Total Warfare Mod 2, A Total Conversion for Tribes 2, takes place 6 years after the events of TWM 1. The Zombie Army was almost exterminated until a new leader stepped in, the zombie major brought together his troops and re-assembled them as the Fist Of Vengeance. Now Humanity must fight back against the FoV while dealing with the mysterious and still dangerous Harbinger Clan. TWM 2 Brings back some of the classic aspects of TWM that many Tribes 2 players have greatly enjoyed, as well as adding many new game types, weapons, and much more. TWM2 leans more towards the PvP instead of PvZ, but current players already find it a great hit. TWM 2 was based directly off of Construction .70a instead of CCM which opened up many more datablocks and allowed much more in the way of advanced functionality... Current Version: 3.6

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TWM 2 : Version 1.2 Release

TWM 2 : Version 1.2 Release

Aug 31, 2009 Full Version (0.77mb) 0 comments

Welcome to TWM2 Everyone with our first public release. To anyone without tribes 2 out there who would like to play: go to: and download...

Construction Mod .70a

Construction Mod .70a

Aug 30, 2009 Full Version (0.56mb) 0 comments

The Construction Mod By Construct, Mostlikely, and JackTL For Tribes 2. Features: Many New Packs to allow players to build buildings, bases, and much...

TWM (Classic) 3.0

TWM (Classic) 3.0

Aug 30, 2009 Full Version (1.33mb) 0 comments

This is the final release of the original TWM Mod Based off of CCM 3.3 By Dondelium_X.

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