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Triptych is an interactive Lovecraftian inspired tale of two brothers, and their history in the occult. Their fate is interwoven between journeys through a lost civilization in history; in the crypts of ancient necromancers; in the frozen mountains of a sleepy village.

Written by Dark Craft Studios members Glenn and Ian Wiese, and developed exclusively by Glenn, Triptych promises to achieve excruciating detail through multiple years of development. Principle writing took two years to complete, bringing together a cohesive, mature, thematic entry into Dark Craft Studios' Lovecraftian catalog.

Credits and Thanks

C-zom - Sole Developer & Level Designer | Lead Writer |
Dr.Doozer - Secondary & Assistant Writer
KillerTruffle - Voice Actor - Jeremiah
Edwyn Tiong - Voice Actor - Dorian Caulm
StygianWhite - Lead Composer

Dark Craft Studios extends special thanks to these contributors, or are not strict parts of the team. Thank you all so much!

Hanger34 - For his stellar Flash Rendered custom UI
Maarten Basjes - For editing numerous revisions!
Seaglass - For editing numerous revisions!
James Dean - Secondary Tracks Composer
Alan Grant - Graphics Artist (All Book Papers)

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For the last year I have been navigating by starlight to make Triptych complete. Multiple websites, forums and branches of communication have rejected Triptych based on the fact it's on such an ancient engine, and is modded into a game that is three sequels out of date. The consumer base was, simply, not there. Using this as the backbone of my inspiration, I had to tackle tying together a monolithic narrative into 3 distinct worlds and 6 wrap-around cutscenes all sculpted by hand, solely by myself. The only assistance this project was afforded was the wonderful screenwriting magic of Ian Wiese. When it comes to production of the engine, levels, and game play, I was the sole curator of what Triptych's vision would be.

This monumental task, as well as the rallying cry of enough fans to count on one hand, have led to the cancellation of the project. All the levels have been stripped bare of narrative and game play, and their heightmaps and atmospheres may be recycled into future, more stable projects. As it stands, the only playable incarnation of Tripych will be the obscure 2012 demos, or the final demo released last year in 2013.

I'm sorry that it had to come to this, and I wish I had both the manpower to complete this and the will to continue, but neither are with me. Triptych will be archived on November 1st, and the demo will be rescinded then too. It's been a crazy ride, guys.

The Story, as it would have been

Triptych is named after the artwork style, in which three distinct pieces create a bigger picture, a formation of a singular theme. For Triptych, this theme was betrayal, and it's cost. It is told backwards.

Chapter 1 concerned the brother Jeremiah on his death bed, weary of mind and memory, wandering to the crypts of his town, recalling guidance from his brother Dorian, whom he no longer remembers, due to a curse explained later. While at the bottom of the crypt in this town, the elder god Hadad reaches out to him, implying he has already died before this, and his fate is worse than he thought.

Chapter 2 leaps backwards in time, with the brother Dorian researching the civilization of Sarcon in the ancient Mesopotamian range. This ancient species was said to have a wonderful city in the mountain, before succumbing to the urges to summon a god out of the skies to give them ultimate power. Hadad is pulled from the heavens, and quickly corrupts and molds the civilization into a slave race. Their priests, however, manage to rip Hadad's spirit from his corpreal body and hide it within the mountain, which they destroy, and it's revealed at the end of the journey in present time that Dorian was recruited through unknown means by this elder God to find the ancient civilization so that he can attain his body once again. Dorian asks for a favor in return: Stripping his brother Jeremiah of his mind and body, as penace for a betrayal he committed.

Chapter 3 leaps back even farther in time, with the two occultist brothers investigating a mysterious graveyard said to contain innumerable artifacts, but guarded by a sect of Necromancers. Dorian wants to rush headlong into it, but Jeremiah is skeptical, aware of the power of this cult and the artifacts. The two reach an impass, and Dorian leaves Jeremiah behind. Learning the invitation was a trap, Jeremiah rushes to find his brother. The two argue, and Jeremiah, fearing his brother is gone, pushes him into a crypt and seals the entrance. Within, Dorian learns of a group of Necromancers who roam the halls, interrogating the final living Sarconian about the whereabouts of the mountain. He overhears the torture, and is seized. Strung up in the darkness for an untold amount of time, he's forced to convert to the cult, and is given the objective of finding Sarcon.

