Imagine the largest Warhammer40k scale battles topped with balance for all races. Can you imagine your enemies being nuked by your own superweapon, or steamrolling them with many titans fighting other titans with complete balance? Then this is your mod.

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January News. Check out what is going on behind the scenes of version 1.73, our latest unreleased mod version. New team members, check who is in the team!

Posted by Lord_Cylarne on Jan 18th, 2014

Ultimate Apocalypse Mod

News - January, the final works in progress of the new version

Hey folks. So I decided to post news as an update as of what is going on behind the scenes of the latest mod version, 1.73! First off, version 1.73 is going to be huge. It will fix a lot of skirmish based bugs, glitches, gameplay, and most of all make the whole play style of the vanilla 9 races plus Tyranids almost crystal perfect. That is right, you heard right, we are aiming to the perfection of all races gameplay. All concepts, all design and layouts will be completed in this version and it will be splendid!

So I'd also like to introduce to all of you at this time we have...


You all remember Khaotic_Comrade and Greyloc, correct? Well we have on top of that, TWO MORE!!! So the Apocalypse mod team is forever growing, we have lots of testers testing the mod and everything, so it is great! So introducing to you...

seato39 - Can be found on MOD DB (Apocalypse mod tester).
DrunkenTaipan - Can be found on Relicnews (3D Modeller)

So hopefully with two more team members on top of our huuuge team, mod progression goes fasta'!

So welcome to the mod team, gents. Congratulations, and Tyrantarmy6 if you read this, update the team! Thanks!

Mod Progress


We are 99.7% (updated 1/24/12) done with the mod. What this means is, from the total amount of changes completed /(divided by) the total amount of changes as a whole, *(multiply by) 100, we are this much completed. This percentage is based off of our changlog from every single change we got done on the mod from 1.72.7 to now, 1.73. We add more changes if need be, and the changelog only gets bigger. So that also means, more accurate percentage on top of new improved goodies in 1.73!

When we get to 100%, then the final stages of the mod will be packed into the last alpha of the mod and shipped off to the team, pending more test results for the ultimate release of 1.73. So basically two separate percentages, but the first percentage, 99.7% is the big one. ;)

Maps, and ucs are counted as one change and will take a week total to get done.

Updated 24th of January: Due to real life circumstances, mod development is on hold for one week, but we will be back to work on the mod starting perhaps on Monday, the 27th. But by reading this, the mod is going to be shipped off to the mod team today for internal testing purposes. Once everybody says "ready for release, doofus!" we are good to go. :) Then bam mod 1.73 in the download section.

Updated 27th of Jan.: Mod progress for testing the final alpha has been given feedback! We should be releasing I hope soon after the maps, ucs, and final change log fixes are all cured. No release dates.

Alpha mod private mod team completion percentage: Roughly 82% done.

What will 1.73 include?

And of Course, IG Kicking Butt


- Heavily improved race design and gameplay.
- New Races install trouble with Chaos Daemons is fixed.
- All factions will be heavily balanced.
- An entire pack of new maps to play with.
- New units.
- New structures.
- New abilities.
- New weapon upgrades.
- Efficient (or almost efficient) unit and structure costs.
- Critically improved Artificial Intelligence.
- More functional.
- Cleaner project.
- More winconditions.
- Balanced Titans.
- Reworked units that were lacking in previous versions.
- New Voice Overs.
- Icons that disregard placeholders.
- New infiltration system.

- Chaos Daemons
- Inquisition Daemonhunters
- Campaign fixes
- UA Survival, Arena, Campaign, and Zombie Apocalypse fixes.

Edit: Sorry for the bit of confusion. What we mean by "Not promise you this and that", I mean these are not going to be worked on. The campaign... is a different story, we might release that in version 1.75 instead of 1.73 as it is buggy and not even close to how we like it and can be downloaded in version 1.7, the Grand Release.

