Triage is a Half-Life 2: Episode Two campaign set in the beginning of the City 17 uprising, during Gordon Freeman's disappearance in Nova Prospekt. You are Matthew, a citizen who lost his family and home during the invasion. After barely escaping with your life when the police raid your apartment, you are recruited into the resistance and must prove yourself on the wartorn streets of City 17.

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Needs a LOT of work.

boaring, regn health, slow movment, little to no sotrie line, no subtitles. if this is ment to be in the hl verce then why do i feal like i am playing cod, a game just as easy as this. ok imangen cod, now imagen that you stick half life 2 mod on top of it. that is what this mod is.

Game freezes very often, glitchy npcs and dialogue, not enough ammo to complete the beginning of the game, fov locked at 60, viewbob and tilting screen that makes me feel ill (can't be turned off), unnecessary and badly made aim down sights mechanic.

A lot of contents of this mods is very cheap. But i think it will be better than now.


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