Titanium Wars Mod is high quality DoW mod with almost all Games Workshop units. Features of this mod: - Many-many new units and buildings. Extended tech tree. - Many-many new abilities and upgrades. - New Heroes and fully functional Heroes wargear. - RPG elements from CutterShane's Heroes System. Experienced units after battles. - Fully functional single campain, skirmish, and multiplayer. - And finally Titans and Titan-like units!

Report RSS New pre-release version 0.99.12.

Eldar Titan Revenant in game now. Thanks to old Craftworld team for good model and textures. Thanks to Thudmeizer as keeper of many interesting DoW 3D assets. Thanks to Andrei354 for base comlex animations (idle, move, jumping). Other animations, OE-code, AE-code from GrOrc. Thanks to MonkeyXXL for team colorable textures (fix and remade by GrOrc).

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Changelog for version 0.99.12.

- Eldar Titan Revenant was added. Thanks to old Craftworld team for good model and textures. Thanks to Thudmeizer as keeper of many interesting DoW 3D assets. Thanks to Andrei354 for base comlex animations (idle, move, jumping). Other animations, OE-code, AE-code from GrOrc. Thanks to MonkeyXXL for team colorable textures (fix and remade by GrOrc).
- Max pop for Orks 250 now.
- Jump ability added (and OE-coded) for Skull Probe.
- Flag motion action was added for Techmarine.
- Flayed Ones, Immortals, Pariahs receive health bonus from Disruption Field and Enhanced Disruption Field now. Corresponding visual effects were added for these units.
- Fixed special attacks for 'Ard Nob Leader (OE- and AE-code).
- All ordinary turrets (except Ork Waaagh Banners) have restriction 16 per HQ now.
- Fixed some little bugs.
- Some rebalance overpatching was made.

Changelog for old versions.

Hotfix 011

- Banshee Exarch Council and Reaper Exarch Council were added to Heroes System.
- Fixed bug with bomb ability scar-button for Eldar Farseer Taldeer in Necron stronghold.
- Fixed some rare appearing bug in SM stronghold.
- Some other changes.

