The Empire had just destroyed Alderaan. Vader, after years of training and preparation, believed it was now time to move against the Emperor. Vader made a surprise visit to Coruscant and rendezvoused with his Sith apprentice, Darth Caezar. They moved quickly and in an epic struggle with Palpatine, Vader emerged victorious as the new Emperor. Caezar became his second-in-command. Vader moved quickly to consolidate his power and legitimize his rule, winning the support of nearly the entire Empire through fear and admiration. He also won much support by personally leading his men into battle fearlessly and by taking an active role in running the day-to-day functions of the Empire, unlike Palpatine who had greatly isolated himself from the galaxy. He also continued the massive military buildup of the Empire. Due to this, many new people flocked to the Imperial cause signing up for the Imperial Military and Administration. The Empire was swarmed with patriots willing to lay down their lives for the Empire.
Mara Jade at first opposed the two but soon relented due to her love for Darth Caezar, and the two wed. Tarkin respected Vader enough to accept him as leader, knowing how powerful and intelligent Vader was. Vader, even though he took the throne by coup, was accepted as the legitimate Emperor - not by all however. The equally power hungry Dark Jedi Jerec, using the Dark Side and cunning, won support of some Imperial commanders and established his own evil Empire, named the Grand Imperium. He was joined by Zsinj, Kaine, and an assortment of other Imperials, including the Inquisitor Tremayne. He declared war on Vader and prepped his forces for battle.
The Rebel Alliance saw this new Imperial Civil War as an opportunity to keep the Imperials attention elsewhere and their forces divided. The few remaining Jedi still hoped for a restoration of the Old Order. Their hope and confidence boosted hugely, the Rebels were now ready to set up and dig in for this war of galactic liberation.
But other powers now saw their chance at galactic domination. With the Emperor gone, Prince Xizor could now duke it out with the Dark Lord for control. He began pooling all his resources into an all-out war with the Empire, although he retained his legal (and illegal) business operations, after all, the Black Sun was a crime syndicate. He was joined by the Dark Lord Darth Maul, who escaped Sidious' grasp and once more went into hiding, but now saw his chance for revenge. The Hutt Cartel once dominated the galaxy and with strong leadership and immense wealth from piracy, they could again. Thousands of years ago, the Mandalorians were the most feared warriors in the galaxy who fought glorious battles against the Jedi and Sith. They built a powerful empire of their own. Why not again? Could a new Mandalore reunite the scattered clans and roaming mercenaries into a professional and deadly Mandalorian force.
Many challenges lie ahead for the new Emperor. Even with an unmatched and loyal military, the task will be daunting. Can Vader reunite the fractured Empire while holding off Pirates, Rebels, and Mandalorians on multiple fronts? Can he preserve order in the inevitable chaos and return peace to the galaxy. Can he achieve the ancient Sith dream of total galactic control? Or will you try and restore so-called freedom to the galaxy as the Rebels or create your own empire as one of the other factions? This is Vader's New Order - Empire Surrounded!

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2 comments by DarthCaesar on Nov 6th, 2014

I know it has been a long time. I will do my best to finish the mod. Most everything is working but I have some models that need to be fixed up and maps. Custom battles still need to be done. But all the base content is in the game.

I wish I had more time to put into the mod but with college and other games and mods I can't devote a lot of time to the mod. It's a little more difficult because my team has disappeared on me completely. Not all the units I wanted added will be added, some have to be removed - mostly patch work is left.

So keep your heads up fans, hopefully this mod can be done in the next couple months.

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Jun 24, 2013 Singleplayer Map 2 comments

A map that will be featured in VNO and another upcoming mod. Free-release, just give me credit if you use it in a mod.



Jun 14, 2013 Singleplayer Map 1 comment

A map I made for a friend, who may feature it in his mod SGGW. It's free-release, just give me credit if you use it in a mod. A map of the toxic waste...



Jun 14, 2013 Singleplayer Map 0 comments

A map for Ziost. Free-release just be sure to give credit where credit is due. Uses vanilla props and props from the RAW team who came up with amazing...

Vader's New Order Beta

Vader's New Order Beta

Jan 23, 2013 Demo 20 comments

Beta version of VNO. The beta is pretty much z3rox's mod with a few new additions with units an dplanets but not much else. It's just to get you interested...

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Xenophobia_Lord Mar 16 2013, 8:32am says:

What would make the mod perfect for me: Using the Original Game and rebuilding the process.

When we start out, there are three factions. The Rebellion, Empire, and Consortium.

Let's take the Rebellion. The Rebellion is split into two factions.
The Rebel Alliance and the Grand/Sovereign Republic.
The Alliance is the same, but the Grand Republic would be a much more desperate version of the Alliance, led by Borsk Fey'lya and using New Republic units.

