Assume command as the ambitious Hierarchy, the robotic Novus, the mysterious Masari, or the desperate humans in this mod inspired by the game Universe at War by SEGA and Petroglyph. New gameplay mechanics, new units, and an exciting campaign bring the war to life with additional factions to add to the chaos. So what will you do? Conquer, or survive? All models added in this mod are property of SEGA or Petroglyph, used with permission of their respective creators, or were made by the developers of Triumph of the Hierarchy. Permission was recieved from Petroglyph and SEGA prior to the start of work on the mod.

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Things are progressing smoothly once again. Space is starting back up soon and we are holding a splash screen contest for the mod!

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Space Combat

Recent deals with Vortex Studios have been made for our mutual benefit. I (HammBoy) will be coding for a project of theirs, and when I have completed the assigned task, daemones will help us make progress towards in-game coding for the space portion of Triumph of the Hierarchy. I am happy to report that meshes have been completed for every unit of every faction and that only rigging and texturing remains before coding can begin. Also, it has been decided that the third hero unit for the human faction will be an Odin-class Battlecarrier.

Splash Screen Contest!

Triumph Studios Modding will be hosting a splash screen contest! Using assets from the Beta, ModDB users can create a splash screen for the mod. The winner, selected by members of the mod team, will be featured in the mod. A page has been made for the contest. Requirements and entries can be found there. (Please note that the page and rules may still be unauthorized at the time this is posted.)

Hierarchy Walkers

Progress for the Hierarchy Walkers has been slow. A rigger is need before either the Science Walker or Assembly Walker can be added in-game, but the Habitat Walker is fully functioning. The Purifier is in debugging stages. Anyone with experience coding vehicle turrets or magnepulse cannon abilities will be of use in expediting this process.

Changes to Release Plans

It has been decided that campaign will not be present in the full release, but added later as an expansion. The following plans for releases are as follows:

  • Land Beta: Released (current release)
  • Space/Galactic Beta: Will include full space and galactic combat (in development)
  • Full Release: Will include bug fixes and balancing from the Beta stages
  • Campaign Release: Will add scripted campaigns for the three factions
  • Wrath of the Immortals: Will add the Masari as a playable faction in skirmish and galactic modes
  • Masari Campaign: Will add a scripted campaign for the Masari faction

Please note that this list is subject to change at any time and is provided simply as a snapshot of where we are now.

Thanks for holding in through this dry period in the mod's development!

Lead Coder of TSM

HammBoyTheDestroyer Author

The Splash Screen contest officially closes August 31.

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With the Purifier, I'm guessing you're trying to get it to work like a magnapulse cannon where you push a button and a special weaon fires? I don't think you can add that ability to vehicles.

What I would suggest instead is either adding a deploy ability (similar to the Dark Trooper 3) or a switch weapons ability (similar to the T4B), and set it so the projectile that is fired takes 30 or 45 seconds to recharge after firing. Then just change the text name/description tag on the ability for the button, and make a new button icon if you want.

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HammBoyTheDestroyer Author

The ability itself appears to be working normally (there is no evidence to support it cannot work on vehicles; most abilities can be applied to anything if you know how to work the behaviors), but the turret is refusing to fire. Even when I remove the Magnepulse code and treat it as a normal vehicle turret, the Purifier will not fire, even with a different projectile.

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That's strange. It sounds like it could be a rigging problem maybe but I'm not sure. I have once encountered something like that with a model of Greedo I was trying to get to work, and I could never get him to fire his weapon no matter what projectile I used.

Is there another hardpoint you can use to test the code on the model that you can use to test the code? If you can get it to fire from another hardpoint you would know it was a problem with the original hardpoint rather than the code itself.

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HammBoyTheDestroyer Author

It's been confirmed as a rigging problem. Holybeast is on it now. The turret needs a MuzzleA_00 attached to the barrel.

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