The Prophecy: One will be called the Freeman One will be called the Gman One will bring chaos The destroyer of Worlds One brings balance The saviour of our race Cautious you actions The prophecy is at hand Transitions is the place in-between Half Life & Half Life 2, exploring the possibilities of what went on during this time. The player (Gordon) is running through the Black Mesa facility and into the Xen world bringing destruction with him. Exploring the possibilities of what went on during this time, the Vortigaunt are still unaware as to who is who (good or bad, the prophecy), Freeman or Gman. The Vortigaunt perceive Freeman (Gordon) as the destroyer of worlds and the Gman as the saviour. Until they realise that Gordon ‘is’ the saviour they will continue to battle against him until they find the truth.

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мод совершенно не прочто бред полный

While the combat is frantic and the level design is top-notch for a half-life 2 mod in Xen, I couldn't help but build hatred for the smaller things.

The constant spam of attacking vortigaunts and the never-ending loop to their dialogue gave me a migraine that lasted until I finished the mod. I didn't feel satisfied with the ending at it probably inflicted more pain on me then it did to Gordon Freeman.




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