Underhell is a Source Engine game developed by the Underhell Team in collaboration with We Create Stuff. Underhell Chapter 1 requires ONLY Source SDK Base 2007 installed. No Source game is required.

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Forsete says

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Great beginning but towards the end it starts to drag on. The horror parts gets replaced with fighting generic soldiers as well as broken and unnecessary stealth parts are thrown in. There's also too many exploits the player can use destroying the excellent atmosphere that the developers obviously spent a lot of time constructing.

Overall I liked it but I also feel like it could've used a bit more testing. Not as scary as I'd hoped either but it does contain a few chilling moments.

Just uninstalled the game, i gave up in the maintenance labs. Dealing with seemingly infinite spawning ennemies almost each time you collect a key item or execute an important action gets more frustrating than rewarding.

Best mod

A functionally solid mod with a more then fair share of flaws. I haven't seen primarily brush based environments like those featured here in years, and as such this mod feels incredibly aged. Very little of the custom content was made for this mod specifically, and the scavenging gives the visuals a very disjointed and inconsistent feel.

Inconsistency is also a good term for the gameplay. This game clearly wants to be everything from stealth to tactical shooter to suspense to horror to survival, and doesn't quite master any of it.

The mapper(s) deserve a medal for functionality (this mod wouldn't be anything without hammer magic), the writers should feel embarrassed for the 'wake up sheeple' speech, the voice actors get a pass, and the content creation crew should get their act together. This is doubly so if they plan on delivering this to greenlight, the amount of uncredited content in this game is acceptable for a free, unsupported mod, but that just isn't going to fly on steam, and even more so if they want payment for it.

Despite the flaws, I'll still credit if for delivering a coherent story over a long campaign, even if it was both visually ugly and artificially inflated with fetch quests and repetitive sections. If this mod wants to move forward with greenlight, there are substantial 'content borrowning' issues that are going to kill it before it gets a chance.

7/10 (Including the 4 bonus points for length, ambition, ability to deliver a working release, and overall effort.)


KayJay says

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I am extremely impressed with Underhell so far. It feels like an actual standalone game, and because of the length of the first mission / prologue, it already has quite a bit of replayability. There are quite a few things that bug me though, as well as a few major issues (in my mind). No aiming system, annoying grenades, over-powered kicks, etc.

Still a great effort so far and I can't wait for the full release.

From a technical standpoint, this is a superb mod. There's enough alterations made to the engine to make it not even feel like a modification of Half-Life. But the story, or at least what I could glean from it, didn't feel right. It starts off as being about a cop taking down a terrorist organization and then, suddenly, out of nowhere, monster attacks everything and you're going to a jail sort of thing in the middle of nowhere. The voice-acting could use some work, too. Other than that, yeah, it was good.

Good story and atmosphere, level design needs much more details.

A horrifying experiance this game was.
I loved being able to screw around inside the house and uncover clues and such, however I do love a good jolt of fear when getting into the game a little.

The gameplay: Overall, a wonderful experiance as far as the house goes. Outside of the house and into the wonderful world of violence however, was a little more of a let down. Once you land, you are told to get into a vantage point and watch closely for any activity, of course Id of expected a scare or two, but instead I got an action shooter. I love the concept of mixing a horror with a shooter, it was very well mended with Nightmare House, but so far this game seems only like an action game, when I did expect horror to it.
(Though at the same time, a break from that creepy as hell house is always good.. o-o )

The scares: I like the scares, and how you mixed dreams with the real life such as the infamous bathroom scene, but there is a small variety of scares, and Id love if their were more scenes like the bathroom, or the kitchen.

The house: I love the house, dont get me wrong, but having so many locked doors? To me, the house is big enough. I loved the small rooms and little secrets each room held, but I believe their are 2-3 locked doors you cannot unlock or go into (and I REFUSE to use the Gmod way of things..)

The Player Models: I would deffinetly like to see differnt clothing other then the same old jumpsuit everyone in City 17 (and more) in Half Life wear. Its a good mod, dont let it be another of those mods with the same skins seen before..

The Voice Acting: Overall, I could take it or leave it. Id rather not read the text myself, but at the same time, Id rather not hear some of these characters. I am not saying all are bad, I am just saying maybe put a little more effort into it like we saw in Nightmare House 2.

My rating is pretty decent in my opinion, and this is one of the better mods that are out there. Especially the horrifying house. :)

You can't save! It's ridiculous!

The house is very interesting and shows potential but this will be go lost after starting the mission. The level design of the mission is bad and boring. Also the story isn't motivating.

It's a shame, after a few minuets in the house I touhgt this mod will rock but after starting the mission I became disapointed. It looks like the dev put two diffrent mods in one. The house has riddles and is very mysterious with some horror elements. The mission just lame, shooting this, running to this and then shooting again. Walking around and looking on flat grey walls or rooms without sense, which couldn't even exist in real world.

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