Our new direction, and a trailer for the game are released in this update.

The New Direction(s):

"From Same shape marriage, to Inter-color unions, Shape Wars puts an all new spin on the history of mathkind.

# rave about all the possible sides of this epic conflict, unlike anything you could count on before. Dangerous imaginary #s fight to take over the plains of existence, and only you, the Geomancer, has what it taakes to unify the shapes against their oblong enemies."

Your role?

To make sure the #s just don't add up....


After much deliberation, we've decided to shift our efforts onto a new, much more spectacular project. One with more playable sides, and more tactical angles. Sure, some of you may think us obtuse, but I can assure you, we're very acute.

Bringing you top of the line HD Graphics, unlike anything seen before in traditional gaming. Powered by the Flat Lander engine, we have some quarks to hammer out. but we trust in our linear minded team to pull it all together.

I know some of you might find this decision puzzling, so we put together a diagram, to really show off the hidden potential of this project.

Shape Wars GDD Excerpt:

(postpone till 2013/2016)

This is an idea that involves the war of shapes, that we will do and Announce for April fools. We discussed how we would potentially tell the entire history of mankind using shapes, of varying sizes and colors. We further discussed how they would attack each other with math, such as the square shoots the #4. And how different abnormal shapes could shoot other things. And how spheres are the perfect shape, and how they can shoot function signs.

We further discussed how we could shoot Nukes, and just have a big E=MC Squared come out.

We also discussed the concept of flat landers, how there will be 2D shapes. And how it would act as a form of stealth, since you can only see what it is from a certain angle.

We also discussed how we could later find out they all live on a pool table.

We also discussed future related titles, such as “English” and how we have 26 letters units and they fight each other by creating words, and messing with grammar.

We hope you enjoyed this article and all of our presented content!

For everyone here @ Shape Wars Centeral: Jist

(Project Coordinator/producer, PR Manager, Lead Writer)

User Posted Image User Posted Image User Posted Image

Tiberium Secrets Anniversary part 2: Industry Producer Interview, #121 for 2015, and The Road Ahead

Tiberium Secrets Anniversary part 2: Industry Producer Interview, #121 for 2015, and The Road Ahead

News 0 comments

An Industry Producer Interview with Mark Skaggs, our ranking for mod of the year 2015, and future plans are released in this news article!

Tiberium Secrets Anniversary part 1: 11-30-2015: Industry Producer Interview & INT cross Promotion

Tiberium Secrets Anniversary part 1: 11-30-2015: Industry Producer Interview & INT cross Promotion

News 3 comments

A Cross promotion & an Industry Producer Interview with Louis Castle are released in this news article! (this is a special anniversary update, and doesn't...

Tiberium Secrets News UpdateSeries Kick off: 10-18-2015

Tiberium Secrets News UpdateSeries Kick off: 10-18-2015

News 5 comments

Releasing brand new Concept Art and new parts of the Storyline along side insights about the changes to the team roster and our publishment plans are...

Tiberium Secrets  News update 9-28-2013

Tiberium Secrets News update 9-28-2013

News 3 comments

ModDB News update: 09/21/13 Covers the RPG game, new ASI aircraft releases, as well as the ASI epic unit and screen shots in the images section.

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Vein Hole Release

Vein Hole Release

Full Version 4 comments

Vein Hole monster release for a try out. This is my first release for a mod.

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Probably one of the most advanced and developed mods I have ever seen for any Command and Conquer game. Its up their with Tiberium Essence and maybe 1 or 2 other mods. Great mod, can't wait for the release, good luck and Long Live Kane~

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GeneralJist Creator

Thanks for the praise and support.
Ya, TS vs. TE might not be a totally good comparison, since TE overhauled the base factions, and we're adding new factions, never the less, ya, we're like our team of 15+ vs. Carnius, xd who will come out on top and have more support of the Community?

Na, we're all good, no competition here, er just different projects both with very high standards and quality of execution.

To the end end beyond!

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Hello, wanted to write you for long tine since.. last time.
So, some progress is being laid, ASI infantry and its alpha demo is being worked on. I am very glad to hear that, now that it seems to be it silent here again, if only on the surface;since that interview with honorable mr.(Wulf)Castle xD and that little confusion episode between you, purpleGaga27 and GEN.ZOOL's..."project"..

Heheh, maybe compare TiSe more with CNC FALLOUT, Dune20xx and MeC2.
80 people of TFM led by people like CommieDog,Blbpaws, with maps from Predatore and full support of CNCLabs german community, and we still end up liking one man army Carnius and/or Henford more. xD
Hah, theres no jealousy anyway.
Jokes and teasing aside, how are you doing?

BTW:Secret location of New Adana is due to one wikia source in Germany and due to other in Turkey xD Not that I am interested in CNC4 lore and story. But TiSe seems to be built around and close to it.

If ASI engineer "Transcriber drone"(names still TBD) is weaponless(and stealthed),then how he can supress enemy infantry?

Good luck, "soonish" and "finishing the infantry right now" sounds heart-warming and soothing, worth the wait,though of course, as you say, we all must fully understand the gravity of every member(even if there could be like 20 of you) being overwhelmed.

For our father ASIM, loyalty above all!

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GeneralJist Creator

oh, and as for the Crab drone (patent pending), it has sound cannons on it's dides, built in, it's like those HERF weapons riot troops use for crowd control.
And it's only stealthed when trying to Mok.

