The year is now 2037. The Tiberian World now stands with a very uncertain fate. The two most powerful and influential forces on the planet are trapped in a never ending dead lock of war and combat. Whilst the Global Defense Initiative has suffered many blows and military defeats, the faction itself still stands strong and has shown the world its amazing ability to endure harsh punishments and has recovered much lost ground. The Brotherhood of Nod has struggled and triumphed over its enemies, only for its victory to be short lived by the death of Kane the Messiah, causing an ever lasting deterioration through the Brotherhood and leading to defeats and chaos amongst the large faction. With the end of the First Tiberian War comes the dawn and age of a new, second Tiberian War, with new terrifying possibilities and potential. The fate of Earth lies dangerously unknown.

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A really stunnning mod for the new graphical power alone. What the team had to do to make Tiberian Sun comply with these new effects, I don't even want to know, because it most likely has to involve human sacrifice. Cities look like what was promised before the release of TS by Westwood and the Tiberium lifeforms are as strange and varied as they should have been, even outdoing Firestorm's alien feeling.
A few times I thought the units needed more balancing, but overall, every unit feels like it has a place in the game and is sufficiently strong for their pricetag. There even is a new campaign for both sides plus a challenge mod and we're not even out of the public beta yet.
On top of all that, while their music isn't exactly Frank Klepacki and a little too far towards EBM and Aggrotech, it instantly feels like it could have a place in the Tiberian Universe.
I'd recommend this mod to anyone who likes Tiberian Sun or the CnC series in General. Even if you just like to play RTS games, this is going to be a fun experience.

So, even though the mod is a beta, its already quite good balanced. Some graphics may be missing and the campaign is far away from being finished (and Im sure there will be more 'build your base up' missions. As far as I know there is already one ...), but even now extremly fun to play.

Even though I played a lot matches against the staff, I never really found a tactic which is the 'only true one'. I may have some kind of basic tactics which I always use, but in the end I have to react to the enemy in some or another way.
Another cool feature is the edited FinalSun.exe, which allows you to build your own TI maps, with all mthe new terrain and stuff ...

Overall, I think when its finally complete, this Mod will be the best TS Mod ever. The minor flaws don't affect gameplay and the game itself is really good balanced. The team has accomplished more then you would think possible with this engine.
So, folks, get this mod ;) It will be worth it - I promise that. And stay tuned for any updates!

Because old Tiberian Sun never dies.

An awesome mod for an awesome game! Even got it's own campaigns! Impressive!

Twisted Insurrection is byfar the best C&C Mod in my opinion. It doesnt only add single features like most mods do. This mod has everything :
-A Unique campaign
-New units
-New Graphics
-Various bugfixes fron the original TS
-New terrain
-New maps
Pretty much it's like playing an entire new game but with the same good Tiberian Sun feeling. Though there are somethings that would be good to have like:
-Expolsion animation slowdown
-ddraw.dll should go with the mod it's self
-Prehaps a new faction
But this mod is great and i give it 10/10



Because awesome T.S never dies awesome mods born!
and because of the work put into it it's the best mod


Excellent mod for an excellent game. If only EA had made just half these modders work, the franchise wouldn't have died.
Twisted Insurrection is what every C&C RTS should have been since EA messed it all up. Kudos guys ! You have the true Westwood spirit.


Ah yes. An alternative timeline. I like it. Although the missions are a bit of a pain in the *** and reflect the less-desirable missions of Westwood. Still worth a grab.

This got me back into Tiberium Sun, as well as my friends.

I love how it keeps the feel of the original, while changing things up quite a bit.

My favorite part is GloboTech by far.

My only gripe is the change up in the unit's voice acting, as I always loved the original voices, but that's just a minor thing for me.

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