Some of you who end up on this site may know an module called Clone Wars Conquest. Technically the module is same, just that now we are doing it for Warband engine instead of old Mount and blade.

But before else, Credits for SWC Developers, since we owe everything to their efforts

Star Wars Conquest developers (From ModDb, Nexusmods and official credits ingame)











And heres a few addons from Developers shown on Nexus mods

TakiJap - models, textures, rigging

pagan - music
Wookiee Padawan - models, textures

Tyrinius - scene editing

Revan Shan - textures

Here are the ones shown in Credits

Original programming and Development:

Brian Tommasini

Main programming and Coordinator:

Ismael Ferreras

Senior Modeling and Contributors:

Tim Ramsay

Yiyang Cheng

Daniel Harrington

Josh (HappyStormtrooper)

Marosh (Geroj)

Music Composition and performance:

Vladan Zivanovic

Additional Ai programming:

Michael Richter

Additional gameplay programming:

Martin F.

Original Artwork and conceptualization:

Giordano Pranzoni

Benjamin Carre

Scene Editing:

Tim Ramsay

Miguel Angel Centeno

Additional modeling:

Dustin Matthew Blamey






Special Thanks:

Marco Tarini (Openbrf)

Jack (Mechwarrior24) And Alex (Panda666) Dialog Modernization and Proofreading

Luke Challand (IthillienRanger) For the annoying questions

Scott Reismanis(Intense!) ModDb is a better place (? no further explanation)

Creators of the included mods, snippets and enhancements

1866, Gangs of Glasgow, Mount&Shotgun, MAXHARDMAN, Rubik, Gutefiutek, Hapslash

Additional credits for assets used in Clone Wars Conquest and Turmoil Across the Stars

Faradons lightsaber hilts from Bear Force II project (lead-developers permission)

Dariels OS Star Wars Resource pack

Bear Force II Developer Artturis shields

Bear Force II Developer Highlanders Magnaguards and Electrostaff

Occasional advice from Bear Force Lead Developer BNS Marko and lead 3d artist Exima

Then to Business. What is this mod?

This mod is in fact an conversion in 2 ways. Its an partial conversion to the Clone Wars era, and it is an Conversion to the Warband Engine.

Around 1.5 years ago i started learning about modding and eventually begun submod for Star Wars Conquest. The mod grew with new members and constant increase in skill over time, and then Star Wars Conquest was converted to Warband by Swyter. After some months, Swyter released the source code for SWC, and i decided its time to head to Warband aswell. So. Now we are converting the module to Warband engine, with the intention to better it and add new features, if possible.

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Attention please. This is an informing of an Discord server for modders only, to form an community that can answer questions related to modding. This is not an public forum, but anyone with modding skill is welcome.

Answers about topics i can give

3D modeling, texturing , animating, rigging. These mainly, a little about mapmaking, very little about using module system.

So far we have few developers of Bear Force II and Turmoil Across the Stars. I excepect the population to slowly rise, and it may be that in these days we will not be able to get people who know about all topics in modding. However, well get as many as we can.

Finally Warband

Finally Warband

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So we are finally going to make the module for Warband. However, this will be taking a while. As the module has been previously built without Module System...

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DarthMongolTheUnwise Any word on progress? I'm not rushing you by any means, a completed game is the best kind of game haha
I just wanted to know where you're at with development :D

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DarthMongolTheUnwise Creator

Unfortunately i must confess that the development has come to a halt. A member of the team tasked with creation of the troops file vanished all of sudden, before he could give the file so that we could continue the work on it. I cannot tell what caused this but i hope nothing bad.

Overall the time our many developers can pay to the project has fallen to minimal. And before you think that i blame the situation on them, i say, that i do not. The first rule of modder is that this is an hobby. Life comes first.

Totigor has a small child to take care of, which in itself explains why he is busy with else.

TapAtoLive is the one whom has vanished. The last time we spoke he mentioned being busy on something, a family project if i recall right.

