The Ultimate Apocalypse mod team proudly presents to the Dawn of War: Soulstorm players and fans, an eagerly awaited and packed with epic content game experience, the Ultimate Apocalypse mod! Imagine a mod featuring massive Warhammer 40,000 battles where all 9 races in Soulstorm (and more!) have a chance at epic victory. A mod where there's no shortage of all new units, buildings, abilities, and even titans! A mod where there's nearly no limits holding you back. It's all about all out, massive war. Wanna nuke your enemies? You can. Gloriously epic titan duels are your thing? Ultimate Apocalypse has you covered. Not only that, but Ultimate Apocalypse is continuously tested to ensure the epic battle experience it delivers remains unique while being completely awesome. Thanks to you (yes, you!) and everyone playing, Ultimate Apocalypse has been steady within the top 20 ranked mods for years.

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3D Modelled Titans Lined-Up
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SGTBanks2402 Feb 14 2013 says:

Where is the imperial Warhound? And the one on the far right will take up my whole screen!!!

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mihaita_tero Jul 23 2013 replied:

we need camera mod

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Lord_Cylarne Creator
Lord_Cylarne Feb 14 2013 says:

Lolololololol rofl LMAO

Niceness incarnate!

So wait, the Betta' Stompa figure is the challenge rating of the WarHOUND?

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yavuztezcan Feb 14 2013 says:

I don't want to be rude but we dont need super uber mega titans for this mod.Cos Dawn of War is not a game like Supreme Commander.People will say o gtfo noob what do you know about warhammer40k but in MY opinion normal scale battles with new units are more exiciting than titan wars(waypoint stuck etc) in this game.
I may suggest you 1 thing about scaling: FoK did it great you know.
Anyway you guys are are great keep updates coming thanks for your efforts^^

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raeldrikp Feb 14 2013 buried:


yeah, I'm not a big fan of titans also. Their weapons, and chicken legs aren't really that great. Its kinda of a thing i only use with my friends just to go crazy withXD.

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Lord_Cylarne Creator
Lord_Cylarne Feb 14 2013 replied:

Well... suggesting to us to remove great aspects of this mod along with transforming our mod into something like FOK is a big fat no-no. If you do not like titans, there is a wincondition that allows you to disable titans. Most people prefer epic battles and titans. This mod adds the variety of both.

If this mod was exactly like DOW or FOK, we would not have this much popularity + players playing the mod. So.... no.

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raeldrikp Apr 8 2013 replied:

Kinda late replying to this, but I wasn't suggesting removing it, and I do play without titans, but was just stating that I don't like titans because of how the unit itself acts (awkward weapon firing, and the way they move). It's not really a problem, I just find them messy.

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InsanityDeath May 1 2013 replied:

@yavuztezcan But massive titan battles would be awesome. I respect your opinion but I think this mod is intending to create the largest battles ever seen in Dawn of War so adding massive titans would accomplish that. But then again that's my opinion.

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devmangekyou Feb 14 2013 says:

Titans are an excellent addition to gameplay how don't you agree?

Every army has an ace up their sleeve and in army's this big they have whole empires why restrict them only to aircraft,infantry,tanks.

If possible I would wanna see space ships super titans THE WHOLE 9 yards
for The WHOLE experience of a race.

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Woozle Feb 14 2013 replied:

Believe it or not but there is such a thing as "Overkill" and titans DEFINETLY fall into that category.

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Lord_Cylarne Creator
Lord_Cylarne Feb 14 2013 replied:

Not in version 1.72

I plan to nerf the titans to a certain degree.

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timothyh Oct 25 2013 replied:

HERESY!, there's no such thing as overkill

+1 vote     reply to comment
moddlord1 Feb 14 2013 says:

waz up! titans belong in dawn of war and like lord_doofus says you can disable the use of titans in the options screen if you do not want them so no problem.

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BouncyTEM Feb 14 2013 says:

Aren't Mega Gargants supposed to be roughly as big as Imperators? Pretty sure they're supposed to be...

I mean, go look at the first image result for Imperator Titan Vs Mega Gargant.

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Xiggy Feb 19 2013 says:

But... It won't fit, it's way too huge, for my tiny... Screen. :>

There is something about Titans still... If the ennemy has even one before you, then you're doom. It's kinda... Annoying, to loose so close from victory, just because all of a sudden something just come up and kill every one in a single shoot (yeah Chaos Reaver Titan, I'm talking to you !)
But in the other hand, when WE have the titan first, then it's over. Necrons are so badass in the last version available.
And so... Are you gonna resize the maps ? So that the Imperator-like titan could fit it ?

+1 vote     reply to comment
hhhdan Feb 20 2013 replied:

I killed the reaver titan by brass scorpion while my defilers have distracted the rest of the army)

+1 vote     reply to comment
Ragnar-mantonero Jun 28 2013 says:

never come the moment of insert the button of other titans? the model are present :)

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Ok i've arranged the latest Mega Gargant along some of my older Work in order to get a clue of size as it would be seen actually In-Game.

It starts from left to right:

-Imperial Guardsman
-SM Landraider
-Doomsday Monolith
-Great Gargant
-Mega Gargant
-Reaver Titan
-Warlord Titan
-Emperor Titan

I've got the sizes from the charts i've posted before and it's like 99,99% accurate so far. Not sure if the DoW engine could handle so much awesomeness.

Anyways have a nice day of course and keep watching!


-Cosmocrat :D

Feb 14th, 2013
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