I have replaced the water splash with a "steam" effect. This looks rather cool and may not be too noticeable in the screenshots. In-game, it is a neat effect. A bit weird with Frostfall thinking all water is cold, but maybe someone can make a submod can go in and change that. This is because with the disaster of Morrowind and everything else, the waters have heated up. However ...the wasteland of Skyrim is still a very cold, harsh place. Even though the waters are warm, everything is very cold. I have also added more variety of textures around Whiterun. They still repeat, but that is because of how the textures are...sorry about that. They look a lot better, though. I also replaced (some) coastal areas with obsidian. And if you look far out, you can see giant obsidian mountains in the distance out in the ocean that have risen up. I also replaced (some) aspen trees with mushrooms. Other trees around there are mutated as well, with fungus growing on them and changing them.

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I think if played, would put all 10, but since that did not happen, I put 8 - screenshots chic.


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