Typical disaster is a small single player episode for Half-Life. It tells a story about Gordon Freeman's job in one of those dangerous top-secret research facilities.

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Cool effects though +


main mod (3/10):
the office map looks nice, but holy **** those specific-*** jumps in xen levels and on top of that, every time you fall you get a mini-cutscene of you falling.
also very limited ammo supply, this wouldn't be a very big deal if you'd get the crowbar at the beginning, instead you get it near the end and by that point you'll get 100 pistol ammo out of nowhere.

i'm actually glad this was short since there's no more of the annoying jumping.

lost levels (5/10):
these maps have nice details and just look great (for half-life standards)
there are no retarded jumps in these maps, but it has dumb stuff which will get you stuck, for instance on the first level you will be constantly unlocking random doors and you'll have to hunt all over the map to find the new door that you've unlocked (the last door is the hardest to find). also at the end, there are four specific crates which you can push, you have to make stairs for yourself out of those boxes to climb over the final fence to escape. Like wtf, how would you figure that out? (there's also a dumb cut-scene which you can accidentally trigger mid-combat somewhere in that map)
At least there's no ammo problem, you get good amounts of ammo in these maps (mainly due to soldiers dropping weapons).

this was more pleasant to play than the actual mod, isn't that ironic?


electrocatalyst says

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Don't know what exactly should be rated since this page contains two short mods. The TD and TD Lost Levels. TD totally sucks while TDLL showed some class and is MUCH better than the first TD, though still needs improvement. Some brushwork was extremely awful in a few places and the crates at the end should be all movable to let the player jump over the fence.

Okay this mod could have been so much better than it actually is. The level design wasn't bad. Until the xen parts. I hated the design on xen. It was a damn freak show with ridiculous jumps and crap. Pros and cons:
some nice mapping
good idea for a mod (but badly used)
somewhat classic feel to the mod
clunky mapping in the xen parts
ludicrous jumping
inexcusable out of the blue cutscenes
lazy ending
and overall, Typical Disaster gets a 5/10. It's a very mediocre mod that I certainly didn't enjoy much after the first 2 maps or so.

*rereview at the end*

While the level design looks okay for the most part, the mod itself is very
short and VERY boring.

There is not enough weapons available and the combat was very dull with unnecessary cut scenes.

Only give this a go if you need a HL fix.


After giving the lost levels a go, I can honestly say they are vastly superior to the previous levels, with tighter gameplay and a little more variety with better attention to detail in the mapping.

Great comeback, ELD, I hope you make more :)


kellyX says

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Its one the most repetitive and boring maps I’ve played. There is not much in terms of exploration/secrets/length or even gameplay. Xen is done and very much out of the ordinary of what we’ve seen come before. You just have to make some tough jumps onto floating small metal parts… excuse me? There is no way something so light weight could float in Xen… Xen has reverse gravity, only a heavy object will float in the air… so why am I jumping on small floating pieces of human machinery that was taken to Xen by accident? and the part before it was even more ordinary.
The gameplay is boring, there isn’t much enemies and the mod ends before we really got to see anything interesting or fun.


Typical Disaster lost levels is the opposite, it takes solid level design and actually fun and quite challenging gameplay. Theres one little puzzle that just requires common sense and some exploration the level design is of a attention to detail in a 3 small storage areas that look grandeur than they are because of some blocked off areas. Theres even a secret here if you do some really tricky jumps onto those crates in the ceiling rail... if you give the player a sense of things happening before you got there or interrupting something big, you give the player the sense that things are grander then they are. Half-life can do that well to make you care, rather than investing in characters. You get only a tiny glimpse of aliens and the mod ends pretty quickly so its not Emo's big comeback. It is however a big step in the right direction.

lost levels 6/10

Though it had some interesting level design... some things could be improved upon. For one, some of the Xen levels were especially hard to navigate. When you had to use long jumping... it was almost impossible unless done exaaaaaaaactly right. Also there were some small AI bugs.

Some touch-up of level design and this short mod should be wonderful fun.

This could be great if you fixed some stuff, it´s a nice set of maps that requires some experience in certain techniques (i.e: Strafe Jumping). However, it could´ve been a LOT better if you fixed some of the A.I. bugs and if you improved the level design, anyway, i can´t say i didn´t have fun playing it, but some of the issues i mentioned before made it frustating at some points, now as for the plot, i can´t really say it´s great but i guess the story is not what this mod is focusing on. I´d say you should try it out if you want a challenge, but you won´t get a masterpiece.


This mod takes a different aproach and also requires good jumping skills.. But it was nice maybe not a high quality mod but a mod which makes fun to play if you give it a chance.

Mapping : 2.5 of 5 points.
story : 2.5 of 5 points.
gameplay : 3 of 5 points.
creativity for going for a different approach: 4 of 5 points.
fun factor 3 of 5 points.


Short but still nice but also very hard due to this crazy jumping and less weapons + ammo. Also missing a lot of monsters like grunts etc.

Should you release an updated version my recommendations would be:

-Add a suitable weapon for the player.
-Don't let him beam straight into enemy hordes.
-Perhaps give him support a barney teleporting in at another platform nearby.
-Eventually add some extra objects where the player can jump onto.
- Add some medkits or so near dead people on the platforms. So it will be a lot easier and more balanced.

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