This mutator adds a persistent levelup system to UT2004. Frags will give you EXP towards a levelup. After a levelup, you get a (configurable) number of points to use on statistics such as weapon speed, health, adrenaline, and damage modifiers or abilities such as Regeneration. Bonus EXP is given for killing players of higher level than you, multikills, sprees, headshots, winning a match, and (in certain gametypes) scoring game objectives. Every player's level, stats, and abilities are all saved to .ini and reloaded in future games when that player joins. As if all that wasn't enough, UT2004RPG features magical weapons and artifacts. Any weapon you pick up has a chance of being magical and having special modifiers, such as increased damage. Additionally, artifacts are special pickups placed randomly throughout the level which can be activated to give an ability or bonus. Artifacts consume your Adrenaline when in use.

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this is wery good mod :DDD

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Jun 1st, 2014

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Sep 1st, 2012

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Jul 26th, 2010

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Oct 20th, 2009

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Oct 9th, 2008

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Apr 17th, 2008

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