The non promised material will take place in versions 1.74, and 1.75. 1.73 will otherwise focus on everything else and it will deliver the mod as a whole, non patched, full version, and it will deliver a new New Races mod system which will be in beta phase upon the release to get everybodies point of view on how you like the new system. The new system will be easier, and the mod selections in the game manager will be narrowed down to 1. So I hope to improve the future UA mod New Races updates!

So that is the news, everybody. :) Have a great 2014.

Ultimate Apocalypse Trailer:

Ultimate Apocalypse Downloads:

Download the Grand Release, version 1.7 today!

Ultimate Apocalypse Grand Release (1.7)

BUT GET THE PATCH BELOW!!!! Download 1.72.7 today!

Ultimate Apocalypse 1.72.7 Patch

Issues with mod setup? Check out the tutorial


Why provide donations? You get lots of stuff from us, including a continued campaign that is yet unfinished and loads of support and mod fixes. This is not a requirement, and by donating, the Apocalypse mod team will be active doing up the mod, releasing updates, and providing more epic entertainment than fooling around with other stuff.

Why provide donations? Over 50 members have, and they were rewarded with what they wanted to see in the UA mod, and because of them, this mod is continued in development. We have explored it all in this mod, and we are not inspired by passion anymore, so by these wonderful donations, well, just look at the progress!

This is no requirement, you are not forced to make any transaction, it is all optional, very appreciated, you can be put in the list of donators or possibly be a character in the UA mod when the campaign is done, and further, you get to boss us around and have at what you want!

So what are you waiting for? Donate!


The list of donators are provided in the link above!

More donations were added as of 1/18/14

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Giveaway412 Jan 18 2014, 10:31pm says:

It sounds awesome! So you think 1.73 is gonna be released before the end of the month?

+4 votes     reply to comment
Emperor of Mankind
Emperor of Mankind Jan 18 2014, 11:09pm replied:

Heck, I sure hope so.

+5 votes     reply to comment
Lord_Cylarne Author
Lord_Cylarne Jan 18 2014, 11:38pm replied:

I third that.

+10 votes   reply to comment
Ragnar-mantonero Feb 3 2014, 1:49am replied:

i think not :D

-1 votes     reply to comment
LeonardGOOG Online
LeonardGOOG Jan 19 2014, 7:19am says:

Great news! I look forward to the release=)

+4 votes     reply to comment
makiyu1019 Jan 19 2014, 7:34am says:


+4 votes     reply to comment
Sakura Matou
Sakura Matou Jan 19 2014, 7:34am says:

Great work and grats on the release!

Although the mod is a little much for my tastes and not my style I do appreciate all the hard work you and your team put into it.

So here is to good fortune and a smooth release!

+4 votes     reply to comment
moddlord1 Jan 19 2014, 10:06am says:

i want it... i need it... give it to me.. yes yes give me my UA dope fix!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Erydale Jan 19 2014, 10:25am says:

Can't wait! ^^

+2 votes     reply to comment
nhinhonhinho Jan 19 2014, 12:33pm says:

Great news. Can't wait

+2 votes     reply to comment
ralleo1980 Jan 19 2014, 2:36pm says:

Hello friend Lord_Doofus:

When you said

- Chaos Daemons
- Inquisition Daemonhunters
- Campaign fixes
- UA Survival, Arena, Campaign, and Zombie Apocalypse fixes.

this mean that Chaos Daemons and Daemonhunters not appear in 1.73???

Thanks for your attention

+1 vote     reply to comment
Sakura Matou
Sakura Matou Jan 19 2014, 5:37pm replied:

I think it means there might be a chance, but no promises like as in it may not happen.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Lord_Cylarne Author
Lord_Cylarne Jan 19 2014, 10:49pm replied:

What Sakura said, not guaranteed. ^^

+2 votes   reply to comment
jONES1979 Jan 20 2014, 1:54am says:

What is Arena?

