Underhell is a Source Engine game developed by the Underhell Team in collaboration with We Create Stuff. Underhell Chapter 1 requires ONLY Source SDK Base 2007 installed. No Source game is required.

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Good to see SMOD again, after it got broked by the orange box engine update. I was actually a while. Anyway, I don't have much to say better than then keep up your good work. I have been looking forwards to this.


amazing mod, please continue.

scary and fun. one of the best mods ive ever played. if you dont like the scary stuff you can just get in the car and play the story.

Chapter 1 took a while to make, but Chapter 1 was as long as a full game.
And it was full of content to do in it.

This is definately, the best game ever. It can't be considered a mod anymore, it's a game.
It has as much dedication as a game made by Valve.
Sure there's 2-3 problems but they're easily ignorable.
Get stuck in doors

A.I. is a bit off, I could never be stealthy because they had always found me.

Navigation is a but hard sometimes. I can never know where to go sometimes but I always figure it out.

This is definately something that should be made into a game. Valve should higher these guys and give them whatever they need to turn UnderHell into a full game.

I honestly believe that too.

I thank everyone in the Mxthe team for putting work into this, thank you guys.

Really good stuff, The prologue was incredible.

The one drawback, i found that the bits inside the house (nightfall, daytime) became tedious.

Very intense and moves so smoothly throughout the prologue. The suspensed and unexpected twists and turns on every corner of the house, just building up tension, cause you never know what...Horror awaits to give you an extradinary scare that gets you jumpin with the feeling of doing than just more than crap your pants. -CrazyDarkDemonMonkey


Bor2571 says

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Awsome mod. It actually creeped me out a bit and thats not something I can say for a lot of games And one of the first games I played were horror.

From shooting to minor horror puzzle solving this mod had everything I wanted on the day I installed it. What made it more fun was hanging out with Mxth and commenting on it as I played. He pointed out several things I did wrong. For starters, drop the sniper rifle. I like to keep as a many items as possible, but don't worry if you drop it you will find a better weapon to replace it with.

I played the mod atleast three times and on my last run through I asked Mxth to give me dual pistols. Give weapon_custom20 Oh, yeah... You punks feelin lucky? Now if only I coudl get him to add donuts in the break room.

As I said above the mod is half action and half puzzle solving horror. The horror part was pretty scary as Mxth has put more thought into scares than those people who make Dead Space (totally not scared of that). The puzzle are simple collect item and then figure out how to use it and on what.

At enemy time when your done with the puzzle and horror part you can jump in your vehicle and cutscene your way into the action part of the mod! This concept alone is cool to me. The action is so action packed you're gonna need a itching trigger finger to keep up with the hordes of dudes you just need to put into a early grave.

Hmm... down side is you don't get to set anyone on fire or kill zombies or jaint robots. Sigh, atleast he has a cool ending that leads you into the next game.

3 points for story, 3 points for gameplay, 3 points for music, and 1 point for CHEAT CODES! Dual Pistols for da-winz!

Arguably one of the best mods I have played! Possibly the best! It has its issues and a few bugs here and there, but I expect that those will be worked out in future updates and patches. Biggest issue is that sometimes stuff isn't as straight forward as I would expect (but this isn't often) and sometime the cutscenes are clunky. The voice acting is hit and miss, but for the most part its average.

However, the gameplay and customized graphics (like new skins and such) are amazing! It was so much fun to play! It was intense at time and by the time I finished the prologue I was getting creeped out. It sets a great atmosphere and leaves me wanting the next installment to come quickly! Can't wait!

Overall, a well deserved 10/10 so far!


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