Ultimate Apocalypse version 1.7 "Grand Release" Trailer (outdated version 1.8+ is current):

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April News - 1.87

As of this date, the Ultimate Apocalypse mod is expanding past version 1.86 and are going full fledge to version 1.87. We know we said that 1.86 was going to be about patch after patch after patch updates, but so far the mod is getting all new improved AI and new content for most races, that we are going to make the next update a gigantic patch.

VERSION UPDATE! 1.87 Sneak Peak #1 of 4.

VERSION UPDATE! 1.87 Sneak Peak #2 of 4.

VERSION Update #2 Includes:

- Overall improved gameplay, bug fixing, and game breaking bugs/abuse removal.
- All AI revamped and completed.
- Sisters of Battle race revamp.
- One sneak peak example of new Sisters content.
- Unlimited Turrets are back!

Keep an eye out for two more sneak peaks, HOW TO - Install Ultimate Apocalypse part 2, HOW TO - Install Inquisition Daemonhunters, Adeptus Mechanicus coverage, and probably more on my channel here: Youtube.com

More Details For 1.87

To expand on what is happening, all AI will be revamped by Thudmeizer. This guy is awesome. He was the reason for bringing version 1.86 with two new improved AI (Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines), and now all the way up to Orks for the UA mod currently in version 1.86.3. Now Thudmeizer is going to revamp EVERY AI there is, bringing to life harder AI to fight against. Since the AI is being improved, new players will definitely have more trouble playing the mod, so we hope to decrease the difficulty of standard AI. As well there were complaints about it.

Sisters of Battle new content? Well take a look for yourself. There MAY be more added? Who knows. Sisters race will be fully revamped and this race will finally receive the Ultimate Apocalypse quality it deserves since long ago.

Sisters of Battle Tech Tree v 1.87! (teaser)

And yes! I want to cure every single "cheese" and OP tactics there is. I know of already 14 game breakers that were cured in version 1.87 and gameplay improved substantially by its removal.

List as follows:

  1. OP Sorceror spells.
  2. OP Lord of Change (both Chaos Marine and Daemons)
  3. Tyranid Toxic Miasma morale degen, causing all your squads to loose morale and never win against Tyranids.
  4. Tyranid superweapons not working.
  5. Invulnerable shining spears.
  6. Free Necron Warriors and insta reinforcing.
  7. Deathmarks - OP in general.
  8. Pathfinders, Sniper Drones, and their Railguns
  9. Ork Waagh unlimited cap, Waaagh Banners will be limited, and getting Waaagh will be a little bit easier to get as its main research is also cheaper. Also fixes with small battles limit.
  10. Amplification Generator cheese. Unlimited generators like this evade nukes.
  11. IDH cheese, such as Paladins and Bodyguards being super uber.
  12. Dark Reaper/Ranger cheese.
  13. Rubric Marine cheese.
  14. Primarch Angron buffs, what you all have been waiting for! The return of perfection.
  15. And others that I forgot.


"Cheese" ruins fun... and makes gameplay worse. The list above may seem huge, but the mod is ginormous in itself and we hope to fix every single "cheese" there is in UA. Hopefully... it all stops in 1.87! Please definitely comment on other "cheese" you have found to not destroy your fun!

Now about the turret limits. Immediately after I posted an update, number 2, people went crazy. We cannot make everybody happy. Well for those people who missed it and complained, you should have then participated in this thread long ago:


70+% of the UA fanbase has voted for unlimited turrets. Now, I'd also like to state that adding a wincondition to add back limited turrets per HQ is... not worth it. It is possible, but that would mean that turrets of all types, advanced, basic, wall addons and etcetera would have to be duplicated. AI could probably not build turrets or die off as they are restricted to build a limited or unlimited turret, and it would overcomplicate the mod if not make it unstable to play with AI. It would also force us to duplicate our changes, say if we increase the health of a heavy bolter turret, we need to do it twice, so it is possible, but not going to happen and we apologize, due to limits of DOW engine. That said...

I guess I agree unlimited turrets is the better choice? I was against it, but the overall gameplay feels better and there are always ways to counter unlimited turrets. UA offers many, many ways to counter turrets and even though they are unlimited, things will be OK as it was this way long ago before for many years. If you cannot counter turrets with units, then counter them with artillery or choke them and trap them into base, starving them of resources, and eventually nuke them. Massed turret defenses can also be blown up by orbital bombardments easily, and rushers will still have upper hand as squads are usually better than turrets in general. Especially when turrets are control radius required and will increase in price the more you build (1.87 feature). Finally, the Apocalypse mod team obliges everybody to not freak out. There is no reason at all for it. It's how it is, dow engine impossibilities aside. Thank you for reading.

So what is happening behind the scenes?

First off we do apologize for the loooooong ongoing not updated news in March. There really was not much to talk about anyways, but now that version 1.87 is up and "running", Kairos is taking over patch work for now and is improving the mod as I speak. Along with Thudmeizer doing up every single artificial intelligence, and other mod team members doing a WONDERFUL job in participating, the mod is coming along great and I am the mod team's new beta tester. :D

Keep an eye out for two more sneak peaks, HOW TO - Install Ultimate Apocalypse part 2, HOW TO - Install Inquisition Daemonhunters, Adeptus Mechanicus coverage, and probably more on my channel here: Youtube.com

What else? Ah yes, there is a rumor going around that a fan is making Adeptus Mechanicus mod, and Kairos, the one who is modifying UA needs your guys help in a favor. To vastly improve quality of balance, we request fans to go into the feedback forums, and read off things that needs fixing in a summary. Things important that people reported, things especially like found cheese or OP/UP tactics needs to be reported for us to fix, and we will massively thank you for your support as it is a huge task for us and we can no longer do it without pulling out our hair. So again, if somebody (or 5 people) would be so kind in summarizing all balance threads for us to fix, that would be great, and consider it as a contribution to the mod!