Version 010

- New team colourable texture for Chaos Dreadnought. Thanks to Bloodravage.
- Flamer was added for Chaos Marine tactical squads.
- Stormsword was added. Effects of die animation for Stormsword variant were replaced in OE-code.
- Model for Tau Shas'ui Fire Warrior was replaced. This model and model for Tau Shas'ui Pathfinder were OE-coded for true Photon Grenade Launcher (new more correct OE-code for this weapon than it was used in previous versions of this Mod). Bodyguards and Elite Fire Warriors have improved Pulse Rifle now. Pulse Carbines with Photon Grenade Launchers are used only by Shas'ui Firewarrior in Fire Warrior squads, Fire Warrior Assault squads, and Tau Shas'ui Pathfinders.
- Ethereal have ranged fire now (OE-coded).
- Air deep strike was added for the Imperial Guard (uses Valkyrie as dropship from Mechanized Command and Mars Pattern Command), Orks (uses Fighta-Bomma as dropship from special buildings), Space Marines (uses Thunderhawk as dropship from Machine Cult), and Tau (uses Orca Dropship from Tau Commtower). Uses standard Relic models. Additional animations and events, OE- and AE-coding were made by Grumbling Orc.
- New view of Army Painter interface. More free space for viewing models.
- Some rebalance overpatching was made.
- (!!!) Global campaign update. (Now the DC-campaign is made in the true style of Titanium Wars Mod (TWM). Everything you have seen up to this point was not this campaign TWM-style. Only since the 10th version of this Mod the campaign takes real quality in TWM):
- - New Honor Guard system. Other set of Honor Guard units and their deployments to the provinces. All Honor Guard squads have normal reinforcement size. Hitpoints of elite units were increased. One Honor Guard tank was added for each race.
- - Tau Turrets were added to the set of Forward Base buildings (instead Kroot Nest) as for all other races in DoW: DC. Tau Turrets also appear anywhere on the scripted campaign map, where they also presented for other races.
- - Turrets in scripted missions (in race Strongholds) upgraded to maximum HP now. Some scripted movies were corrected to include new models (for example, the model of Khorne Champion was replaced from a conventional Berserker to Skull Champion wherever it occurs, Emperor Champion kills Eldar Avatar in Outro of Eldar Fortress, Predators were upgraded to lascannons in the Intro and Outro of Marine Fortress, Dreadnoughts and Chapline were replaced by new models, etc.). In particular, fixed critical bug in the Outro of Eldar stronghold.
- - Other scripted mission also redesigned for their compliance with the spirit and style of Titanium Wars Mod. To find all 10 servitors on Pavonis (Space Port), their model was replaced. Need more kills for the glory of Khorne on the Eres Badlands. You have a little more time at The Vandean Coast to kill all before the accumulation of energy (actual only on hard difficulty). Special rework was made for the mission The Hyperion Peaks. Basic Army was increased. It includes new units (and some other stuff). Now there are given all the upgrades and you can normally hire all sergeants in the squads for all races.
- - AI is at war more actively. The reaction of AI was strengthened in the defense of the provinces. Double opponent appears earlier during the campaign.
- - RTX-texture were made for all new units and buildings. The Titans and the new units are now painted in campaign normally.
- - Stronghold scripts were special remade and redesigned for their compliance with the spirit and style of Titanium Wars Mod. Many new improved algorithms for many aspects of gameplay. New camera and sound events. Strong reactions from AI opponents. New defensive and offensive behaviour. Improved patrol and moving algorithms with more stability after save/load procedure. New battle events. All new units and their new weapons used in Stronghold's armies. New buildings and researches too. NIS events were changed and improved. Many new units used as NIS actors.
- - - Chaos Stronghold: Improved Chaos attacks. Thematic Chaos Marines with support of Chaos Dreadnoughts attack player base. Nurgle Greater Daemon and Daemon Prince of Chaos Undivided are on the battlefield. AI uses Warpstorm on player's squads.
- - - Eldar Stronghold: Improved Chaos and Ork opponents. Randomised Chaos opponent with true thematic textures and gameplay capabilities. Strong Chaos and Orks attacks. Strong Eldar attacks on Falcons and Wave Serpents with support of Swooping Hawks jumping attacks.Improved Eldar reactions on capturing Critical Locations.
- - - IG Stronghold: Strong attacks from IG base on a river. This position is a key for IG defensive and offensive stategic plans. All supertanks are on the battlefield.
- - - Necron Stronghold: Impoved attack algorithms. Necrons intensify their attack and use key positions more effectively. Improved Beacon abilities. Improved defence for all key positions. Necron Gauss Pylons are on the battlefield. Strong Necron reaction in the end of scenario while player is escaping.
- - - Ork Stronghold: Improved defensive and offensive behaviour for all Ork clans. True Ork Civil War algorithm. Clans can fight with other clans long time. Now Gorgutz send battle orders to each clan while it is loyal. Rebel Ork bosses also send battle orders to their clans. All clans have own specific units.
- - - SM Stronghold: Thunderhawks drop infantry and vehicles. Landing attacks on Razorbacks. Global attacks with any SM units. New SM heroes are on the battlefield.
- - - Tau Stronghold: Orca Dropships drop Tau infantry, Tau vehicles, and Kroot army. Specific attacks from Mont'ka and Kauyon bases. Harassing jumping attack by random Crisis Suits with random weapons. Ambush behaviour for XV25 and Gun Drones. Markerlight, markerlight, markerlight!
- - - Many-many other changes...
- Many-many other changes for skirmish too...

Version 009

- Great Unclean Ones was added. Many thanks to Catwell for model. Additional animations and events, OE- and AE-coding were made by Grumbling Orc.
- Firing progress was added for Plague Marine, Chaos Marine Bike, Aspiring Champion Biker.
- Fixed bugs with capture strategic point, flag motion, syncdeaths, synckills for Chaos Icon Bearers.
- Eldar dual missile projectile was added for Wave Serpent Grav Tank.
- Some rebalance overpatching was made.

