Underhell is a Source Engine game developed by the Underhell Team in collaboration with We Create Stuff. Underhell Chapter 1 requires ONLY Source SDK Base 2007 installed. No Source game is required.

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Extremely original gameplay, really fun too! oh and i thought it had one of the best title openings of any mod. This is definitely a mod i am going to keep track of!

Its rare that a game can combine horror and action in one package. The problem with giving the player weapons in a horror title is that they feel empowered and have a way to take down the horrors. But to get around this Underhell developed by MXthe desides to basically make two different games entirely, one has you explore the secrets of a large countrys house. The other has you being a member of a swat unit fighting terrorists. quite a change up i know, but the game brings them together well, in one narrative. The exploration of the house is fantastic it has tones of secrets and a gradually evolving story, but the star hear for me is the slow suttleness of the scares. Youll get to explore the attic and the barn and then you go back down into the basement when all of a sudden you see to grisly legs of somthing through a window then the legs levetate up in an unhinged and desturbing way. this is fantastic as each area has many scares that will be triggered at different times, at the start of the game you may not realise it is horror orientated and then when the big scares come they shock you with all the more force. Their is some great puzzels in the many dream sequences and nice progression. Now onto the second game. this one has fantastic combat, with a slow building plot. the guns sound spectacular with the smg rminding me more of a sniper rifle. and whilst i mentioned sound this is easily the best soundtrack i have ever seem in a mod with a nice ambient audio cues and heart bounding adrenalin makers. the shooting is good throughout as this being basically the smod with different maps. also this is just the prologue to the events of the future episodes despite its length which is huge for a prologue. and the mod ends on a cliffhanger which i wont spoil but i feal its like a too suddener turn of events for me but keep yout eyes peeled for the next slice of this delicious plot cake.

Awesome! Incredible depth of story, quality of voiceacting and feel of the guns! Cant believe this is a mod, it should be game in it´s own right.

I gave this game an 8.25 but the slider doesn't have that fine a scale. My full review can be found at: Imbacore.blogspot.com

i love the story as much as the gameplay

awesome mod so far. I'm dying to know how it goes further

awesome mod

I only give this an 8 due to the content given thus far, I may change it once the complete product is given. Now as far as what was played thus far, it's quite incredible. There were times I had forgotten it was a mod and the quality of a lot of the environments were nicely created as well. The mood, feel, game play of a lot of aspects always put me on edge, given there were clear inspiration and iterations of several games out there. It's fully voiced and the acting, while not completely spot on all the time, it was still quality, especially with the sheer amount of the good bits. The prologue was not nearly as good as Chapter One level design wise, open areas don't exactly look right and the house, while understandably seemed the right proportions, doesn't feel right with the assets given to it. However, overall it was a great experience and I look forward to the next release. Keep up the good work gents!

This was just awesome.

An ambitious mod, with only a few flaws. I cannot wait for the next chapters to come out. It does so much with so little :D

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