Underhell is a Source Engine game developed by the Underhell Team in collaboration with We Create Stuff. Underhell Chapter 1 requires ONLY Source SDK Base 2007 installed. No Source game is required.

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without a doubt the best mod i have ever played, and so far only the prologue has been released.

mod is amazing ive experianced a great storyline, skins and alot more 3 words Best Mod Ever!


Ghost789 says

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I have high hopes for this game!
Such detail, especially at the end of the prologue, when Jake gets sent to the prison after, from what it seems, going nuts. I've completed all of the dream sequences(All done with alot of anxiety,) and I love this.
10/10 for you, my friend.

if this had 2 werds it is ******* EPIC!!!

What can i say? This is amazing, plays kinda like fear. Very well scripted and put together. Interesting concepts used in all aspects of the game, and i think that this project has something that has been missing in mod development for awhile.

*Only downfall is that not everyone has movements, some npc's are just frozen. kinda takes away from the game.

awesome mod can't say more

amazing! 10/10

This mod is bloody awesome, I advise you not to start with the prologue chapter itself, and instead, try and solve the mysteries of the house.
The atmosphere adds a bone chilling effect to the plot, intensifying the player's actions while it progresses.

Possibly one of the best modifications I have ever played, extremely well done, the mod has an entirely different feel from the HL2 world. Would love to see a multiplayer option for this mod.

Not finished yet, but it really worth,it's my genre, 10. Great Music at all.

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