Underhell is a Source Engine game developed by the Underhell Team in collaboration with We Create Stuff. Underhell Chapter 1 requires ONLY Source SDK Base 2007 installed. No Source game is required.

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It's a blend of horror and action, and it does a good job of keeping
the player immersed.
Some good weapons and models overhaul, make it look like a new game.
Be sure to keep it on your gameslist for future episodes

Get one of the copies here: Moddb.com

I really fun with this mod.

It's so Awesome.

Underhell ist ein interaktiver Action-Thriller mit einer spannenden Story und detailverliebter Grafik. Einzelspieler dürfen sich dieses Schmankerl nicht entgehen lassen.

Extremely promising ! If you can skillfully hook in a clearly " evolving " storyline, it'll be gold ! I had also embarrassingly forgotten how much fun SMOD was to play. Now I want that front kick attack in all my mods ! Keep it coming and all the best with chapter 1.

An ambitious mod, with only a few flaws. I cannot wait for the next chapters to come out. It does so much with so little :D


Very impressive to be a half life mod, the history is intriguing and effects looks very well, same as music. There is only defect, it's too short and adicctive!!

I was surprised how well made this mod is. I highly reccommend it.

+ Story is completely epic
+ Voice acting is really good
+ Gameplay is good
+ Excellent effect

- Path finding is bad
- Some bugs



Alex2the3gr8 says

May contain spoilers 4 agree 2 disagree

This mod was unbelievebly good. The features implimented were amazing, however some of the levels seemed very repetative E.G teh bit underneath the parking lot. The shooting needed to be broken down into small chunks with a rest in between with a puzzle or exploration THIS ISN'T CALL OF DUTY! :D

The cutscenes were great, I've always wanted to see them introduced in a mod.

Sometimes it was confusing where to go, the hints didn't help me very much.

I rated this a 9 because the mod was at a high quallity and innovative however, felt very repetive and sometimes boring. Definitely worth the download!

Very good story, very interesting house, tactical gameplay but..the environment is very sterile :(

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