Underhell is a Source Engine game developed by the Underhell Team in collaboration with We Create Stuff. Underhell Chapter 1 requires ONLY Source SDK Base 2007 installed. No Source game is required.

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sirmastercombat says

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Voice acting was extremely good, level design also was great. Using console commands not usually used for gameplay such as the "ent_fire Display_Objective Trigger" command (Yes, I was looking in the CFG files) to show what is your mission was great idea, plus the skip cutscene button was really needed becuase can't really pay attention to long scenes. What really gave you a 10/10 from me was the fact you used SMod in a way rarely anyone has done. Long story short, you are just skillful and I hope for the next part of the series to come will be just as great.

I really fun with this mod.

It's so Awesome.

Underhell ist ein interaktiver Action-Thriller mit einer spannenden Story und detailverliebter Grafik. Einzelspieler dürfen sich dieses Schmankerl nicht entgehen lassen.


Dr.VX says

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A fascinating, white-knuckle ride through apartments, sewers, a hospital, and a secret research facility. this mod is a budding potential masterpiece, with excellent weapon and gun play mechanics, a promisingly excellent original soundtrack, and a good emerging plot,i recommend this mod to any who like a good plot driven shooter. At one point i felt like i was watching a chase scene from Predator 2.

I love the mod it's the best singel player mod ever.
I can not wait for chapter 1! =D


a great mod!

Incredible amount of work put in to this mod.

Extremely promising ! If you can skillfully hook in a clearly " evolving " storyline, it'll be gold ! I had also embarrassingly forgotten how much fun SMOD was to play. Now I want that front kick attack in all my mods ! Keep it coming and all the best with chapter 1.

Part 1: the House
The house was a interesting setup and somewhat creepy. The one door that acts funny is the one you want to enter, but its looked. Also, something weird happened during the night, suddenly I only saw a extremely breif, like .5 seconds, no clear picture. The dream state had its creepy momment with the first one with the weird thing. The rest turned into challenges that 2 were difficult since you were walking and had no sprint.

Part 2: The Mission
I reconized the Neo Combine model from Garrysmod, which was ok, its not a licensed thing anyway. Although a wider selection of weapons might have been better, the way the enemy used made them more of a real enemy rather than shoot from cover all the time. And Silenced weaponslike the MP7 helped out on certain parts. The helicopter fight actaully reminded me more of the Ghost Recon Future soldier gameplay trailer. The rest of the series should be just as good as this mod. Looking forward to what lies beyond the doors and the secrets they hold.

Overall Rating: The weapons are good, also the creepy effects added some sence of paranormal activity that will be happening threw out the game. Enemy soldiers are also quite diversed from the others. Only thing was aiming, lack of a crosshair made some firefights harder, but its fun either way.

Of Chapter 1+2: Wow, just wow. If I thought this game that good, Chapters 1 and 2 made it go even further. It's got more plot-twists than Bioshock Infinite had. These happen so fast, it becomes even more difficult to tell whether one is fiction and the other reality. Although the lack of weapon variety was made shorter, the game still had the same feeling as the first Underhell that was released. This is one mod that should be it's own stand-alone game.

i love the story as much as the gameplay

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