Assume command as the ambitious Hierarchy, the robotic Novus, the mysterious Masari, or the desperate humans in this mod inspired by the game Universe at War by SEGA and Petroglyph. New gameplay mechanics, new units, and an exciting campaign bring the war to life with additional factions to add to the chaos. So what will you do? Conquer, or survive? All models added in this mod are property of SEGA or Petroglyph, used with permission of their respective creators, or were made by the developers of Triumph of the Hierarchy. Permission was recieved from Petroglyph and SEGA prior to the start of work on the mod.

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Music has been added to gameplay, new models and units are being implemented, and tech trees and new economies are in use!

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There have been some major changes for Triumph of the Hierarchy in this last week. New models, music, and gameplay have all been added.

I'll start with the models. You can see in the screenshots that I have added new models for the United Army infantry as well as Hierarchy Grunts and Brutes. This comes to us thanks to [Ae}Dr.Mckay, who helped me with some adjustments that these models needed. The landing zone models have also been replaced with flags and some new base structures have been added.

I recently found music files in the Universe at War source files, and the music for the main menu, Novus in-game music, and Hierarchy in-game music are final. I am still trying to find suitable music for the United Army faction.

Some recent gameplay changes have been made, including the addition of faction tech trees! Each faction will have their own, unique, skirmish tech tree. The human's tech will focus on movement speed, capture times, and reinforcement deployment times, allowing for quick deployment of large armies, and eventually unlocking the use of air strike and nuclear missile strikes. The Novus tech will focus on income, build times, and build prices. A Novus faction with a full tech tree will be very dangerous and capable of quickly amassing large armies. Their tech tree will end in their ability to deploy a portal (more info on that later) and another landing zone. The Hierarchy will research weapons, armor, and shields, eventually unlocking the Habitat Walker and Plasma Storm bombardment.

I will have more screenshots soon, and the beta test approaches!

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