Formerly known as the Occult Mod, Underlord is a total overhaul of Titan Quest: Immortal Throne. Part restoration, part expansion, this mod adds a huge amount of content to the game, as well as re-working the game balance to create a more exciting and varied gameplay experience.

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Dec 28 2010 Anchor

This is a list of all mods and utilities for Underlord, or compatible with Underlord. If your Underlord mod or tool is missing, or you've updated your already listed mod, reply to this thread to let me know (include a link for a new release) and I'll update the list. It's much easier for me to link a post than a file, so if you release something make a new thread for it, then this link stays updated if you make changes and release a new version of your mod.




German - German translation updated for 1.51 by Esti.

French - French translation for 1.51 by Gahrsim.

Chinese - It's out there somewhere, and updated for 1.51.


Mod List:


Underlordemus 1.0 - A modified version of Kreeloo and SuePitt's popular Itemus map, which now includes all the new items from Underlord.

MI Recolor/No-Recolor Patch- A text patch that adds or removes a unique color from monster infrequents.

XMAX - A gross monster multiplier, up to 10x monsters and 3x bosses.

Lilith - A database patch for Lilith.

Lilith Difficulty Changer - The Difficulty Changer for Lilith made for Underlord 1.51.

Spatiation's Uber Mod - An easier version of Uber 1.1. (1.4RC)

Camera Mod - Allows the player to zoom out further, even beyond the sight range of most monsters. Note: this may cause performance issues in some areas of the game. (1.4RC)

Easier Mythics - Now a part of Underlord 1.5, this mod lowers the MI requirements on the mythic recipes. (1.4RC)


Utility List:


TQVault - The ultimate mule-killer, TQVault is a storage utility for managing items out of game. Now compatible with all Underlord items (including vitality-based staves).

Defiler- A multi-functional character editor, now with support for custom masteries. Latest version also supports the randomization fix and the slow-cast bugfix.

Uninstaller Batch Files - Asylum's personal batch files for swapping the Underlord install.

Underlord 1.51 Source Files - Underlord source for modders.


Edited by: Munderbunny

Jan 17 2011 Anchor

The Chinese Language Pack is Underlord 1.52

Jan 17 2011 Anchor

Thanks for letting me know.

Who should I credit for doing this translation?

I've added it to the mods thread on the tqnet forums, and will update here as well soon (have to update all these links, actually).

Jan 18 2011 Anchor

Only the individual amateur translation, can not guarantee the accuracy and completeness :)
My English is limited, sorry!

Jan 29 2013 Anchor

Italian translation for 1.52 made by ChronoPhoenix. Might still need some fixes. I accept suggestions and constructive criticism. I WILL ignore bullshit.
Also, thank you very much Munderbunny for your hard work :3

Enjoy your file.

MAIN: mediafire . com/?9jz4nutj4djc4gf

MIRROR 1: rapidgator . net/file/74599401/Text_IT.arc.html

MIRROR 2: filedropper . com/textit

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