Now the Empire. The Empire is split into four factions. The Galactic Empire (Vader's Empire), the Grand Imperium, which now has Dark Empire and Old Sith units (And Reborn Emperor Palpatine as a tech five hero), the Imperial Warlords, led by Zsinj and using Clone Wars units, and the Chiss Ascendensy (Is that how it's spelled?), led by Grand Admiral Thrawn and using Imperial Remant units, such as the AT-MT and Droid Tank thing.

Now the Consortium. It will be split into five factions:
The Black Sun, led by Prince Xizor, and using its generic units. The Hutt Cartel, led by Jabba, using skiffs and sailbarges and other Hutt units (I'm tired of people giving them CIS units). The Mandalorians, using the Zann Space Units and some ground units, along with some Old Reoublic stuff. The CIS Remnant, led by General Grievous and using all those CIS units. Lastly the Yuuhzan Vong, self explanatory. The Vong Mod team are eager to share units so there should be no problems.

Thanks for reading.

+1 vote     reply to comment
DarthCaesar Creator
DarthCaesar Mar 16 2013, 12:57pm replied:

There is one Rebel faction. It is the original Rebel Allaince that we all know from the movies. The Republic is dead. There is 2 Empire factions. The Galactic Empire and Grand Imperium. The GI does use many Imperial factions because they split from that Empire and its not like they coudl create a new army over night. They have one old sith unit but won't have any more. They are not trying to recreate the Old Sith Empire. The Imperium is trying to replace the current Empire. Also Zsinj supports whoever ends up being the Emperor of the Imperium. I said they have some units the Empire can't get but they have many units that are available to the Empire. They get the same Space Station and emblem. The only 2 pirate factions in game are the Black Sun and Hutt Cartel and they both will be getting old CIS units. The Vong are still in-game as a non-playable faction. I may add the Chiss in as a non-playable faction. Another hting is the Chiss Ascendency whould never be led by Thrawn because he was exiled and then found by the Empire. The CIS is gone they were crushed by the Empire before Ep. IV. Greivous is dead, never to be revived. You also didn't even mention the last playable faction which is the Mandalorians. They are some of the best warriors in the galaxy and far cooler than a gang of pirates. Also aren't many of these story ideas being incorporated into your own mod: Unified Empires, why would I want to copy one?

+1 vote   reply to comment
Xenophobia_Lord Mar 24 2013, 8:12am replied:

This is my personal way of asking you-
Would you mind if I did what I just suggested for my own mod? I've been on the concept of the Rebels and Empire splitting, but then this came out and sort of stole my thunder...

+1 vote     reply to comment
DarthCaesar Creator
DarthCaesar Mar 24 2013, 1:35pm replied:

Yeah go right ahead. The only thing I prefer you not use is the Grand Imperium if that's alright? The rest of the idea you presented was completely original and different than mine so go right ahead.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Xenophobia_Lord Mar 24 2013, 3:25pm replied:

Yeah. Palpatine will be there the whole time and it will be called the Sith Retinue. Anyway thanks!

+1 vote     reply to comment
DarthCaesar Creator
DarthCaesar Mar 24 2013, 6:10pm replied:

Yep no prob.

+1 vote   reply to comment
DarthCaesar Creator
DarthCaesar Mar 13 2013, 1:21am says:

Having tropubles adding heroes for the Imperium. I added a story plots file for the GI and added Zsinj and Kaine into the unique_units and into the story file spawning at different tech levels. I added the line sayign what story the pirates are using into the campaigns_underworld_gc file but when I start campaign neither hero is there. WHat file did I forget to change?

0 votes   reply to comment
GrandAdmiralUehara Mar 13 2013, 10:15pm replied:

If you are playing the GC as the Pirates, then I believe you must add the lines of code to the file "Story_Plots_Empire_AI_Heroes_EXP.xml" in order for them to appear. The file that determines what heroes spawn in GC for an AI player is different than the file that determines what heroes spawn in GC for human player.

0 votes     reply to comment
DarthCaesar Creator
DarthCaesar Mar 13 2013, 11:10pm replied:

where do I find that file? I found a file called story_Empire_heroes_ai_exp.xml but don't think that's the same one and I see in the campaigns_underworld_gc I see that that is the file they use for the heroes but I don't see it in the folders.

0 votes   reply to comment
GrandAdmiralUehara Mar 14 2013, 1:01am replied:

After examining the XML file "Story_empire_ai_heroes_exp", simply making the desired changes to the aforementioned file and then renaming it "Story_Plots_Empire_AI_Heroes_EXP.xml" should solve the problem, as then the game will draw from that file rather than from the vanilla EAW file of the same name.

+1 vote     reply to comment
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