This mod will add three new armies with new features. First is ASI, this faction was spawned by five scientist from the Black Hand which saw after much research, had decided that the best way to ascend is through technology, not Tiberium. Thus creating the first true Artificial Intelligence known to man. The second army will be a monstrous creature army that the Scrin have feared for many years, "The Colony." These creatures will be tiberium infested and will leave nothing left standing. These mindless things also don't know what technology is and they do not use power. They are a sickness that has no cure, but to destroy them... Lastly is Dream 51, an army that is a remainder of the United States government military force.

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Jul 28 2012, 9:43pm Anchor

Please Rank all 6 Factions in order of your personal interest.

And then do it only for the new Factions.

Thanks guys.

Jul 29 2012, 4:02am Anchor

[1. = most interest; 6. = least interest]

1.) Dream Army
2.) Global Defense Initiative
3.) Artificial Systematic Intelligence
4.) Brotherhood of Nod
5.) The Colony
6.) Scrin

The order above applies for the new factions even if the old factions weren't included.


"War does not determine who is right - only who is left." --  Bertrand Russell

Jul 30 2012, 8:38am Anchor

2 Colony
3 D51
4 nod
6 Scrin

Aug 5 2012, 3:05pm Anchor

1. Colony
2. ASI
3. Nod
4. D51
5. GDI
6. Scrin

Aug 5 2012, 8:11pm Anchor

1. Most
6. Least
1. and 2. are subject to change [until D51 is actually seen in the first ever release of the mod (which includes it)]. But judging from what I know now D51 may very well claim and hold 1.

1. D51
2. Nod
3. Colony
4. ASI
5. Scrin
6. GDI

EDIT: Whoops. I forgot the 'new factions only' part.
Well... it won't make a difference.
1. D51
2. Colony
3. ASI

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Aug 6 2012, 4:28am Anchor

hehe.... scrin gets no love

Aug 6 2012, 4:34am Anchor

... D:

Well... to justify my listing:
Considering the new factions are... well, 'new', it means I would be naturally curious about them. So obviously they would be as high as they can get on my list. However, I am a strict Noddie, so Nod will be within the 'Top 3', regardless of however many factions I would have to list/compare. So, D51 takes the lead because their weapons physics and mechanics appeal to me, and Colony is very interesting with their ability to 'infect' and such. [And as a natural enemy of Tiberium which is also an extra-terrestrial faction, it is that much more unique...] Their build mechanics are especially attention-attracting. As with ASI, they are interesting as well, but in my honest opinion cannot compare with the Colony or D51. Their most attractive aspect would be their story.

And actually, Scrin would be 2. on my 'vanilla list' for GDI has been around too long (*Evil laugh...*) and so they are pushed down to 3. Of course Nod takes 1.
And the reason D51 may out-do Nod in my book- their exceptional weapon systems. Anything that uses in-depth science will hold a high position in my eyes. While D51 may handle branches like 'chemistry', 'physics', and 'mathematics', Colony has 'biology' down. Of course, ASI takes part in the first 3, but I'd say they are more 'hypothetical' sciences- type. Using mechanics like Dark Matter and Quantum etc. D51 is mostly predictable yet futuristic, mixed with tried-and-true.

Gah. Also, keep in mind this is all how I see it. I may be wrong and everything is subject to change (as with the mod). I'm not trying to set a solid footing for the mod- I'm taking what solid footing it has or has revealed and building upon it with my own ideas, thoughts, and opinions.

