The Apocalypse mod team proudly presents to the audience and fans of Dawn of War, a two year long waited content filled and epic release of all time, the Ultimate Apocalypse mod Grand Release, 2012. In production unreleased to the crowd for a long time, the Apocalypse mod Alpha Internal, the "mother of the Grand Release" was reworked towards the extreme. Featuring dozens of new content, no other mod will have, this mod lets you do the unthinkable unlike any DOW mod. Do you imagine the largest Warhammer40k scale battles topped with balance for all races? Do you ever want to experience your spine throttling like crazy with good feelings over, and over, and over? Do you hate having your squads limited by Relic's balance system? Do you want to see your enemies nuked by the abilities of your own superweapon, or steamroll them with many titans fighting other titans with complete balance? This is your mod. This is one of the best DOW mods.

Furthermore, this mod has the better gameplay, feel, and epic features that no other mod can ever match. The Grand Release is available now, today! Below is the trailer of this mod, watch it, and let your mind get blown!

Want To Play Online?
'The Veiled Region' Server Room is open. Everyone willing enough to be apocalyptic and have cccrrrraaaazzzyyyy fun, meet your friends and perhaps your hated opponents to take on for revenge within Dawn of War: Ultimate Apocalypse online.

Apocalypse Mod Team:
Krronus (Executive Producer and developer) - developed 1/15/10
Tyrantarmy6 (MODDB leader, Trailer developer) - joined July 2010
Cylarne_04 (Primary mod Team Leader, does everything in the UA mod) - joined 7/4/10
Cosmocrat (High Primary Modeller, Primary Art leader) - joined 10/19/2010
Profman96 (High Primary ALPHA mod tester) - joined 12/24/10
RT2 (Global 2d/3d hex n' tex professional) - joined 2/24/11
Gambit (Primary ALPHA mod tester, Advisor, Alpha testing team organizer) - joined December 2011
PsykoTenshi (Primary ALPHA mod tester, secondary advisor, community manager, entertainer, global guy)
Mauritiux (Alpha mod tester) - joined January 2013
Jazz-Sandwich (UA Campaign script writer, VO) - joined February 2013
BouncyTEM - (Sound Master artist, VO) - joined February 2013
Khaotic_Comrade - (Secondary coder, environment artist, texturer) - joined December 2013
Greyloc - (Professional VO) - joined December 2013
Oomperial - (Primary Texturer) - joined June 2014
Necronguy - (Alpha mod tester) - joined September 2014
ndhWAR - (Alpha mod tester, map maker) - joined October 2014
Smoothrunes aka Jordan Lane on Youtube - (Alpha mod tester, video maker) - joined October 2014

New Alpha Mod Testers (Organized by Alpha testing team organizer):
We are now currently looking for people to test the private Ultimate Apocalypse Mod, the Alpha mod project.

The Grand Release Trailer has been released!!!

The XP2 2012 Trailer has been released!!!

The Ultimate Apocalypse actual 2012 Trailer has been released!!!

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1.73.8 Releasing Soon New Fan made map for UA - Seton's Clutch Some progress screenies of version 1.74 Part 2
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41 comments by Lord_Cylarne on Oct 30th, 2014

Ultimate Apocalypse Mod

News - Late October and Early November

A very successful month indeed. There are many things to talk about for the end of October and the beginning of November! The Ultimate Apocalypse mod team wants to notify you of a little issue. Since, of course, 1.73.5, 1.73.6, and 1.73.7 was released all in one month! Just two months ago, one really, you all were playing on the less functional and old 1.73.4 patch. It fixed a lot of things alone, and now we are up to version 1.73.7! Released as of yesterday (10/30/14).

