Trench Warfare Brings the wolfenstein 3d engine into the trenches, encounter cool atmosphere effects like rain and snow, textured floors and ceilings, and new lighting effects rarely seen before on this engine. The adventure begins when allied documents are seized by a group of nazi theives. Now you play out the action during the effort to recover the documents through three action packed episodes all playing out from a different perspective. All new graphics, sounds, maps, scenarios and effects including new bonuses and more interaction. CHEATS: Hold "L,U,Z,R" for full health ammo and keys. add "-overthetop" to the command line to unlock debug mode. Debug Cheats: alt+shift+backspace to activate Debug Mode tab+g - godmode tab+z - screenshot tab+e - Win current level tab+w (enter number) - warp to level

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like you said, has lots of bugs, but the game needs more voices in the sound: for example, one the mission when you have to take out the panzergrendier division, there is battle chatter, when i pick up a weapon, the sound stops and plays the sound of the weapon pickup, then the batle chatter sounds again


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