Twisted Insurrection is a standalone game based on a heavily modified Tiberian Sun engine. The game features a completely new in-depth storyline which puts you in an alternate timeline where the Brotherhood of Nod were victorious during the first Tiberian War rather than GDI. Do you have what it takes to drag the shattered Global Defense Initiative out of ruin? Or will you crush all who oppose the will of Kane and his Inner Circle? The choice is yours commander.

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Twisted Insurrection ****: A New Sun Is Rising.

Probably one of the most ambitious Tiberian Sun Mods to date, Twisted Insurrection seeks to not only breathe new life into Tiberian Sun's skirmish mode, but pick up where Westwood left off, telling a unique story and taking a different spin on the the Tiberian Sun universe. Set after a Nod victory in the First Tiberium War, Nod is fulfilling it's plans to reform the planet's ecosystem. But GDI are not dead yet, and backed by their new Globotech allies, they seek to challenge Nod's dominion over Earth.

Visually TI is gorgeous. Old structures and units have been replaced with brand new, custom artwork that puts Westwood to shame in many ways. New and original units (complete with new sound-files borrowed from other CnC franchises) have been created from scratch and an atmospheric, custom composed soundtrack has been added for the player's enjoyment. The story missions are challenging without being frustrating and the maps are extremely well designed.

The skirmish is however a mixed bag. The maps provided with TI are extremely interesting and like all aspects of TI are well designed, ranging from arena style maps, to free and open ones which allow for much tactical diversity. The AI however even on the easiest difficulty can be extremely unforgiving, rushing the player with tanks and infantry only minutes in. While this inspires quick thinking and micromanagement, a causal gamer will quickly find themselves overwhelmed.

Overall however, TI is a well made and enjoyable mod. The custom units are balanced and inspired and the atmosphere and story leaves little to be desired. There are still many placeholder units and graphics which will hopefully be fixed in future releases but even until then, TI is well worth the download.

As I saw some members of the community has a tagged Twisted Insurrection. Anyway, I hope that your mod still the greatest in C&C: Tiberian Sun game. I didn't rate it to 10 because it's still in unstable version. So I will update it soon when you released a final version.

A great mod indeed..


Easily the best mod for TS, and I dare to say one of the best C&C mods as of now. Why so? Let's see:

+ Lots of effort put into the mod, developers care about the quality and listen to feedback.
+ Amazing new graphics: new FX which look even better than FX on those fake promotional TS screenshots, new vehicle voxels of outstanding quality and detalization, numerous map props which add nice level of detailization, improved terrain textures which make TS enviroments look pitty in comparision. Also, new and cool GUI.
+ New artwork for the GDI and Nod buildings, makes TI look more fresh compared to TS.
+ Completely overhauled faction arsenals, with only a few old units with the same function but a new look left. But even these units have some extra traits.
+ A new soundtrack made by developers and contributors, fits the game well. Even Frank Klepacki himself made a remix of one of the tracks exclusively for TI!
+ New custom launcher for the game, allowing to customize lots of settings; a new Skirmish menu which allows you to set up things like game modes, starting positions, AI difficulty, teams and many other things TS didn't allow to customize. And you can play a sandbox mode without AI!
+ Frequent updates, which let you play the beta and enjoy the new content instead of waiting years over years for the release to try it.
+ You can play TI on C&C.NET or via LAN with your friends.
+ New campaign, unfortunately without live-action scenes with Kane and Co., but still interesting. The missions are quite challenging, but once you learned the new units, you can complete them from the first try. And just like in the TS campaigns, you can use different tactics and backdoors here, for example you can capture enemy tech and it will give you advantage (especially when you play Nod and yor engineers can steal enemy vehicles).
+ New game modes, including the Twisted Dawn mode which allows you to use Tiberian Dawn units on TS engine. For now you can only play skirmish games with these units and use them in campaign, but soon there will be remastered TD missions as well.
+ Gameplay enhancements. The great veterancy change: unlike TS, you CAN ACTUALLY promote your units! But hey, veterancy was useless in TS anyway, while in TI the effects of it are visible: some units get auto-heal or speed increase on "veteran" level, and on "elite" level they get a new, much cooler and effective weapon, like in RA2. Elite units are really good and fun to use now. Also, all factions now have their own repair vehicles, what makes the life easier. Another important addition is the new Tech structures which can be found on the battlefield, giving your access to various benefits. You can also harvest new kinds of Tiberium and lose your troops to new Tiberium lifeforms. And the Hunter-Seeker is gone!

Why 9 and not 10? There are still some imperfections:

- minor graphical glitches
- slow progress in updating the buildings artwork
- unforgiving AI difficulty in some missions and skirmish, quite a punch to the face to beginners. Is getting better though, because the devs actually care and don't react like "c'mon, it's easy, I can complete it and this means everyone can (except I know all the map and its scripting in advance lol)".
- many TS unique features removed, like the "tactical map" mission selection screen; features like drop pods, weed harvesting, jumpjet infantry; snow enviroments. The Forgotten are now really forgotten, since they don't have such a great value in the campaign anymore and you will almost never meet them.
- the TS atmosphere of "dead wasteland" is gone and the Tiberium doen't that scary now, although it is not really an issue because the timeline is different and thus any changes from TS are legit.

Its a good mod, original, visual, it slowly reaches perfection.
In future updates, when the mod advances, i´ll continue testing and its possible i give they a better rating.

Well I have to say I enjoy this mod for the most part and really also want to say congrats on the such a great! The only thing I have a problem with so far is the sound quality and some of the unit noises. I feel like everything needs to be turned up because the explosions and such are so quiet (at times that is). I know this might be something your currently working on but I want to give an accurate review and let you know. The one other thing that needs a tad bit of work is the unit balancing (which is well a pain in the *** to get it perfect). You also got a good laugh out of me using those starship trooper bugs! So cheers mate, can't wait to see what you have in store!


Great mod ; the wars are really fantastics and unceasing !!!

This mod is excelent i only wish those unit were also in the original campaign, coud you make those units to the classic campaign as well? That would be awasome!@%^&*

I really like this mod.
Of coarse, the campaign is excellent. And I also like almost every single new unit made by you guys. Also, the sides are pretty balanced. In fact, this is one of the most balanced mod I've ever played. And I also like the new lethal super weapons.
However, (I don't know whether it's just me or everyone) that I loose all of my saved data when I close the mod. Also, the hero units are not completely balanced. GDI's railgun commando is double the power of Nod's infector and the mammoth walker (or whatever is it) is double the power of the cyborg commando!! I hope you fix this in the future.

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