CrocHunter however is well involved in development still. He went on a trip around the country and forgot to send files ive been awaiting for before leaving. Oh well, such is life.

As for the rest, pretty much same reasons apply, family worries, more important stuff to take care off and some simply have either left project or dont work on the mod directly.

As for myself, ive been busy working for Bear Force II, providing animations and other content. Seeing how in BF there are active developers whom can work almost daily, is inspiring and motivating to see actual progress happen.

As of now this modules future is uncertain, while i wouldnt want to completely abondon it, atleast until an release is out, i feel unmotivated to continue.

The most pressing issues are shader issues and the lack of code for troops.

However, not all bad news. It was discovered that the method flying works in Bear force is fully based on animation code trick. It is infact fully possible to make flying possible in about any module with the method, and permission for code is not needed as it is based on code that is public.
Other than that, there is 3 new helmets from Bear Force. And as i stated that Crochunter has files that he forgot to send, ill soon have them and can finally finish them

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Ughhhhh I am so excited for this mod! I seriously check modDB 2-3 times per day to see if you've updated it.

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DarthMongolTheUnwise Creator

Well, i dont want to utterly dissapoint you, the new Sith Eradicator armors are almost finished. Im considering if to bother improve their texture details or not.

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This mod looks amazing. Best of luck to the development team!

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I got some suggestions for this mod regarding the lore:
I've seen the Old republic Jedi armor and it looks very cool. But wouldn't it be better to create the type of armor that some of the jedi wore during the clone wars, such as the armor Obi- Wan wore in TCW, or even a clone armor with a jedi robe over it, as seen in the old clone wars cartoon, also worn by
Obi-Wan or Commander Keller in one of the comics, instead of TOR armor.

The TOR jedi armor could be a rare relic armor found on a certain place or or quest reward armor, or just an extremely rare armor on the market.

Also instead of creating Sith "troops" for this mod, you could make Dark jedi heroes, such that appeared inm the Dark Horse comics, that served Dooku.
I know I possibly ask for too much, but to make the mod more lore driven more immersive.
That's one of the things that bothered me always about the SW conquest, that it barely followed the lore, but was more a reskin of vanilla M&B, though I appreciate the work that was out into the models.
That's why I often prefer mods such as TLD, because it tries to follow a story, while giving you also a enough freedom to enjoy the mod. so that you don't become too OP in just short period of time.

Maybe the campaign could follow a story or quest chains similar to what Viking Conquest does, and depending on what options the player selects in the chracter creation menus it will vary.
So for exeample if there is an option for a clone commander character, the starting mission is flash training on kamino. And then he will assined to an army party on the campaign map and moves with it like in free lancer as a troop of party and at certain time or after fulfilling specific conditions, the destination will be scripted. In order to make it more interesting some of the battles on the world map could be use custom made mission templates instead of the typical battle_charge or siege mission template, if you play a trooper.
But the soldier also has the ability to deseret the arma and begin a new career as a mercenary or whatever he wants.

For Jedi characters it could be similar but, they could command more troops but also have more responsibility and sometimes have to fulfil sepcial missions, you know the kind of thing that Jedi do besides fighting and leading amrmies.

If the player is a bounty hunter, smuggler or anything else, that isn't strictly bound to an army or a main faction, he would just play like he does in regualar M&B, but it would be more difficulty to establish his own faction and battle the fleets of the big factions, also conquering critical worlds such as coruscant should be far harder and conquering the entire map by his own impossible. Instead the end goal should be something else, for the player, depending on what kind of character he plays.

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I wanna make a mod that when you enter a cantina, you can talk to the barkeep and ask them "When will Turmoil Across the Stars be released?" And when you ask it you just die. On the spot.

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DarthMongolTheUnwise Creator

Nah, but what about Mace Windu in a dancer "clothes" riding an Wookiee into battle?

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Amazing. I was not disappointed at all

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Will be this mod singleplayer? Looks nice!

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It's Single Player I belive it says on right on Style

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