+3 votes     reply to comment
Ragnar-mantonero Jan 20 2014, 7:24am replied:

arena is a survivor'map under UA-campaign mod

+2 votes     reply to comment
Ragnar-mantonero Jan 20 2014, 7:23am says:

i'm sorry, but the 1.73 run only under SS 1.2 or again previous version?

+2 votes     reply to comment
Dardl Jan 20 2014, 4:07pm says:

First of all I just want to say that this really is a great mod! But it seriously sucks that your not fixing the mod to work with the latest Daemon mod. The only think I'd ask for is give Chaos more options after picking a mark! For example if I pick Mark of Nurgle let me play enough units so it actually feels like a Nurgle army! Anyways Despite my criticizing rant I really do love this mod, Keep up the good work and thank you so much!

+3 votes     reply to comment
Lord_Cylarne Author
Lord_Cylarne Jan 20 2014, 5:29pm replied:

Both of those will actually be in 1.73...

+4 votes   reply to comment
Dardl Jan 22 2014, 9:59am replied:

Thanks man! Really excited now!!!

+2 votes     reply to comment
Jk_Lord Jan 20 2014, 9:42pm says:

So, i'm confused, will the Daemons mod 1.4 become compatible with UA 1.73? I'd love it if it did! But really, it's an awesome mod! :D

+3 votes     reply to comment
Lord_Cylarne Author
Lord_Cylarne Jan 20 2014, 9:59pm replied:

- New Races install trouble with Chaos Daemons is fixed."

I guess I see the confusion, but yes it will be compatible. :)

+3 votes   reply to comment
Jk_Lord Jan 20 2014, 10:06pm says:

Okay thank you!! and if I have all the new races and I try playing the new races game in UA 1.73 will it work? or do I have to do something else? Cause I've had trouble with the new races thing in the past

+3 votes     reply to comment
Lord_Cylarne Author
Lord_Cylarne Jan 21 2014, 12:26pm replied:

That I'm not sure about. All I know about is Tyranids. Daemons and Inquisition will be a downgraded faction (temporarily until 1.74), but yeah I dunno what to say about that. ^^

+1 vote   reply to comment
Jk_Lord Jan 21 2014, 6:27pm says:

Well, I think I only had trouble because Daemons 1.4 is not compatible with UA 1.72.7, that's probably what happened

+3 votes     reply to comment
Ragnar-mantonero Jan 25 2014, 11:42am says:

nothing more?

+2 votes     reply to comment
Dardl Jan 27 2014, 11:47am replied:

Yeah c'mon guys we want more! GAWD! More update!

+2 votes     reply to comment
TheLegate Jan 31 2014, 8:44pm says:

This is gonna be awesome! I hope you guys fix the issue with the space marine scouts though. It's kind of silly how all scouts are from the blood ravens.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Lord_Cylarne Author
Lord_Cylarne Feb 8 2014, 10:11pm replied:


+2 votes   reply to comment
Ragarnoy Feb 4 2014, 12:17pm says:

Are you guys from Valve ? Because this sure feels like Valve time.

+3 votes     reply to comment
Dardl Feb 6 2014, 11:32am says:

Still nothing? Not even a shred of news? Lads I am dissapoint!

+2 votes     reply to comment
egyedululo Feb 6 2014, 12:20pm says:

It would be great to have some details about the release date. To be honest with you in the last two weeks I check the UA sites quite a lot every day to see something new intel about the game or even better play with it.

+3 votes     reply to comment
Guest Feb 8 2014, 7:48pm says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Jazz-Sandwich Feb 8 2014, 9:51pm says:

@Dardl: The first time I've encountered somebody using the word 'lad' on the site that isn't me... could it be...?

Ah, knew it. Fellow Irishman/woman. How's the craic?

At any rate, seeing as people are still perusing the comments section of this article for news on the forthcoming update, I may as well post here in order to re-clarify a point that may be causing some confusion.