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GeneralJist Creator

Well, the main reason we decided to retell the C&C4; story in our own way, is we needed an entry point for our new factions, and we needed to address TT's lore, in in order to move past it to the future of the Tiberium universe, that wouldn't really be possible if we hid under a rock, and pretended like TT never existed. I hope with our story line, we give the events of TT new meaning, more depth, and an acknowledgement of making the best of a bad situation. (disavowing the game and story would not have turned out well, and would have gave the signal that if we don't like parts of reality, history life, etc., we can just ignore them, and hope it doesn't come back and bite us later). No, life & game design is about making lemonade out of lemons, or convincing everyone their actually oranges in disguise, so you can compare them to apples.

If there's no struggle there's no progress, and progress in science, technology, society, etc. can not be made by hiding your head in the sand.
This project looks tword the horizon of C&C, not bound by decades of nostalgia. We pay tribute to what has come before, no matter how or why it's there, and we ask ourselves, what's coming next.

As for the Crab drone (patent pending), it is only stealthed when it is trying to Mok a structure, and it has sound cannons on tits sides.
(I'm good, project is going well, life is manageable, Fandore is busy with life, so things are a bit slower than before, but we got reinforcements. thanks for asking Oaks.)

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Do you guys have an "estimate" of when you will release a open version of it? Or If its possible to play the beta/alpha version lol. I really wanna know how good it is and see this mod.
Oh and are you guys gonna do a different story mode for the new factions?

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GeneralJist Creator

1. Open ASI Alpha, I'm not sure, but Closed ASI Alpha is coming soonish.
(what I can tell you is that ASI Alpha will have all units and structures, no/ few upgrades, no support powers)
The team of course has playable builds, we're finishing the infantry right now. After that's done, a few gaps need to be handled, last check through internal QA, and then it's ready.
(I don't know how long it will all take, since we're all volunteers, working around our busy lives. I could tell you our target month, but we have no stick, only carrots, so IDK how effective they will be.(And I don't want to say anything that might be misconstrued as a deadline promise. (We only ever had 1 enforceable schedule in the history of this project, and that was leading up to mod of the year 2015, which we placed #121 in.

Best thing I can tell you is, it will go faster, if we get more qualified recruits, our Standard AD:

2. Well, as for story modes, we don't have the resources/ desire to do a full conventional campaign, we may do selected mission maps, if we get to it, and if we get enough community support. (making maps is not really a priority for us at this time.)
A bulk of our backstory has already been presented in the edited FMV sequence (released in lore GDD excerpt), and as news articles or on the forums, we have no intention of trying to do actual FMVs like the Forgotten mod did.
So, beyond the written lore we periodically release, we will also be doing dramatized readings of our core lore going forward, to do world building, for example, the writing dpt. is actually in the process of adapting the GDI story "Hidden Away", which can be found under the "sneak peak" section of the forum.
So, that format is our current plan.
(This doesn't mean we won't consider doing actual missions in the future, if there is sufficient resources and support, it just means most of our efforts are directed at building the new factions themselves. Hope that helps clear things up.)

3. I'll just say this, every new member has been somewhat overwhelmed by the amount of content we have for each dpt. and there are a few things we may not be able to fully put in, given engine limitations. Example: Victory and defeat tracks, the trigger is only like 5 seconds, yet both ate like 2 minutes. Stuff like that happens. And the 1st week of Standard orientation is just getting to know all/ relevant files.
I guarantee you, it's all worth the wait.

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the download isint working for me

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GeneralJist Creator

That version is 5 years old, and only contains vein holes, or some attempt at them.
There are no public builds at this time, though we are very close to our ASI alpha

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Hmm. Would Structure Mock be able to copy superweapons, T4 tech structures,
production structures for epic units(Osiris)?
Am glad it cannot copy Colony Queen xD
And then after a time limit the digital copy of structure will just vanish, like hallucinations do,
I guess?
Whats Infantry Suppression passive ability?
Name Assimilator is taken, so Integrator Converter Conveyor Envoy,Legate,Duplicator/Replicator drone,Transcriptor,Mimic drone,Reprintor bot comes to my mind.

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GeneralJist Creator

I'll answer your question here, but can you also repost it in the crab drone render img comment section?

1. Yes, the crab drone structure mock ability works on enemy super Weapons and tech structures. (not your own buildings), Ie. so, if you take one CD and mock a GDI barracks, you get access to T1 inf, and if you mock a T3 GDI tech center, you get access to Zone troopers. (Standard tier prerequisite rules apply.)

Duration of this ability will be balanced accordingly.
2. Yes, it vanishes after the duration is up, so make sure you are efficient & strategic as to how you use cD's ability.

3.You know how there is an effect that forces infantry to crawl? the CB's passive weapon does that.

4. hmm, Transcriber Drone might work, "Transcriptor" sounds too similar to conscripter/ scripter

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So I got purfuckt name for crap drone:

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Is this thing reanimated from the dead?

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Fandore Creator

yeah, i had a lot of stuff to learn, i wanted to make sure i could uphold the content to its highest standards, that took some time to understand, about half a year has gone into learning animation and dealing with FX. the other half was picking up the pieces we where left with and putting them back together. thats all done now and progress is being made fairly quick. most of the units are done but need animation and some need textures. most work that needs to be done is animation, it takes time to animate and though i know how to, it takes time...

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GeneralJist Creator

Yes, technically we were in hiatus/ life support, but we're back on track now.

Welcome back "Actuator", the good news is yours to herald!

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