Version 008

- Stormbolter's FXs for Predator were fixed (firing tracers were added).
- New Nob Leaderz for Shoota Boyz, Burna Boyz and Tankbustaz.
- Loota boyz were added and their model was OE-coded for using different weapon choice.
- Blast Krak Kannon upgrade is separate research now (for Kustim Stompa).
- Incorrect move firing was fixed for Eversor Assassin. Combat Drugs ability was added.
- Forcefield wargear upgrade was added for Eldar Autarch.
- Teleportation animation was added for Apothecary.
- Fixed bugs for all bikes (SM and HSM). All bikes were reworked. Bike Smite ability was added for all bikes.
- Fixed many bugs with firing effects for Chaos Terminator (incorrect OE-coding).
- Fixed bugs with Holographic Projection (for Ethereal).
- Glow gem effects were added for Wraithguard.
- Build placement animation was added for Webway Great Portal and Drone Sentry Turret.
- New animations were added for Chaos Tower, Chaos Gods Temple, IG Psy Tower, all Ork Big Banners, and Tau Communications Tower. Thus all additional buildings are animated properly now.
- New rational binding system for control pannel of units and buldings. All hotkey buttons for buildings, units, researches, and addons were mapped to 12 buttons on the left side of standard keyboard.




In addition 7 small buttons of small unit's control pannel were mapped to 7 buttons in the middle of standard keyboard.





New bindings were added for old and new units, buildings, researches, weapon upgrades addons, and abilities. Now almost all hotkeys are easy for remembering and using. Some of abilities were binded by another way for evading incorrect mapping under hero attachment. For example, "D" is special key for ordinary grenade, "F" is special key for some inspirational abilities, necrons use own binding scheme. Gamers may edit "keydefaults.lua"-file in their game profiles for changing this binding scheme as they wish. All neccessary binding markers are present there now for all Titanium Wars stuff.
- Some essential rebalance overpatching was made.
- Some fixes and changes were made in campaign.
- Fixed some errors in Titanium UCS-file.
- Many-many other changes...

Version 007

- Texture for XV25 Markerlight Drone have correct colour now.
- Fixed bug with reinforce of Chapter Master Squad.
- Weapon upgrades for Field Medics and Kasrkin Bodyguards were added.
- Fixed bugs with synckills for Conscripts, Guardsmen, Kasrkin, and Kasrkin Sergeant (on WHE-file level).
- Fixed aims for Battlefortress on WHM-file level (incorrect usage of aim bones). Sound for main Kannon was changed.
- Model for Ork Dreadnought was replaced. This new model was remade on WHE- and WHM-file level for independent usage of right/left weapon slots. Megablasta tracers were added.
- Also correct megablasta effects were added for Warboss.
- Dark Reapers were essentialy remade on WHE- and WHM-file level. Added Shuriken Cannons for Dark Reapers as first weapon. Dark Reapers Launchers are weapon upgrade now. Effects for Reaper Launcher was made as Codex say. Tempest Launcher Fire ability and Fast Shot ability were added for Dark Reaper Exarch.
- Kroot Shapers have Cannibalize ability now (OE-coded).
- Tau mines were added.
- First global rebalace overpatch! All weapons were reworked with more closer to codex style (however Relic-style of gameplay was kept as possible). Some too strong abilities (in previous versions of TWM) were remade for more adequate damage.
- Heroes System work in scar-scripted campaign maps now.
- XV89 Commander (Shas'el Sashn Ar'Ro Mont'yr) now receive wargear in campaign simultaneously with O'Kais.
- Many-many other changes...

