Titan: XCIX is a first person adventure that takes place aboard the ill fated star ship of the same name. When an accident rips apart a lone ship on a routine mission, the crew find themselves fighting for survival, and each other in a unique Single Player experience, that's been in the making for the past two years. Developed single handedly by Robin "IZaNaGI" Molde (Jailbreak!: Source, Survival Mod II for JK:JA), Players will face many challenges that will test their brains rather than their trigger fingers. Requires Half-Life 2: Episode Two

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Sep 11th, 2011 5 people agree 0 people don't

Titan is an interesting idea in a relatively unique setting as far as source mods go. While the story is honestly sparce and seems to be delivered in a slow burn setting, it still holds water overall with it's consistent approach to it's universe and setting, as well as keeping most things a mystery--something that I appreciate in an era of tell-all Sci Fi openings, both in games and in shows/movies.

Very interesting art direction as it reminds me of a first person (and sometimes third or “Directed” in cutscenes) Sins of a Solar Empire. The red and yawning vistas of the vaults of space, the ship architecture, the color pallete and choice of clothing–its all very TEC-esque from that gameworld and its an aesthetic I like quite a lot.

When dealing with science fiction I’m afraid characters are, far and away, the most important part of the story with the extended mythos of the universe taking second place. This formula has been tried and true by countless titles, all the way from Mass Effect to Cowboy Bebop to even Firefly. Not comparing Titan to these titles, of course, but merely corelating my point with some evidence that, indeed, character writing should be first place by a long mile. With that pretext behind me, I feel like character writing is the weakest point of Titan so far. I did not connect to any of the cast, yet, but a few of them look to grab my interest down the road as the project--and story--fleshes out.

I can’t really say much here one way or the other, this feels like a micro teaser for whats to come and was only under an hour long. Titan holds an interesting premise but so far I cannot say it fully lives up or not. I think this part was a little too short. The lead dev must look forward to hard work and polish if the other parts will suffice for science fiction fans and as a project of this magnitude.

It is worth noting, the lead developer is both respectful and talented, I was shocked to find this was a solo project. My applaud to that.

Hypo-Crit says
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Sep 11th, 2011 3 people agree 1 person doesn't

The story is quite good, and the game itself has a very high level of polish that will make you want to keep playing. It's obvious that the creator put a lot of effort into making this mod an original experience. However, that said, the actual gameplay is actually a tad boring, and although it centers mainly around puzzles, it won't challenge your brain much. Hopefully this will change in the next episode.

minozake says
7 minozake

Nov 14th, 2011 1 person agrees 0 people don't

Needs work, especially with dialogue timing, but it's pretty good. The low-pressure part needs a faster move speed. It reminds me of Metroid Prime's water part way too much. Good puzzle elements, too.

kotorfreak1994 says
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Oct 14th, 2011 1 person agrees 0 people don't

while i found it entertaining i feel like the mod moved at too slow a pace and the voice acting need to flow more it sounded quite coppy and there were several instances where a response should have come right away after the previous line but instead there was a 2-4second delay

Other than i above mentioned items i found it quite enjoyable I feel that with a couple of updates and maybe a little bit of a rework of the begining it could be much better

IgorPoulpupov says
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Nov 19th, 2014 0 people agree 0 people don't

- unusual sci-fi theme
- unusual adventure style instead of FPS
- nice new textures and all
- the story starts pretty well...

- ...but it just starts. Much too short
- too slow
- too easy
- too linear
- why can't we play the ending cutscene instead of just watching?

