The Prophecy:
One will be called the Freeman
One will be called the Gman
One will bring chaos
The destroyer of Worlds
One brings balance
The saviour of our race
Cautious you actions
The prophecy is at hand

Transitions is the place in-between Half Life & Half Life2, exploring the possibilities of what went on during this time. The player (Gordon) is running through the Black Mesa facility and into the Xen world bringing destruction with him. Exploring the possibilities of what went on during this time, the Vortigaunt are still unaware as to who is who (good or bad, the prophecy), Freeman or Gman. The Vortigaunt perceive Freeman (Gordon) as the destroyer of worlds and the Gman as the saviour. Until they realise that Gordon ‘is’ the saviour they will continue to battle against him until they find the truth.
Transitions will enable Gordon, along with the Vortigaunt to establish, truly ‘who’ is ‘who’. The scene takes place where Half-Life left off; you are on a train in some strange space travelling sequence, the Gman offers Gordon the option to work for him or alternatively face a challenge he has no chance of winning. Should you decline the Gman’s offer you are sent back to Xen confronted by hundreds of Xen armies and with no weaponry to defend yourself, the screen descends to black and the credits begin to roll. Should you have taken the Gman’s offer then you are placed into stasis, until the advent of Half-Life 2 and the story continues.
Transitions will allow the player to choose not to work for the Gman, but to fight your way through Xen, but this time with the chance to defeat the enemy foes you are confronted with. This leads to many different and yet not so dissimilar places experienced in the original Half-Life. When ‘you’ the player reach the end of the game, and open the final portal, you unleash the combine invasion to truly take its grip and overthrow the Xen race. The screen fades and again are confronted by the Gman on the train, who explains that any choice you make is always advantageous to him, and that you have always being working for the Gman and always will.

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8 years ago Full Version 3 comments


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darkrockgames Creator
darkrockgames May 24 2007 says:

For those interested, Transitions will be available on disc via PCZone magazine in it's August edition (#183)... :-)

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darkrockgames Creator
darkrockgames May 24 2007 says:

You need to make sure that every blue vortigaunt has been eliminated, as soon as this has been achieved the four portals will be opened allowing access to the last blue shield holder, and then finally to the portal which will transfer you to the next level.

Walkthrough: sorry not yet

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darkrockgames Creator
darkrockgames Jul 12 2007 says:

Check the path's directory, the installation should have worked fine if it states so.

It just means that the Transitions folder is somewhere else on your computer, do a windows search for the file, then cut and paste the whole folder into the SourceMods folder where it should be located, restart steam, and it should then be visible.

:-) hope this sorts it out for you.

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BiLL364 May 14 2007 says:

They are not human.. i mean they have a human form just like us (they got our DNA combined with their tecnology, thats what make they have 2 arms, 2 legs, a head, etc..). They are the combine and we are the humans, not the same.

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themesmith May 14 2007 says:

Guys i have an idea. The combine soldiers are just humans from another planet. I mean noone knows if earth is the only human settlement.

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Kodox May 9 2007 says:

You should make a sequel where a huge combine portal opens up in the sky and combine teleport in huge masses and completely anihilate the xen aliens. It would be awesome seeing combine blow the crap out of xen aliens.

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BiLL364 May 9 2007 says:

Ok, but there is no way to make the spawn portals open one at a time.. You are walking, then suddently 5 green portals open (at the same time) spawning 5 vortigaunts that starts atacking you. I know because i already tryied. I was going to get the shotgun from that dead combine (weird, combine soldiers shouldnt be there as brain washed humans, i mean the combines do brain washing in the planets they conquer, so there is no way soldiers could be there) and then the portals opened and 5 vortigaunts killed me. At the second try i tryed going trough another side.. more dead. Then i tryed opening one at a time (just as you said now), no.. the 5 portals opened once again and the vortigaunts killed me.. The fourth time i tried, i went to the water pond and crouch praying for my life shooting them all. Anyway i think there should be antlions, antlionguard and headcrabs (yea all typesof headcrabs), because they are all from Xen..

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DoctorMike May 9 2007 says:

Hi all,

This is not only a free mod, but a coursework submission for the University of Wales, Newport BSc in Games Development and A.I. so all your comments will help me with marking the mod! However, just to give an independent third party comment on the mod itself, remember that it is an attempt to flesh out the "Don't work for the GMan" option at the end of HL1, which was actually truly impossible originally. So, it being tough, but doable - even by me, not the most hand-to-eye capable of FPS players - should be expected.

Also, on the large number of spawns, if you choose to go slowly and only trigger spawns from each of the portals, one at a time, the number of Vorts that are attacking at any point are reduced. One challenge for the mod writer was to make use of resources as a puzzle in itself, hence the blues spawning between the healing pools and the ammo. This is often an implicit or overlooked challenge in FPS games, and sadly are not always knowable in advance; good examples of this oversight are boss fights, where it is almost impossible to know how to kill them. The placement of the pools (and to a greater extent their existence, which is compatible with the end game play in Xen shown in HL1, but absent in HL2) and the ammo should, in theory, be fairly self evident, which enables a player to know What to do.

The challenge, then, is to work on the How and feel the accomplishment of achieving it. IF (deliberately a big IF) players do not recognise the presence and interaction between the pools, blues and ammo, then this has failed. So, it would be interesting to see whether players of this mod did indeed recognise the crux points or not. Would a hint/walkthrough be required?

The developer worked for 3-4 months on this mod, mostly independently, as the final year of the course is 50% project. All assets not reused from HL1 and HL2 were created solely by him, which is a major achievement. Gameplay aspects were deliberately modest, but I enjoyed the opportunity to explore a plot line that while not cannon, fits will into the mythos of probably the best FPS story arc currently available. Another annoyingly talented student...

Dr. Mike Reddy, University of Wales, Newport
P.S. If you want details of the course, email me at mike.reddy @ (remove the spaces)

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darkrockgames Creator
darkrockgames May 8 2007 says:

It shouldn't be that hard, lots of movement and don't forget to use the health ponds available throughout the world that should see you right.

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darkrockgames Creator
darkrockgames May 7 2007 says:

K, the bandwidth of my site has been increased, so for the moment you can use the link, but please use the ModDB for downloads when they've approved the file.

Please remember that this Mod is a solo effort so i apologise if it's not truly amazing and up to most people's expectations, but it is what i managed to produce in 3 month of solid 9 to 5 level designing.

Thanks all,

happy Gaming :-)

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