Don't rely on my above post to tell how I see each faction. I could go on elaborating for days.
D51- Gameplay and weapon physics/mechanics/science.
Nod- Guerilla, stealthed, and lasers. Been around since forever. Chemical weapons as a norm. Yup. Love the back-story. Love the color 'red', and the lack-of-reflected-light- otherwise known as 'black'.
Colony- Unleash all biological mayhems and dreams of what cannot be done by current mankind. Genetics, mass-infection, extra-terrestrial life, insectoids, woohoo!
ASI- We are 1984. Brought up in a RTS. Yes. I'll place my bet on best storyline here.
Scrin- First-introduced ALIENS! And harnessers of good old Tiberium. Very frankly the last piece of the Tiberium puzzle. Were referenced in Renegade. [But the wreck was a over-used classical UFO.] Still, good enough. Woohoo Westwood!
GDI- Classy good guys. A mash-up of the Allies and Soviets, thus boasting outstanding Air Force and Armor Battalions. Still cannot compare to Noddies' tacticsal gameplay. Only grand advantage- effing Fire-Storm Barriers. Woohoo!

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Aug 6 2012, 5:40am Anchor

about the scrin piece: Westwood got shut down in 2003, and as such, had nothing to do with the scrin. they only put them in as easter eggs. EA later used the easter eggs as a new piece for the storry

Aug 6 2012, 9:16am Anchor

Yep. I know. But did Westwood call them the Scrin? I was curious of that all along. Did you actually come across that crash? I found it by accident one day while fooling about. But all along, did Westwood have something planned? Actually, I don't think that craft was even significant. I'd like to see more mention of it, though. It is what I consider a modern 'gaming anomaly'...

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Aug 7 2012, 6:10am Anchor

Most favorite up, least favorite down..eeh.I've just realized I love half of them with the same amount of love. But obviously if the vanilla factions should stay like EA made them,then they can rot and dissapear when compared to new ones. But if they theoretically should turn out to be as (excuse me) in Tiberium Essence then that would change the "most favorite ladder" quite radically.

I always loved everything new,or most advanced.About the Scrin.Some answers can be found here I think. But from Westwood we know they really once were humanoids, The Scrin ship found in Tiberian Sun is already called "Scrin" by Westwood.And it is their concepts upon are their awesome walkers and stuff and everything made.Alas, EA screw it up all too much and its felt heavy.Walkers,Tripods,Titans,Wolverines,Juggernauts,Mastodon,Mammoth MKII,etc. those are all Westwood concepts of awesomeness.And "smart" EA said we want to get rid of them. 10 or even more years than some EA appeared, Tacitus of which some EA could never even dream of,were already known of,thanks to Westwood. Heh,the first thing in my life I can remember are Atreides,Harkonnen,Ordos,Fremen and Shai-Hulud sandworms.
1.)ASI 1.)Colony
2.)Colony 2.)ASI
3.)Scrin 3.)D51

Aug 7 2012, 9:01am Anchor

Very well.

Ah, I never knew that. Interesting stuff there- but honestly predicatable haha. Should have expected that of EA.
Also, did Westwood ever [get to] release any form of story on the aliens? Or was it just these clues? I wonder what they had in mind. If only time would have given them the chance, they surely would have stunned the planet with their world-reknowned reputable game(s) [to come]
4th dimension's a screw-over, as usual.

So Westwood had the Tacitus planned. I wonder how-it-would-have-affected/what-role-would-it-claim-in their story. Would it bring encrypted information? What may it have stated? Regardless, another +1, -1 for Westwood and EA [in my book], respectively.

I'm curious as to why the inclusion of (or not inclusion of) the original 3 factions affects your order of ASI and Colony. Does the inclusion of the original 3 make ASI a bit 'redundant,' maybe?

Regardless, I respect your ordering. Take that, GDI!

Colony is our enigma haha. Now that I think about it, it has the widest range of possibility out of all 6 factions, no? Because the field of biology is so vast, and mixed in with the expansive field of E.T., we have possibility to the power possibility.

Aug 7 2012, 2:44pm Anchor

Well,I am not so familiar with that entire story from Tiberian sun and Firestorm,like for example Carnius is,through that First deckade,from that start of RA1.Joe Kucan-Kane as an advisor to Stalin,Stalin goes down,as Kane predicted and planned,takes over Soviet Russia-hurray NOD is born,new era comes,tiberium appears.That is one ending of RA1,everything made by Westwood.EA just came to the finished,screwed what they could,how crappy it ended is known thnx to sh.t no one wants to play known as CNC4,our bald hero unites GDI and NOD,fights the unplayable Scrin and Kane in both endings ends probably on some Scrin planet.amen.
Kane,CNC,Tacitus,Scrin,everything were planned long ago then some EA came.Alas,they could not end it,or continue,some former members of Westwood were probably conscripted to EA,the rest became a Petroglyph working for Sega,the guys behind Universe at war:Earth assault and Starwars Empire at war:Forces of Corruption.