The percentages cited in the article relate to the AMOUNT of tasks remaining to be completed, unrelated to the time it takes for any particular task to be completed. For instance, one task may take an hour to complete, whereas another may take day after frustrating day to get just right.

So in that respect, the percentage may be somewhat misleading - yes, the update is in sight; but until some critical tasks are completed and bug-tested we are not content to publish the update. Rest assured that progress IS constantly underway, but we cannot issue any official release date due to the fickle nature of DOW modding.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Lord_Cylarne Author
Lord_Cylarne Feb 8 2014, 10:10pm replied:

On top of that I decided to for the hell of it (since the mod was supposed to be released in January) update each and every single race and apply hotkeys, correct hotkeys on top of new ucs descriptions (unit text that guides you through the game) that are actually correct.

Less new players will have trouble with the incorrectness of the ucs, and on top of that finally, the mod needs icons which will get arid of placeholders. Deemed worthy so... we don't want pink icons, crash to desktops (especially) or broken features in the UA mod and we still have a little bit to do.

However the entire progress is going professionally well and the mod team has pretty much tested all races. I still have to fix every single feedback which needs fixing though...

I hope to release Feb. news.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Dardl Feb 9 2014, 11:17am replied:

@Jazz: Perhaps my good man for indeed I am apart of the Irish race! A Dublin man! The craic is grand considering the waiting I am forced to endure! Everyday I check this mod to see progress and it's great to see an update! So I can now sleep again knowing that I won't be seeing the download for a few weeks! And I can once again start playing UA without that guilty feeling of waiting for the perfection of 1.73!
How about yerself man? I'm guessing Cork!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Jazz-Sandwich Feb 9 2014, 12:50pm replied:

I'm a Kildare man myself actually! Though admittedly Cork's not a bad bet considering the population as whole I guess. :)

As for the patch: yup, I'm afraid it may still be a matter of weeks. But do rest assured that there's a whole load of quality new content and improvements when it does arrive.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Dardl Feb 13 2014, 11:03am replied:

Awww no way? near Leixlip by any chance? Any chance you like Thrash metal man?

I am seriously dying for this! Any idea on a release date?

+3 votes     reply to comment
Jazz-Sandwich Feb 14 2014, 2:03pm replied:

Trust me, if it were at all possible to give a release date that we could in any way reliably hold to it, we'd be screaming it across the internet. As it stands; progress is ongoing, and we ARE so close to completion, but I still can't really give any proper ETA.

PS: A Newbridge scumbag, actually! And Thrash metal aint my thing personally, but I've a few friends into it and it certainly wouldn't be my least favourite

+1 vote     reply to comment
Dardl Feb 20 2014, 11:40am replied:

**** buzz about it man but sure **** it like! The longer the wait the longer the suspense!

Newbridge? is that far enough into Kildare to be considered a cultchy? :P Well man if you get a chance check out me band called Twisted Autocracy. Political Thrash Metal based on Warhammer. Ok it's not actually based on Warhammer....but like....yeah! I'm a Clondalkin man meself. Delighted to see a fellow Irishmen apart of this whopper mod!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Feb 15 2014, 8:26am says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

doomlord2010 Feb 15 2014, 8:32am says:

Can't wait for the new patch to come out.
Have been playing UA for a while now and i'm excited for all the things 1.73 will bring. :D
(Hopefully a continuation or another level for the campaign?)
Regardless this is an amazing mod and i sure do thank all the members of the modding team for the hard work that has been put into this, hopefully you will release the next update before the end of Feb.

P.S, You should consider doing a new map pack with even more 1v2, 1v3, 2v4,2v5 etc. maps and more skirmish maps.

Blood for the blood god!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Ragnar-mantonero Feb 16 2014, 4:55pm says:

"Alpha mod private mod team completion percentage: Roughly 82% done." from plus 3 weeks, someone news?

+1 vote     reply to comment
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