The new unit reveal is within this news. If you read carefully, you may be able to find what the new unit is for version 1.73.71! If I'm telling the truth... ;)

Now comes 1.73.8. Then 1.73.9. <---------- You will start to notice a little tiny issue. Version 1.74, the all time big release, the biggest successor yet is just 0.00.1 versions away from the casual patches and our version naming system. So the team wants to keep you in mind, that the next big release will be called the "Ultimate Apocalypse - Dawn of Daemonic Apocalypse" UA- DODA. It will NOT be called version 1.74. Version 1.74, will be another patch, as for obvious reasons, we like the version naming system to be .5, .6, .7, .8, .9, FULL.0 and etc as it is nice and tidy.
The new unit in version 1.73.71 is the: (read further in the news)
Whatever version we name UA - DODA, this will be the biggest release yet, and it will involve Inquisition Daemonhunters and Chaos Daemons. The release will be huge, it will not be a patch, full release, one download and relatively easy to install. :) It will be like how it is now, download the mod and patches, and if you want Tyranids, download Tyranids. But now with IDH and Daemons!!! All instructions will be provided for you, and upon its release, patches will of course be fixing DODA version, and DODA version will be named "Ultimate Apocalypse - Dawn of Daemonic Apocalypse (1.#)."

In Summary:

New unit reveal: I hid it well. :p

I hope we are clear about this now? :)

  • Biggest release is not going to be version 1.74.
  • Biggest release yet will be called "Ultimate Apocalypse - Dawn of Daemonic Apocalypse (1.#)."
  • Biggest release yet will include the Inquisition Daemonhunters
  • Biggest release yet will include the Chaos Daemons Tau XV101 Riptide Titan
  • Biggest release will involve the same setup to get factions like Tyranids and etc.
  • Get the patches today if you own version 1.73!

It is recommended, that you know how to install Tyranids for UA, as it will be essential for UA - DODA. It is essential, that you spread this news to others and inform everybody that the biggest release will not be called, Ultimate Apocalypse 1.74, but "Ultimate Apocalypse - Dawn of Daemonic Apocalypse (1.#)". I like it this way as well. I would like to expand the version numbers higher and higher into the greater numbers also, to keep it consistent and more simplistic. :)

Ultimate Apocalypse Trailer:

Ultimate Apocalypse Downloads:

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Ultimate Apocalypse Patch - 1.73.8

Ultimate Apocalypse Patch - 1.73.8

Nov 12, 2014 Patch 67 comments

REQUIRES ULTIMATE APOCALYPSE VERSION 1.73!!! DOES NOT REQUIRE PREVIOUS PATCHES! Extract to your Soulstorm directory and select 'Yes' when overwriting...

Ultimate Apocalypse Patch - 1.73.71 (OUTDATED!)

Ultimate Apocalypse Patch - 1.73.71 (OUTDATED!)

Oct 29, 2014 Patch 56 comments

REQUIRES ULTIMATE APOCALYPSE VERSION 1.73!!! DOES NOT REQUIRE PREVIOUS PATCHES! Extract to your Soulstorm directory and select 'Yes' when overwriting...

Ultimate Apocalypse Patch - 1.73.6 (OUTDATED!)

Ultimate Apocalypse Patch - 1.73.6 (OUTDATED!)

Oct 15, 2014 Patch 49 comments

REQUIRES ULTIMATE APOCALYPSE VERSION 1.73!!! DOES NOT REQUIRE PREVIOUS PATCHES! Extract to your Soulstorm directory and select 'Yes' when overwriting...

Ultimate Apocalypse 1.73.5 (OUTDATED!)

Ultimate Apocalypse 1.73.5 (OUTDATED!)

Oct 3, 2014 Patch 46 comments

REQUIRES ULTIMATE APOCALYPSE VERSION 1.73.4! Install the 1.73.4 patch first! Extract all files to your Soulstorm directory. Select 'Yes' when overwriting...

Ultimate Apocalypse Patch - 1.73.4 (OUTDATED!)

Ultimate Apocalypse Patch - 1.73.4 (OUTDATED!)

Apr 5, 2014 Patch 98 comments

REQUIRES ULTIMATE APOCALYPSE VERSION 1.73!!! - Extract all files to your Soulstorm directory. - overwrite version 1.73 version files with this patch...

Ultimate Apocalypse Full Version (1.73)

Ultimate Apocalypse Full Version (1.73)

Mar 31, 2014 Full Version 222 comments

IMPORTANT NOTE: Delete any previous versions of the mod before installing 1.73! Do NOT merge the installments. -- The long awaited 1.73 release is out...

