In the original Todesangst we learn about Dr. Jack Newell and his horrifyingly successful endeavors to merge Xen and human life. Freeman and Joe, a courageous member of the Black Mesa security force, hunt down Dr. Newell and eventually succeed in smashing his biological engineering plots. The scheming doctor ironically meets his doom via his own creation, the "molecular transmutator" transforming him into a vicious Xenantromorph. Fade to black - roll the credits - end of story . . .or so we thought! Dr. Newell was the genius mind behind the experimentation and development of the Xenanthromorph program but the true power behind the clandestine research was a multi-national anarchistic group called Schwarzgeist. The Schwarzgeist had managed to put their personnel in key scientific positions within Black Mesa since its contruction. They managed to keep their identity secret until an inadvertent exposure during the resonance cascade disaster and ensuing containment revealed their...

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With the release of Todesangst 2, I just couldn't help myself!

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1. State your real name, job, place where you are from and age!
Colonel Nathan R. Jessup, Commanding Officer Marine Ground Forces Guantanamo Bay Cuba . . . er, wait, that's not me. he he! I'm Daryn Waite, I'm a design engineer from Illinois, and I'm older than Sammy Sosa (but not by much!)

2. Todesangst 2 was thought up when? Why Todesangst 2, Todesangst was gold!
Well, the story came into being about 4 months after the release of the original, after I gave some thought to how the plot could continue.

3. How long have you been working on Todesangst 2?
T2DEF took about 15 months, part time, to complete, ultimately needing 10 members on the team.

4. Describe the best feature in the mod in your opinion? What should the person look for that they might miss?
I would say that the cutscenes are probably the best feature. They are a first in a half-life mod, in that letterbox views with text dialogue are displayed to match the spoken lines.

5. Describe the weapons and what the weapon you will use the most and why?
The only new weapon is a hatchet, but it has a secondary mode where you can throw it! It takes some practice to get the timing and the arc right but once thrown the physics are very realistic.

6. How is the mod different in Todesangst 2?
T2DEF is an improvment over the original in all areas: longer gameplay, more new monsters and characters, new music, and many new textures.

7. Explain a neat feature in the mod that someone might not know about the mod!
The remote security cameras (like from DeusEx or Duke Nukem3D) are helpful in some areas, but you have to look for the monitors to use them.

8. Explain this special Easter Egg Bonus Room!
The bonus room is a shooting gallery that pushes the Half-Life engine pretty hard. It's mainly a big frag-fest against helpless Xen aliens, but you can only access it with a 5-digit security code that you must collect during the main game, one digit at a time, via 5 secret areas.

9. When you say "Over 200 original lines of individual dialogue (yes I said over 200!)" What should we look for?
Every cutscene and opportunity to interact with the characters feature all new voice dialogue. Six team members contributed to this effort.

10. What mods do you like in Half Life?
I think Poke646 is my all-time favorite; everything about it seemed to be a professional effort. The "They Hunger" series is right up there, too, along with both ETC mods.

Final thoughts:
If you are a fan of single player games with a solid and engrossing story, T2DEF is just what you need!


gah, i give you a 7 on a scale from 1 to 10 o:

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