Assume command as the ambitious Hierarchy, the robotic Novus, the mysterious Masari, or the desperate humans in this mod inspired by the game Universe at War by SEGA and Petroglyph. New gameplay mechanics, new units, and an exciting campaign bring the war to life with additional factions to add to the chaos. So what will you do? Conquer, or survive? All models added in this mod are property of SEGA or Petroglyph, used with permission of their respective creators, or were made by the developers of Triumph of the Hierarchy. Permission was recieved from Petroglyph and SEGA prior to the start of work on the mod.

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Below is a list of current units in the mod for the Hierarchy and United Army of Earth factions. Work will begin on Novus units soon, as well as basic structures. More units will be added later in the development process.

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This list is now out of date. For an up-to-date list, please see the mod's home page.

- Habitat Walker: assault platform capable of deploying a landing zone; max of one at any given time in skirmish
- Defiler: light walker capable of healing other Hierarchy units
- Purification Mech: basic infantry of the Hierarchy
- Drone: main Hierarchy air support
- Glyph Carver: Light armored, but powerful unit. Useful as anti-air (very different from UaW counterpart)

- M1A1 Abrams
- Apache Attack Helicopter
- Armored Personnel Carrier
- Soldier
- Humvee
- Heavy Recon Unit: tougher version of the humvee
- Maverick Extraterrestrial Fighter (Bombing run only for now)
- Rocket Specialist
- Commando

- OhmBot
- Blade Trooper
- Field Inverter
- Amplifier
- Antimatter Tank
- Dervish
- Ultra (mass produced Viktor AI)

- Grunt
- Brute
- Defiler
- Glyph Carver (re-purposed for AA)
- Phase Tank
- Habitat Walker
- Purifier

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