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Giveaway412 Mar 25 2014, 8:59am says:

Guys, not sure if this is the right place to ask, and I know the Witch Hunters mod is a touchy subject here...

But was the WH mod ever "finished"? The version I downloaded seemed to not be, as I could not access certain units. I've also seen models, apparently from the mod (such as the Eversor) that do not appear in my game.

Sorry for asking, I just couldn't think of a better place...

+1 vote     reply to comment
naming Mar 25 2014, 10:13am replied:

So, the lieutenant Miera thing is okay once retextured the face but the Witch Hunters are untouchable? Black Crusade models once kitbashed is okay to release for the public.. Same as Dow 2 too. I guess this permission issue only applies to the model as a whole, not counting the origin of the bits and parts of it..

In other words, if you make the model using other modellers' models parts, then it should be fine because there's no real proof that the model isn't your making.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Jazz-Sandwich Mar 25 2014, 10:31am replied:

DOW2/SM models are a different matter. It's relic's prerogative to define the terms of use of their assets. WH is a matter of respecting an independent group of artist's wishes over their own work. Modders respect these wishes because in general they want to maintain a culture where artists have a say over how their work is used. Others don't particularly care. Big messes often ensue.

And as for the 'no real proof' part, that's unrelated to the ethics of their usage in the first instance.

+2 votes     reply to comment
HeavyMetalBreadLoaf Mar 25 2014, 9:54am replied:

It's OK, your question isn't causing any issues.
The Witch Hunters mod is kind of a tragic story precisely because it was never finished :(
There's mixed stories about the reason for WH development meeting such an untimely end, so in order to not cause confusion, I will refrain from adding more to the mix.

Protip though: All models *are* in the mod and almost all of them are finished, if you can get around coding the attributes and stuff for them you can have your own working build of WH with literally the most awesome models EVER. Just... due to boring permission issues you can't make it public :S

edit: dang it Jazz ninjapost'd me.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Jazz-Sandwich Mar 25 2014, 9:47am replied:

In short; no, the mod project was never completed. The devs haven't been in touch with the community for years, and will likely not ever do so again. Back when they were active, they expressed their wishes for their work not to be touched by other modders (not unusual, given that their mod was incomplete at that stage). The only mod project with legitimate access to these assets, as far as I know, is the DoWPro mod, thanks to a long standing arrangement between devs. Is this the version you're talking about?

I appreciate that it's difficult to find answers on such a subject, but there is a site much more suitable than the UA page to discuss such matters:

+1 vote     reply to comment
K-leb Mar 26 2014, 2:45am replied:

It really sucks when people just disappear like that, especially when they have stuff the public really wants to see and play but can't because the developers are gone and their assets still cannot be touched by others.

0 votes     reply to comment
LeonardGOOG Mar 26 2014, 12:51pm replied:

I think you're wrong . Imagine you invented an invention , but did not complete it for some important personal reasons (someone seriously ill , still some tragedy ... ) The fashion designers believed that one day they will return to this mode , finished it , and therefore did not want that someone would climb there is a dilute all their inventions . it is likely that it happened in my life that they wanted to open up access to the content of this mod , but the real life situation did not allow them to do it . Never forget that the developers mods , games and the like are people too . They also have some of his things in life and its problems . That's like you 're doing something , you are waiting for this . However, something happened in you life , and you can not in principle it is now complete. This does not mean that I can now blame you that you did not.

+1 vote     reply to comment
BagaturKhan Mar 25 2014, 8:31am says:

Want to see some Raven Guard units in mod in future....

+1 vote     reply to comment
BlackRangerXIII Mar 25 2014, 5:20am says:

Suggestion for 1.74:
and it's ranks to the imperium's titan Assemby Depots (Sisters and the Daemonhunters will not have it)

+3 votes     reply to comment
K-leb Mar 25 2014, 3:24am says:

It feels so good to have this update coming out before April! Because,'s my birthday today. So, great present guys! And many thanks...honestly, you've made my love for Warhammer 40k skyrocket due to this mod. The ability to use almost all units and mechanics that the races have in lore just...feels so good!

+3 votes     reply to comment
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