Tiberium Wars Advanced seeks to bring the game closer to its Westwood roots while also maintaining the unique new flavor that Tiberium Wars brought to the series. New units, abilities, structures, strategies and a fresh gameplay experience are just a few of the things TWA brings to the table. With updated gameplay that brings the "Strategy" back into RTS and removes the "zerg rush" mentality, TWA is a mod that will appeal to both die-hard, base-building Westwood fans and those relatively new to the franchise alike. Don't believe us? Give it a download and try it out!

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the mod is just awesome and balanced even in campain!
(exept if you hack ofcourse XD)

but one thing thats dissapointing my game crashes much becuase of the mod and i dont know why

Well made Mod with a lot of Kane's Wrath references.
Nice to see those familiar units in Tiberium Wars~

bit unbalanced but its really fun to play...this mod is great!

This mod is good, cause its one of the mod that still focus on the original unit, while adding some awesome unit.. The balancing is good, the graphic are great, and the best part of it is the NOD faction.. The novices which replace the militant, are now looking more like a soldier than some gangsta holding a GD-2 rifle.. Highly recommended for those who want the original unit and some addition, not replacement..

I like testing mods through the campaign.
So far it's pretty good.
It would be great to have the main modders combined the best aspects of all them together.
In example... the Sys mod/KWReloaded/TibWarsAdvanced/The Forgotten.
This is only a few.
It would add more veriety with more units.

This mod enhances gameplay a lot in my opinion from diversity to new effects. This mod also makes units more useful. I hope the development continues because it looks really good even if some things still need work.


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