Load-outs, VLM LITE".

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