Each chapter has a subchapter dealing with character growth, sub themes, emotional progresses and so forth. It's a very rich and layered narrative, written by Ian Wiese and Glenn Winkelmann over the course of two years.

Triptych Demo Released

Triptych Demo Released

2 years ago News 18 comments

Triptych has a modern demo, prefacing our Christmas 2013 release.

Triptych will crawl to a December Release.

Triptych will crawl to a December Release.

2 years ago News 9 comments

A look at the contingency plan to release Triptych, bumps and all, to the community.

Triptych in a coma; unlikely to wake up.

Triptych in a coma; unlikely to wake up.

2 years ago News 9 comments

The reasons why Triptych might never come to light in what could be the final news announcement.

Triptych Media Campaign

Triptych Media Campaign

2 years ago News 3 comments

An expansive media campaign has begun behind Triptych as we push to 600 trackers, and a Q3 2013 release.

Triptych Demo - 2013

Triptych Demo - 2013

2 years ago Demo 2 comments

Triptych is an interactive Lovecraftian inspired tale of two brothers, and their history in the occult. Their fate is interwoven between journeys through...

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C-zom Creator
C-zom Oct 27 2012 says:

Surprise demo release coming up! Chapter 1 and two cutscenes (one before, one after) will be released exclusively on Desura to anticipate the upcoming release of the full Triptych by holiday 2012.

This Desura exclusive will replace the old Scottish-voiced build, forever burying the old incarnation of the chapter. Release date will be October 28th.

+2 votes   reply to comment
C-zom Creator
C-zom Oct 28 2012 replied:

Its uploading!

+2 votes   reply to comment
C-zom Creator
C-zom Oct 25 2012 says:

We've fixed the Jeremiah Teaser visuals and added music to the soliloquy. As well, in the coming days we'll be adding two more short stories to the Features page, one written by Assistant Writer Ian Wiese as well.

A Dorian Teaser is currently underway, through is protracted due to writing difficulties we're overcoming.

+2 votes   reply to comment
zepyu Sep 30 2012 says:

looks great,looking forward to this mod.

+3 votes     reply to comment
C-zom Creator
C-zom Sep 21 2012 says:

Jeremiah and Dorian will have character teasers: One minute scenes with notable dialog contrasted against it. Then we will re-release the polished Doom of Sarcon (final cut) and then we will release an environmental trailer with beautiful music by StygianWhite. On October 1st, we will release a full theatrical trailer, with multiple pieces of dialog, music, and set pieces.

This is the outline of tier 1 of our media campaign over the next two weeks.

+2 votes   reply to comment
C-zom Creator
C-zom Sep 21 2012 replied:

Reuploading the Jeremiah Teaser due to insanely bad compression on VirtualDub's part. Whoops.

+2 votes   reply to comment
DeadlyVeggie Sep 10 2012 says:

Hmmm, not working for me. Just crashes the second i fire it up - no intro, just a black screen.

+3 votes     reply to comment
DeadlyVeggie Sep 10 2012 replied:

Ah, fixed it.

Anyone else having this problem, just download the 1.2 and 1.2.1 patches for Crysis.

+3 votes     reply to comment
medve Sep 10 2012 says:


+3 votes     reply to comment
NickHawke Aug 30 2012 says:

I just played Chapter 1 and I thought it was fantastic. I am a huge fan of the Worry of Newport-played it last year but plan on playing it again since it received several patches. I am super excited for Chapter, and was just wondering if you guys were gonna make the Aug 31st release date tomorrow or not :D

+3 votes     reply to comment
C-zom Creator
C-zom Aug 31 2012 replied:

We're not going to be releasing Chapter 2 on August 31st, even though we technically can. We've changed development priority to a full back-to-back experience for holiday 2012, rather than doing it episodic. This change is better for everyone: A 8-10 hour experience out of the gate, rather than drip fed month by month, and more polish for us to add in as developers. News feed incoming about this. :)

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