USS Darkstar takes place in 2066 on board a Zoological Research Vessel in which they study and investigate various aliens from unexplored sectors of the galaxy. You are Dr. Gordon Freeman, a brilliant researcher who has always had problems waking up on time...

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Aaaah USS darkstar,it's a really ancient mod just like they hunger,and yet again it's quality is still great!Unlike most mods this one is set in a prety nice different style of level design and PC gamer loved this mod as much as they hunger tehehehehe.
Maps 9.5-Well,prety much maps in this mod try to do their own style,the ship feels crampt and there's not that much space to take cover in and yet it actually features huge paths.The issue is trying to find the correct path and it usually ends up with you geting lost sometimes,finding the right path could be hard but overall maps are good.
Models ...-Well...err...there's not allot to say about custom models,it's all mostly half-life/beta stuff in the mod.Not much to say here.
Textures 10-Even though i didn't see as many custom textures i have to say they did a very nice job of just texture placement compared to other mods,very well thought of places to put textures and just enjoying the way they've put them to try and create this ship-lab like style which was wonderfull!
Sounds ...-Again not much to say,not that much custom stuff and mostly good old classic sounds to hear.
Gameplay 10-DEFINETLY a 10 for the gameplay,unlike azure sheep this mod doesn't throw in badly looking maps,complex places and annoying puzzles making you not wanna play it again.The mod has a great re-play value and lenght wise it's over maybe 4/5 enjoyable hours if you enjoy it on a nice week end.
Overall this is a classic,not that much custom content as much of good maping and gameplay and that's what makes this mod so special.I hope you enjoy playing this
10 score


It has a great intro, you encounter many "cut" creatures of HL (such as the kingpin, mr. friendly), there is a great atmosphear, a good gameplay, some incredible sequences such as one where an Ichtyosaur is in an aquarium which breaks and floods the level, really Jaws-like, many fights...

It is from the same developer of They Hunger, if you know it. USS Darkstar doesn't have really any flaws : not too short/not too long, no impossible fights, some challenges here and then, diversity in sequences... Well, that's it.

A master piece and cult classic in the mod universe... it's fun, it has puzzles, fights, scripted sequences...

As many of the reviewers already have pointed out the excellency of this mod among others stems from its overall quality of mapping as well as its smart and often surprising ways of placing enemies and events. But what I find particulary impressive is that USS Darkstar, being one of the first Half-Life mods, shows that sometimes it isn't all about new content but about using mostly original material with few additions and alterations in creative ways to also offer an unique experience.

I love this mod! Great story, athmosphere, mapping & gameplay. Wish that it really will be continued, as the final titles said...

A classic!

Best mod out there


Best mod.

for 1999 USS Darkstar lives up to it's expectations..

you got the usual half life weapons but it's onboard a "Zoological" ship

It's ok, but the intro is so unnecesarily long and boring, and it contains so many lifts for no reason... And you know, the first impression is so crucial.

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