NOD is far more interesting than GDI, D51 are "just another human" faction,I still dont know what I should expect of them,other than those gravitic technologies and superiority in air. As a whole,from that 6 faction,ASI is really my heart one.But as only from these 3 new,Colony are most interesting,of newest concept,creepy and enigmatic than anything we've ever encountered.May have similiar features as Zerg as mr.Elbareth says here (I think swarms of melee rushers as zerglings will be not Colonys forte) Yet I know how deeply different and original Colony is from Zerg or anything.

Aug 7 2012, 9:44pm Anchor

About RA1 stuff: True and I was aware of all that. I still remember that cutscene- or I think I do.

Hahahaha. Well said. Well said. Indeed.
Ah, ok. "Kane,CNC,Tacitus,Scrin,everything were planned long ago then some EA came." Damn it; I can't stop laughing. There are tears in my eyes.
Ah. ok. But yeah, that's what big companies (that have the power to do so) do- they buy out the little successful companies, attempt to gain big profit by incorporating it into their own system, but end up screwing everything up because they have no idea what the fans are accustomed to. Heck, gameplay quality itself has decreased with each CnC game since EA took over. For example, I simply cannot see how RA3 or CnC4: TT can compare to the RAs before and CnCs before, respectively. Just look at the original Tiberium games. So many map features, beautiful mechanics, smooth gameplay, suspenseful, tons of units, effing Fire-Storm barriers...
Then Red Alert series. [For me- best RTS ever is RA2: YR.] All those hours spent carefully arranging units into perfect formation- and they would fit. Now? Formation move- and yet they cannot hold formation. All those ingenious ideas- Paris Tower, Radiation Troopers (contaminate ground with a superb animation), multi-weapon IFVs- *Sigh.*
And then a time machine that actually looks like one. Plus custom hidden campaign enemies, I believe- like Giant Ants and Dinosaurs (?). Gah.
Heh, EA even took the fear-inducing Kirov and turned it into a pathetic-faced thing in RA3.
Don't start screwing up Generals EA. I've my eyes on you. I saw in the trailer they seem to have replaced my favorite Comanche with an Orca. EA... Don't try to mix the games. Orcas are far away from Comanches- although admittedly both get the job done (as whenever I'm not Nod, I play as an air-superiority faction)...
Too much to discuss here, honestly.
INDEED. Ah, ok. I think the actual science behind D51 is interesting, and as I said I play air-superiority if not Noddies. Ah, ok. Well said; indeed it is. Colony brings out the mad-biological-genius side of me. That's what interests me. And ASI has a backstory I could read over and over again. I very much enjoyed 1984. So, to have a robotic team rise above the people, only to have its own troopers rise against it, is fascinating. Of course that is how I see it, and it may actually be very well different (on whatever level; I know it will be some different for sure).

Aug 8 2012, 3:23pm Anchor

Haha, do we need a "Hate on EA" thread you guys?


"War does not determine who is right - only who is left." --  Bertrand Russell

Aug 8 2012, 9:25pm Anchor

I actually thought of making one...
But then thought against the thought...

Aug 9 2012, 8:16am Anchor

Heh and it was supposed to be just some small note. Well, that escalated quickly. :D

Edited by: Oaks

Aug 9 2012, 11:34am Anchor

... :D

[Appropriate response? No matter :<]

Dec 30 2012, 4:22am Anchor

Colony because i like parasites like The Thing from John Carpenter or Flood from Halo


when i watched some Colony units i think X parasite from Metroid Fusion

Aug 18 2013, 7:56am Anchor
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