Triage is a Half-Life 2: Episode Two campaign set in the beginning of the City 17 uprising, during Gordon Freeman's disappearance in Nova Prospekt. You are Matthew, a citizen who lost his family and home during the invasion. After barely escaping with your life when the police raid your apartment, you are recruited into the resistance and must prove yourself on the wartorn streets of City 17.

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This mod didnt get my attention on the moddb page but hey.

This mod is "overwhelming" like in the first level you start shooting and
blasting everything you see outha nowhere!
wich is fun ;P

though the first two levels couldf used more Detail like the last 2-3 levels!

The city is SO ugly! and flat and empty!
the there's almost "nothing" in the skybox on the second level witch makes me sad :(

Though after you buckled trough that you get to the 3 level.
Witch is lots of fun and stress since you get Pumbled by an "army" of ZOMBIES! The level design there is Lots and lots of better! there's more detail there's buildings and whatnot! i do not understand how that happend! the sudden change of detail.

Now the gameplay is fun! even with the ironsides.
sometimes i forgot that i had an ironside witch made me move into cover alot. hl feeling is still there :)

Even if i turn the volume down i can almost not hear the characters say anything! The guns are too LOUD the make my ears bleed! when i found out you guys had silencers i got mad because you didnt put it in at the very beginning of the game. WHEN MY EARS WEREN'T BLEEDING!

so i avoided the ar2 and smg ALOT! only the ak47 was sustainable but loud also.

Turn those Baby's DOWN!

Bugs at second level @-@
can go true some walls and there's a CLEAR hole in the wrecked building. @Radio.

Characters sound boring!
-Not talking seriously!
(Like they speak like if there was nothing happening! take hl2 characters for example: they are always serious when the rebelion striked! all serious and emotional, talking like if they where serious mad man, not happy at all, tired etc...)

Last levels = "Perfect" 3-4-5
Fun and beautiful!

good job though. could'f gotten more impressed if the beginning of the levels had more trash/detail on them. (Like actual trash cans,dumpsters, old cars etc...oh and wreckish)


PS. never ever do that again with the advisor at the end!

constructive critisism:
1.Iron sight for smg error
2.combine literally spawn infront of you
3.not enought in depth storyline
4.magnum feels underpowered

Triage was a mod I pretty much followed from the beginning and seeing it released brought my hopes up.

It wasn't the second coming nor was it the bane of our existence. It was fun and fast paced, but could use a lot of work.

Simply put, some more detail could have been put into the first few levels, the audio could use subtitles over the monotonous LOUD noises on the battlefield and to be honest, the respawn rate for the combine could use some serious reduction.

The mod is trying to emulate the frantic style of the initial COD games, such as the first and second in the series, before it became more of a summer blockbuster in the MW series then an actual game.

And to be honest. it does this very well. Too many times in COD I feel rather insignificant, like I'm a bystander watching a bunch of manly men do manly stuff and blow things up. It's not like that in Triage. I really feel like what I'm doing is amounting to something, and it really captures the chaos and intensity of an all out revolution unlike any other mod I have ever seen before in the HL universe.

And while the regenerating health isn't my cup of tea, it too is well integrated amongst the various fighting throughout the city. The two weapon slots are also surprisingly shrug-worthy instead of being a pain in the *** with most Modern Military shooters, very carefully giving the player the chance to swap weapons for an upcoming battle that deems their current weapons moot.

Amongst the game files are more, unfinished maps which I can't wait to play when they are truly finished, as the combine hospital was marvelously grisly.

in a TL;DR format, Triage is a wonderful, yet flawed treat that came up out of nowhere for some people and is short yet sweet. Give it a try.

Thank you for your hard work, Team Triage, I look forward to your next release :)

Some decent levels, although some rooms are really dark and no flashlight ie you don't have any suit so you walk around quite slowly, stuck at walking speed (I know! It sucks) and the console commands to increase movement speed don't work without your suit and no flashlight. They should have given us the suit just turned suitvolume to 0, they already not giving us any batteries and are using the ammo hud anyway so it really would not have changed anything and being more convenient. Ah well its more like a nitpick because its the action that counts and its here in spades. Although it was only about 35 minutes long and the plot goes around and no where basically. Just fight through streets.

Guns are more powerful, have ironsights and modified sounds to accompany that power. Health regenerates and has no number on the hud, instead its that old jam being smeared on the screen when your getting close to death. Which i'm totally fine with, I actually kinda wanted HL1 to be like that in mods where you don't get your suit.. if it wasn't for the lack of flashlight/movement speed modification.

Ie I think with more work into the levels and story this could be a very unique series. Shame that it hasn't been continued.

it's pretty good. there where a lot of missing textures and errors, and the voice acting is terrible but this mod does have some redeeming qualitys. it really conveys what it's like to be a citizen in city 17. the the ironsights are decent and the game teaches you how to use them. the level design isn't too bad. the game is challenging and you can't just storm into a place and kill everyone immediately. though for some reason everyone seems to know who you are and i think the voice acting was just done by the programmers or something. but this mod is worth downloading.

Some bugs, here and there. But most likely
there's probably bugs in my mod to. So I should not complain.

Bad mapping, you need are good level designer.

At first it seemed amazing,just because of the fact that the weapons felt really strong and good.But as I walk my way through this mod,having almost no idea where to go and what to do,while most of my "teammates" were being killed...
The mapping was somewhere between average and good,but mostly big and empty which is a bad combination for a mod!
But it also was fun and I enjoyed pretty much of it!Oh and I don't understand if the crouching was intended to be that way,or it was some sort of bug...

Its fun to play, but not that exititing

This mod was okay. There were no subtitles, so I didn't know what to do in the first part, and ended up camping the CP spawn instead of going to the door where the rebel was. It was every hard to understand the people. Also, everyone sounds like fighting rebels and thinking everyone's going to die is an everyday thing, and their voices are flat instead of have emotion. The weapon switch pickup key for me was pausing my game, and the health regeneration, weapon generation, and endless horde of enemies made me feel like I was playing CoD. A lot of areas were dark, and a flashlight would have been helpful. Also, there wasn't really a story, so I had no idea what was going in the game, like why the rebels just decide to follow some random citizen. Also, the buildings and setting didn't really feel like it was set in the HL2 universe, like the AK-47. The game crashed for me later.

This mod is okay, needs a lot of improvments though.

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