Most of the cons would be ok for an intro, but it looks like there will be no part II at all. 7/10, but would probably get 9 or 10 if there was an actual whole mod instead of just an intro.

beebeea1 says
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Dec 14th, 2012 0 people agree 0 people don't

after fully playing this mod i was impressed. although it wasnt as imersive as hl2 and there was barly any action it did have a good story and fun gamplay and it has me really whanting to play part 2 although i dont care about having ton's of action but some gunplay would be nice but keep it up i really whant a part two for this.

decade7 says
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Feb 17th, 2012 0 people agree 0 people don't

A good mod, very enjoyable. I respect the huge amount of work needed to make something with almost 100% original assets from scratch.
I had no problem with the combat free gameplay. The early part underwhelmed me a bit - the puzzles are so simple as to hardly count as puzzles. When compared to say, the Research & Development mod, also for HL2, the puzzles have a way to go in terms of challenge and interest.
But to it's credit, Titan builds up nicely, from the time you don the space suit on, it starts to hit it's stride and the graphics and environment begin to impress.
I've always thought Source offers some of the best single player mods & Titan continues this fine tradition.
The game is a decent length & pretty varied too. I could really see this series growing into something great if it can keep adding episodes & developing. I don't for a minute under estimate how hard that is & how much time & effort it would take.
Thanks for your efforts so far & good luck in the future.

TheUnabridgedGamer says
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Dec 8th, 2011 0 people agree 0 people don't

Titan: XCIX

Graphics: 8/10
Sounds and Voice Overs: 7/10
Story: 6/10
Puzzles: Easy
Playability: Moderate
Replayability: Low
Fun: Average

After you've started the game, the story takes a little while to pick up, and the worst part of it all is when your friend Mag dies--not because he didn't see it coming, not because he didn't have time to respond, but because the story didn't allow for it so he just does. After that, things begin to improve as you help the entertaining-yet-annoying Lizzard (that's his last name), and puzzles start being of more or less the Dues Ex variety (except there's only one way to solve them). When the game really outdoes itself and kicks *** is when you have to protect a power cell from falling into water. That, combined with a unique boss fight, and a space walk that shows the nearby moon and does a great deal of atmospheric build up, made me finally start to get immersed in the game. Then, it ended with a cutscene that I hope will be converted into being an actually playable segment.

The nitpick-you don't necessarily have to read this:

The "help" system that explains what different things are often times actually distracts you early on to things that aren't even necessary (Why do I need to have you tell me a pipe is a pipe? And why do I need to be told that I shouldn't be messing with a server room or need to be explained that a piece of equipment hanging half-way out of the wall is malfunctioning). Also, the weird smiley-face messages from "the ship" break immersion almost always. Yes the smiley-face messages are helpful when you're stuck, but if you want to offer help could it be via the ship's AI giving you suggestions or from the character himself (who's already clearly got a voice actor). Invisible walls pop far too often early on and break the immersion further (let us die every once and a while, it's an adventure game) Lastly -- let us carry more than one tool at one time

IGotzNoSkittles78 says
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Sep 11th, 2011 0 people agree 0 people don't

One of the most unique mods released thus far for the Half-Life 2 franchise. It features unique game-play elements that differ from many other mods when compared. Unlike other mods for Half-life 2 Titan: XCIX focuses on puzzle based game-play and storytelling.

The Story in my very own opinion wasn't executed nor written well. Often times I found myself pondering, trying to gather information on "What just happened". Frankly, I just wasn't on the same page for more then half the mod. However, the story was interesting enough to get me curious, wanting to finish the mod.

Moving onto the characters within Titan, many of the major characters themselves seem interesting and carry unique agendas. However the downfall to this is that the dialogue and voice acting didn't portray the characters effectively, making them seem stereotypical. However the two characters performed by "Stig" were done well. Both vocally and writing.

Finally, game-play. The puzzles in the game weren't too creative and were not presented to the player well enough, especially on certain "timed" events. Often times this would frustrate me, the player, when the game-play mechanics are not presented nor solid enough for me to grasp it within seconds. Remember, players that are playing a mod for Half-Life 2 expect elements from Half-Life 2. Throwing in new formulas that differ from the original base game is a process that must be handled carefully, otherwise it would lead to frustration or confusion.

In the end, I enjoyed this mod from beginning to end.

smog133 says
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Aug 19th, 2014

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