Version 006

- Models for Griffon Mortar, Sentinel, and Support Sentinel were replaced.
- Scout Sentinel was added as early vehicle.
- Medusa was added.
- Warhound Titans are made team colourable.
- Fixed bug with pointing of Titan Plasma Blast Gun.
- Fixed bug with sponson bolters aims for Stormblade.
- Models for Falcon, Fire Prism, Viper, and Wave Serpent were replaced. Wargear researches were added for all Eldar skimmers with corresponding abilities.
- Prism Cannon Contributor ability was added. Combines beams of two Prism Cannons as Codex say.
- Models for Devilfish, Drone Harbringer, Sky Ray, Hammerhead were replaced. Smart Missile System upgrade was added.
- Model for Attack Drone was replaced. Drone Squad now can deep strike from Vehicle Beacon. Burst Cannon upgrade was added.
- Tetra Scout Skimmer was added as early vehicle.
- Model for ordinary Tau turrets was replaced (old model, but reworked by me).
- Tau Turrets (ordinary, advanced and for barracks) and Listening Posts were OE-coded. True Tau-style building animations were added. Firing progress was fixed. Aims were tuned.
- Firing progress was added for all weapon systems of XV88-2 Broadside Battlesuit.
- Techmarine was added with corresponding weapon upgrades and abilities.
- Librarian model was replaced. Jump pack upgrade was added.
- Chapter Master Command Squad was added. New powerful hero with strong retinue.
Thematic Chaos Sorcerers were added with corresponding abilities.
- Thematic Chosen Champion squads were added with corresponding retinue.
- Animation for Mark of Khorne ability was added for some new Khorne-oriented models.
- System of defence was remade for all races. Fortify researches were added for each race. Increases hitpoints for all ordinary turrets by stages. Listening posts increase own hitpoints by stages too (by adding corresponding add-ons).
- Many new icons were created.
- Some rebalance overpatching was made.
- Many-many other changes...

Hotfix 005

- Fixed bug with speed of Space Marine Scout Squad.
- Fixed bug with speed of IG Command Squad when multiple priests were incorporated.
- All Eldar Warlocks (any type) have commander type of armour now. Their health were increased. Upgrade bonuses are remade.
- Titanium UCS-file is updated.
- Titanium readme files are supplemented. I publish in Titanium readme the weapon's ranges system is adopted in Titanium Wars. This is useful info for betatesters and modders.

Hotfix 004

- Special Weapon Guardsman and Sniper Guardsman now receive bonuses from Battle Armor, Death before Dishonor and Will of the Emperor upgrades.
- Anti-infantry Heavy Weapon Team, Anti-tank Heavy Weapon Team, Mortar Heavy Weapon Team now receive bonuses from Death before Dishonor and Will of the Emperor upgrades. Initial morale of these squads were decreased.
- Model of Commissars were replaced. In addition all Commissars now receive bonuses from Officer's Power Sword, Officer's Bolt Pistol, Officer's Plasma Pistol upgrades.
- Bane Wolf's Chem Cannon was remade. Health degeneration modifier was removed. No post-effects to all targets. But now Chem Cannon is very effective weapon against infantry and monsters. Be careful! Chem Cannon kill ALL in forward cone angle. Include own troops!
- Punisher Cannon have small area effect now.
- Aim behaviour for Eldar War Walker was fixed. Aims animations were reworked, WHM-file was remade and correct muzzle/origin data were added in RGD-file.
- Eldar Eldritch Storm effectiveness was increased.
- Annihilate the Enemy research pass to Eldar HQ.
- Placeholder model for Eldar Titan was replaced. Scaled War Walker model used as Eldar Revenant Titan. Equipped with Sonic Lances in arms and Missile Launcher in head. Can be upgraded with Pulsars in arms. Can jetpack quickly around, and over, the battlefield.
- Titanic super-weapons now more powerful.
- Fixed some errors in Titanium UCS-file.

Hotfix 003

- Fixed bug with no damage Missile Launcher of Support Sentinel.
- Unusable Carapace Armor buttons are hided.
- Titanium readme files are updated.

Hotfix 002

- Adding missing black&white icon for Sternguard Veteran Marine.
- Fixed bug with too rapid fire of Dreadnought's Plasma Cannon.
- Fixed some errors in Titanium UCS-file.
- Titanium readme files are updated.

Hotfix 001

- Adding possess animation for terminator aspiring champion.
- Fixed some errors in Titanium readme files.



Great! ever after!

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