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Chaos - Balance and Suggestions (Mods : Ultimate Apocalypse Mod (DOW SS) : Forum : Feedback : Chaos - Balance and Suggestions) Post Reply
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May 21 2013 Anchor
Does anybody else find that rushing to build turrets right outside DE bases is far and above the best strategy available? I tried the Chaos campaign with the DE on strengths 6-8 when I started without any HG, and got creamed until I tried the turret rush. That made things easy. Those heavy bolters are like a Havoc Squad with no travel time at Tier 1.
May 21 2013 Anchor

I have not played the campaing, but i usually play 1vs1 with my friends. I have found no problem when playing chaos vs DE, they are very balanced i think. If you find something unbalanced, you can post replays showing it, we will find a solution if it is, if not well post it in balance list ;D

May 22 2013 Anchor

Thanks! Two other concerns:

In campaign, my Chaos Lord has 930 health. This is even less than the Archon's (1140) despite what fluff and tabletop crunch would suggest. An inspection with Corsix's suggests that CL should have 1630 HP. What gives?

Does anybody find the renegade mortars hilariously unbalanced? They make DE Warp Beasts and IG Ogryn a joke.

May 25 2013 Anchor

I would like to reprt a game breaking thingy about the Chaos Undivided.
The cultist have teh ability to super duper boost the build time of every single structure.
You can literraly make a Reaver in under a second and a 2nd one.
Also the Chaos Land Raider is misspelled Choas Land Raider,something already adressed before 1.6

Sep 1 2013 Anchor

6) Make Any unit with the mark of Nurgle useful (most useless mark in a game that wildly frustrating)

Sep 12 2013 Anchor

RT2... wrote:

6) Make Any unit with the mark of Nurgle useful (most useless mark in a game that wildly frustrating)

That's not true, the Great Unclean One is a very powerful unit, and the only other Plague units are the Plague Bearers and Plague Reaper.

Sep 14 2013 Anchor
Just something I noticed wing texture missing.
Anyone else notice this?

Edited by: RT2...

Sep 15 2013 Anchor

RT2... wrote:

Just something I noticed wing texture missing.
Anyone else notice this?

true, some time with personal patter may be

Nov 13 2013 Anchor

Balance suggestion: Make Nurgle units more tanky and nerf the health of Khorne units, or even just swap the health values. I find that Nurgle units as of current are just lesser Khorne units, with lower attack damage, movement speed, and health (the poison attack is useful but it is offset by the inability to get into melee in time-especially on hardcore). Lore wise, they should be some of the toughest units in the game (especially the Great Unclean One) and I think that would help balance out the faction a bit better. This is also equally applicable to the Chaos Daemons faction, where the only thing you really need to do is spam bloodletters/thirsters.

Dec 7 2013 Anchor

A silly question, but is it possible to rename Chaos to Chaos Space Marines? Not the most important change, but it looks weird when you have the races Chaos and Chaos Daemons.

Dec 7 2013 Anchor

It is possible to rename them, yes. I like that idea as well, since it kind of looks silly as of now xP

Dec 7 2013 Anchor

might be out of range making reading in the selection column ... annoying, I think it is better to find an agreement with Chaos Marines

PS. sorry for the off-topic, but you could also rename the demon hunters in inquisition? it seems more appropriate

Dec 9 2013 Anchor

If the current news is to be believed, we might not need IDH, as the Daemon Hunters, the Sisters and probably Deathwatch will all be rolled up into a bigger Inquisition super-race.

Dec 29 2013 Anchor

Did you intentionally make the chaos terminators only available to chaos
undivided? I understand that khorne terminators are only available to
khorne and chaos undivided, but it doesn't make sense to me that regular
chaos terminators aren't available to all paths of chaos.

Dec 29 2013 Anchor

probably to avoid by changing the parameters several times when they are ready for Terminator models of all gods

i have found a problem with the tzeench lord sorceror, if hit by the getta stompa with turbo laser, skills and movement remains locked even after the destruction of Titan

Apr 27 2014 Anchor

I got a suggestion, i believe the Daemon Prince should get a buff since i feel he is less powerful than the Chaos lord, maybe like adding him is own wargear to research after ascension?, or adding more health,defense or damage? , i simply find myself staying as a chaos lord since he's just better, though i sometimes research daemonic ascension because he looks cool lol but there's no meaning to it if he lacks power, other than that, chaos is pretty good for me right now.

Oct 22 2014 Anchor

nurgle is divinity of health and sickness, the great demon of nurgle maybe have extremely regeneration and immunity to nerven gas

and i think the sorcerer lord are buildable only with tzeench way's like chaos lord and ascending in demon prince of tzeench

as heretics pray the dark gods to get buildings or repair would be logical to also make it possible to repair principles demons and great devils

Edited by: Ragnar-mantonero

Oct 30 2014 Anchor

Renegade mortar team is damn over powered. They can destroy everything: buildings, tough infantry units and even heavy armored vehicles from a long distance. And they have large area of effect.

Oct 30 2014 Anchor

the renegade have short life if shot with mortar, are visible like every unit of artillery, i think so are been balanced

Oct 30 2014 Anchor

lol you say they are balanced when 3 renegade mortar squads can kill 4 hellhounds and several infantry squads instantly? I can easily destroy my enemie in tier1 just by sending cheap vehicle into my enemies base and keeping few renegade squads behind. Sorry but thats pure unbalance

Oct 30 2014 Anchor

when you build a single basilisk, the renegade are dead

Oct 30 2014 Anchor

Is basilisk tier 1 unit?

Nope. So you are screwed against mortar. They shouldnt be even effective against vehicles and they should have 2 mortar weapons max.

Oct 30 2014 Anchor

I thought I nerfed mortars in 1.73.7? They definitely do a lot less, at least from what I have tested. :S

Oct 31 2014 Anchor

SoulstormĀ£an wrote:Is basilisk tier 1 unit?

Nope. So you are screwed against mortar. They shouldnt be even effective against vehicles and they should have 2 mortar weapons max.

of course th basilisk are tier II , tier I are most units who can intercetp the renegade and suppress

Nov 8 2014 Anchor

I think keeper of secrets passive ability shouldnt affect daemons because it becomes ridiculosly useful when you play as tyranids against chaos. How the hell should I kill that thing? :D

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