When there are too many crates in one place, only one person possesses the skills to save the day. Kenneth the crate breaking expert armed with his trusty crowbar will take care of any crate related problem. TOO MANY CRATES is a puzzle game where breaking crates is the name of the game. But you can't just go berserk on every crate you see if you want to break them all. You'll need to stack them to get to new rooms and figure out how to use all the special crates to get to secret rooms. You'll find many ways to break, smash, shoot and explode the multitudes of crates in this mod.

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Too Many Crates! Coming Soon

Too Many Crates! Coming Soon

6 years ago News 27 comments

A new Hl2 mod featuring lots of crate breaking action. Coming Soon!

Too Many Crates Realeased!

Too Many Crates Realeased!

6 years ago News 23 comments

The full version of Too Many Crates! has been released. Download and play it today!

Half-Life 2
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Released 2009
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