From the original Blizzard Entertainment game: In the Age of Chaos, two factions battled for dominance. The Kingdom of Azeroth was a prosperous one. The Humans who dwelled there turned the land into a paradise. The Knights of Stormwind, and the Clerics of Northshire Abbey, roamed far and wide serving the king's people with honor and justice. The well-trained armies of the King maintained a lasting peace for many generations. Then came the Orcish Hordes. No one knew where these creatures came from, and none were prepared for the terror that they spawned. Their warriors wielded axe and spear with deadly proficiency, while others rode Darkwolves as black as the moonless night. Unimagined were the destructive powers of their evil magiks, derived from the fires of the underworld. With an ingenious arsenal of weaponry and powerful magic, these two forces collide in a contest of cunning, intellect, and brute strength, with the victor claiming dominance over the whole of Azeroth.

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Nov 27th, 2011 2 people agree 1 person doesn't

a very enjoyable mod, beginning is a little slow trying to get your settlements able to train armies but once thats done it goes fast, i enjoyed the system of having to build farms so you had sufficent supllies to train better troops. overall good job

AlexKz says
9 AlexKz

Apr 16th, 2013

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Hentheden says
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Feb 19th, 2012

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