Titan: XCIX is a first person adventure that takes place aboard the ill fated star ship of the same name. When an accident rips apart a lone ship on a routine mission, the crew find themselves fighting for survival, and each other in a unique Single Player experience, that's been in the making for the past two years. Developed single handedly by Robin "IZaNaGI" Molde (Jailbreak!: Source, Survival Mod II for JK:JA), Players will face many challenges that will test their brains rather than their trigger fingers. Requires Half-Life 2: Episode Two

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Though I did not play through the entire mod, I played through about an hour, I can honestly say that what I did experience was really impressing. There were a few things that werent all that perfect but thats nothing a little polishing cant fix. Great mod!

A high quality, but short mod. A lot of fun for thinker types.
If you are looking for an action packed game from beginning 'till end you will not find it here.(Despite there being a few action sequences)

Good things:
+ Very fitting maps (Lighting and art style fit well together and the art style is consistent)
+ The mod makes you feel like one of the crewmen, you aren't just a mindless drone that has no more to do but shoot at anything that moves. Plus, they actually treat you like a crew member they've known for a long time (The way they talk to you)
+ It tells it's story in various ways, sometimes with cut-scenes, sometimes with (well done) text files one can find and most of the time you witness things as you play and listen to the other crew members
+ The story, while not original (racism is nothing new, though still a big subject for us) is told really well and is interesting
+ There is a lot to explore and the story, while linear, offers you a lot to ponder and think about
+ There are quite a few other crew members to help you or hinder your progress. They feel fitting and are all different, they don't feel generic. (I have no real complaint about the voice-acting, either)
+ There are some (very) challenging puzzles
+ The ship's AI is funny and interesting, even if the idea is nothing new

Bad things:
- The mod was a bit short and the end was a bit sudden
- It was sometimes a bit difficult to beat some puzzles
- A bit nit-picky: The other crew members should really use some custom animations, the standard Half-Life 2 animations don't always feel that fitting

Needs work, especially with dialogue timing, but it's pretty good. The low-pressure part needs a faster move speed. It reminds me of Metroid Prime's water part way too much. Good puzzle elements, too.

great mod!

Simply amazing.

while i found it entertaining i feel like the mod moved at too slow a pace and the voice acting need to flow more it sounded quite coppy and there were several instances where a response should have come right away after the previous line but instead there was a 2-4second delay

Other than i above mentioned items i found it quite enjoyable I feel that with a couple of updates and maybe a little bit of a rework of the begining it could be much better

- unusual sci-fi theme
- unusual adventure style instead of FPS
- nice new textures and all
- the story starts pretty well...

- ...but it just starts. Much too short
- too slow
- too easy
- too linear
- why can't we play the ending cutscene instead of just watching?

Most of the cons would be ok for an intro, but it looks like there will be no part II at all. 7/10, but would probably get 9 or 10 if there was an actual whole mod instead of just an intro.

That's a very good mod! Must play.
And waiting for the Part Two.

Great work here. I gave this a 10/10 even though the voice acting could have been better, it was better than most. Great atmosphere and story line and you did a great job transforming the characters. I look forward to other MODS by this group.

Excellently designed mod, something different, almost perfect. My main gripe is that there is severe a lack of ambient sound or music throughout a lot of the game (unless I'm experiencing issues) this would add a lot of extra atmosphere to a great story/game.
Excellent visuals, voices, level/character design, plot, setting and atmosphere. Needs MORE MUSIC and ambience to make it feel complete.
A highly recommended experience.

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