You find yourself imprisoned in a high-tech facilities, then the power supply fails for some reason, opening the cell and letting you escape. - By skaarj

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flippedoutkyrii says

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It's not terrible, but it is odd, and the levels seem to drone on and on after extensive play considering how dull the level design is (Even if it isn't terrible, either)

Play if you need another dosage of old-school gameplay :)


kellyX says

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TheUnbeholden says

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Its got some very unique textures that reminds me of unreal. Its real slow at first, the first half I found myself paying close attention to everything. Its some station out in the desert, but soon you realize that even when there is action it doesn't seem to last long enough. By the end you get a massive amount of enemies flinged at you and find that the there is a non-ending. Which makes the experience feel like a waste after the mod started off promising.


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