This mod will add three new armies with new features. First is ASI, this faction was spawned by five scientist from the Black Hand which saw after much research, had decided that the best way to ascend is through technology, not Tiberium. Thus creating the first true Artificial Intelligence known to man. The second army will be a monstrous creature army that the Scrin have feared for many years, "The Colony." These creatures will be tiberium infested and will leave nothing left standing. These mindless things also don't know what technology is and they do not use power. They are a sickness that has no cure, but to destroy them... Lastly is Dream 51, an army that is a remainder of the United States government military force.

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Aug 17 2012, 2:03am Anchor

For those of the forum, an ASI vehicle.

Light Tank

Constructive, polite feedback is appreciated.

Cheers for looking!

Aug 17 2012, 3:14am Anchor

Absolutely beautiful. Is that a Dark Matter-based weapon there? The two seemingly floating orbs of dark blue, mystical power?
Regardless, love it. Also, will the electricity off the (under)/sides have a damage/suppression effect on unarmored/armored infantry? EMP on machines?
'Simple' hover mechanism?

Aug 17 2012, 3:43am Anchor

Time will tell, for an update is just around the corner...


"War does not determine who is right - only who is left." --  Bertrand Russell

Aug 17 2012, 4:58am Anchor

well the design already goes above any unit design EA made.

Aug 17 2012, 6:54am Anchor

Hahaha. Alright War; and agreed Colers.

Also, looking at the other view (no dark orb visible), I see what appears to be bright blue orbs flashing light...
Is that another view of the dark blue orbs or simply just some of those electric discharge seen around the unit (at that somewhat awkward angle)?

Oh, it probably is just some of the discharge- looking closer I see the left (of the two in upper left hand corner) one has a small discharge line connected to it. Thus both are probably discharge.

Also, I notice under the larger dark blue orb that there is a faint blue light emission... Hmmm...
Love the detail, too ;)

I noticed another thing- observing closely, I noticed that little launch bay in front of the machine... Is that a launch bay? Or are your designs creating that optical illusion? Regardless of whether they function or not, they are indeed a cool addition.

For some reason now this reminds me of the Battle Fortress in RA2: YR. Man. One of those with Chrono Legionnaires and the enemy never existed. Rolling Thunder for the win!
This appears to be a much higher tech version of it, with its own unique ASI design. I know it really doesn't resemble the BF, but I can imagine it serving that purpose...

Also, it appears relatively large, no?

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Aug 17 2012, 9:38am Anchor

Ahh,beautifull. It reminds me of antigravity technology of Lunar Corporation(Earth 2160)
or some of those Aeon units(Supreme Commander) Aeon are really good with hover units.xd
But the greatest is that weapon.Orb-I suppose dark-matter core generator.But how does the weapon work? Something similiar to, in lesser extent, Scrin Rift generator? Should I expect sudden noise of energy accumulation,followed by roar of blinding ball lighting doing but a smoldering crater out of me,or maybe projecting a discharge of magnetic repulse in target area,leaving only orb-shaped hole behind ( yeah,totally Naruto;Tendo-pain shinra tensei :D ),or maybe blinding darkness out of orb will burst and devour anything before it. Seeing that weapon,it seems I cant differentiate if it should be "tank hunter,destroyer" that will smite one unit with one powerfull bursting discharge or "fire support, infantry cleaner" with continuous AoE gaining strenght. I incline to latter.
So the question is: What will come out from that orb?
And this perchance should be that Inquisitor unit?
And it really looks too large and hi-tech advanced than to be a T2 vehicle.I am unsure if it should be ASI characteristic bread-and-butter unit fit to be ASI MBT or more like supportive unit.(armor-piercing or rather infantry purger,clean garrison type?) Totally lovin' those electric discharges from hover engines :- )

Aug 17 2012, 12:01pm Anchor

Indeed. I was taken aback that [these would probably be a main type unit, and thus you may produce many of them, yet] the game engine could handle all those discharges. Truly breath-taking.

I ponder the firing animation and effects aswell.

Aug 21 2012, 4:42pm Anchor

I have..the certain idea how the weapon should work :D

Aug 21 2012, 5:12pm Anchor

^ April Fools unit firing animation?

But seriously, that would be overkill... XD

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