Lazy link: Moddb.com

We're mostly interested in fixing Chaos Daemons, Chaos Space Marines, Tau, IDH, and Tyranids as those are the most unbalanced factions in the mod atm. Eldar is pretty much fixed. Feel free to not bother with getting a summary from Eldar as it is 100% covered. Again, if someone summarizes these threads, THANK YOU! It will make the next patch more fluid, and it will inspire us to do up the mod for you guys tons more!

That's... it. Videos of Oomperials work here! Enjoy!

Get the latest patch! (1.86.3)

Ultimate Apocalypse - THB Patch v1.86.3

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Ultimate Apocalypse THB Full Install (v. 1.86)

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DOW Mod Manager!

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Ultimate Apocalypse News - January

Ultimate Apocalypse News - January

News 17 comments

So this article explains why we are taking a while longer in releasing version 1.86 of the UA mod. Is it worth it? Heck yeah! And the UA team leader hopes...

Players Choice - Mod of the Year 2015

Players Choice - Mod of the Year 2015

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The time has come, announcing the best Mod of 2015 as selected by you.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) - Updated 24 February, 2016

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) - Updated 24 February, 2016

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Please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) before posting. Answers to many usual questions about UA can be found here. If you have a question that...

Late February News - UA

Late February News - UA

News 9 comments

February news and 1.86 release! 1.85.5 has been out for too long, causing people errors, mod not clean, etc, but 1.86 will be fixing that with also a...

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Ultimate Apocalypse - THB Patch v1.86.3

Ultimate Apocalypse - THB Patch v1.86.3

Patch 117 comments

Ultimate Apocalypse - The Hunt Begins Patch (for version 1.86+)! REQUIRES full installation of 1.86 as this is a patch! If it does not work in multiplayer...

Ultimate Apocalypse - Full Installation (1.86)

Ultimate Apocalypse - Full Installation (1.86)

Full Version 185 comments

Ultimate Apocalypse - The Hunt Begins (for version 1.86+)! Does not require or conflict with any previous versions. Installer inside will delete files...

NT Core 2.0 (Steam Only)

NT Core 2.0 (Steam Only)

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The NTCore 2.0 executable is a modified version of the Soulstorm.exe. The Ntcore version allocates extra ram to your Dawn of War - Soulstorm game to make...

DoW Mod Manager 1.1

DoW Mod Manager 1.1

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Patch 43 comments

INSTALL THE PATCH FIRST! This will apply a hotfix to the patch which will allow players to run the mod without New factions. Without this hotfix, expect...

Ultimate Apocalypse - THB Patch v1.85.5 (OUTDATED)

Ultimate Apocalypse - THB Patch v1.85.5 (OUTDATED)

Patch 44 comments

GET THE HOTFIX ABOVE! DOES NOT REQUIRE previous patches! Install directly after the main THB release. Can also be installed on top of patched THB. Changelog...

Post comment Comments  (3940 - 3950 of 22,715)

Are we ever going to get a big installer with everything already included or isn't is posible?
P.S- The Ork Song is rocking hard!!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
BreadIsDelicious Creator

Well, we can't bundle the Inquisition and Tyranid mods with UA because they're made by other teams and they don't want their mods bundled, it could maybe be worked out with Daemons but... yeah, kinda pointless to "make a big installer" if it's only to include the patch (plus there will be more, newer patches) and the Daemons mod in it.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Yeah i meant all the races, like you said, it's not worth doing an installer only with the patch and one race.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Oh, and another thing. Eldar generally seem to be pretty weak in my experience.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

They're f**king powerful, but it's mainly at endgame, when they can deploy Voidspinner, Ancient Wraithlords and Striking Scorpions. However, if enemy uses mainly infantry, they will surpass him quickly - it's because of Rangers and those damned Nightspinners!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Yeah, but the rest of their infantry are weak. Specifically Dire Avengers, Howling Banshees and Swooping Hawks. Early vehicles are also incredibly weak, with starcannons (esssentially rapid-fire plasma guns) do little to no damage against heavy infantry and light armor.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Just don't use them, there are better alternatives. In case of Eldars, there's much more infantry than you need, unlike eg. Imperial Guard or Tau (as they have only light or superheavy inf).

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

There's a huge balance issue I'd like to bring up regarding Chaos Daemons: the Daemonclaw Obelisks.

Daemonclaw Obelisks are long-ranged, splash-damage, anti-everything turrets that prevents Chaos Daemons from losing a game. They CANNOT be rushed early-game (arguably even mid-game, if they are upgraded) and they can take out vehicles with ease. Infantry, heavy infantry, vehicles and commanders all get raped by Obelisks.

In addition to huge amounts of damage, Obelisks:
-Can be built at T1
-Can be built anywhere on the map
-MASSIVE amount of health
-Cheap to produce
-Builds automatically over time

Here are some suggestions to make Obelisks more balanced:

1. Make obelisks FAR more expensive and require additional tech.
2. Reduce the health, damage, morale damage, range, and/or attack speed.

I seriously hope you take this into consideration, because this is a great mod which is completely ruined for me by Daemonclaw Obelisks.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Rush Lieutenant command tank w/ Demolisher cannon = any base of your choice is dead.

They can be rushed because they don't "splash damage" that much in early tiers. I managed to find no problem with 3 Assault/2 Tactical marines rush facing 3 obelisks bundled together and a few scattered afterwards. I used inferno grenades.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Yeah, they're a tad too strong to be honest. Deamons are already very powerful as a faction overall.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

By "a tad too strong" you do of course mean "a nigh-indestructible fortress of bulls*** that will make entire armies vanish in moments", right?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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