Titan: XCIX is a first person adventure that takes place aboard the ill fated star ship of the same name. When an accident rips apart a lone ship on a routine mission, the crew find themselves fighting for survival, and each other in a unique Single Player experience, that's been in the making for the past two years. Developed single handedly by Robin "IZaNaGI" Molde (Jailbreak!: Source, Survival Mod II for JK:JA), Players will face many challenges that will test their brains rather than their trigger fingers. Requires Half-Life 2: Episode Two

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Excellent, highly interesting, exciting, original, atmospheric and proffetionaly implemented mode! Storyline is great. I could not stop playing, totally forgotten about the time.
Resembels Aliens, Stargate and Unreal 1 (all in one).
Thank you very much!

Very impressive piece of art!

However, I should also mention the color scheme issue. Too much red, a bit tiring for the eyes. Also, sometimes it might seem a bit noisy (lots of low-pitch sounds), tiring for the hears also. Anyway, this is not a problem at all.

Just one of the best things I've ever played.
Many thanks!


So fun and awesome. Also very original

Very fun and enjoying mod


Titan XCIX was a fantastic experience, with lovely characters, voice acting and a awesome environment.

So, after a little while thinking, this mod clearly deserves 10/10.


As far as sci fi goodness goes, you guys get an 8, some problems were, simplicity of puzzles/quests annnd some of the voice acting wasn't perfect ( but still really good)



The spaceship looked a bit naff in the intro, but the interior was well crafted and had a dark foreboding presence! Loved the wet areas and the outside shower! This is an excellent HL2 total conversion, great graphics and sound and interesting gameplay. Been waiting for this since I saw some very promising early in-game shots. Promise fulfilled!
More a puzzling exploration mod, (A+ for that!), than the usual space opera and a lesson in battery care in wet environments!
Part two is coming soon I hope?


Counter-Terrapin says

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I like the overall look of the mod, especially the red motif. The puzzles were easy enough but I never felt like they were overly simple. The references to other mods and fourth wall humor are nice additions since they lighten what seems to be a very foreboding game. The exterior sections were short but interesting; I hope there will be combat during those sequences in later installments since those deflector arrays look like they could provide some cover for guns as well as meteorites.
I like the look of the hud and how it differentiates between cutscene subtitles and whenever the player character is examining something.


This mod was really awesome. Cant wait for Part Two :D



Truly an awesome mod, with great visual style and environments.
To give some feedback, I have to say that walking speed was too slow. Jumping was the quickest way to get from place to another.

Can't wait to see how the story continues.

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