Project overview: Tiberium Secrets is a total overhaul mod set in a parallel universe that introduces three new factions that can stand in conjunction and potentially independent from the Command and Conquer Tiberium universe. These new factions come complete with diverse units, structures, mechanics, and lore. Players will take command of a shadowy human faction intent on ensuring the survival of its species without concern for red tape or ideologies, a biological experiment turned hunter of their creators, and an artificial intelligence believing itself to be the next evolution of humanity. Vanilla tweaks/changes and content for the original factions will only be produced/released after the new factions are completed, despite any of our documentation, concepts, and lore that we may refer to or show for world building purposes.

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Poll: Do you like the idea of the Zaparia mothership? (14 votes)
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Aug 30 2012 Anchor

I know i'm very new to this thread but I figured the more ideas and people involved the better. I love the idea of technology and a very large ship, hence, let the asi mothership be born.

Unit: Zaparia
The god of technology and the skies

This unit I'm thinking would definitely would be something purchased at the middle to the end of the battle. I'll flat out say I'm envisioning this air craft to be nearly unbeatable. Electric terminating machines have no mercy and in my opinion should be a little more powerful than other factions.

Throughout the game the player would have to buy upgrades or possibly accumulate points like in C&C Generals. The price tag would be hefty, possibly $15-30 thousand dollars? The main way to defeat the Zaparia is to try and prevent it from being built. Assuming the unit is built, I could see it coming out of either two asi air fields combined, or maybe even out of an enemy tiberium field. Upon being built, godly trumpets are heard from all factions to make aware the arrival of a Zaparia (the trumpets from the arrival of Gabriel possibly from the film "Legion"). Only one mother ship could be built, possibly per map it's so powerful. If your partner is ASI and beats you to it, that is the only unit to be built until death.
The design of the hull would be a large flying unit, oval in design. Throughout game play it would produce small lightning strikes on the ship, causing no damage but just a scare effect. The unit would have a large amount of health, as well as 2, possibly 3 large shields to go through. Shield color starting at blue, once destroyed turning red. The unit would be able to possibly drop terminator soldiers into a base. Zaparia could have medium defense against other flying units (medium damage AA guns to make the ship not so powerful). The primary purpose of the unit is to wreak havoc and massive damage on the ground. It would have powerful lasers with deadly precision that would cause devastating effects on the ground. Long reload times of the lasers could also help make the unit not too powerful. It would also have a primary weapon that could only be used if the other lasers have not been firing, and the ship has charged every 2-3 minutes. Two turrets would pop out the sides of the ship like a mini super weapon, shooting at the ground of an enemy base, doing massive amounts of explosions (think two focused lasers from independence day). The after effects could be fire, electronic disturbances and destruction of tiberium. One thing I want to point out is the more defeated this mother ship gets, the "angrier" it becomes. Possibly the small lightning strikes surrounding Zaparia would become larger, or make sound effects. Possibly even cause minor damage to the units destroying the unit. Speed of the unit is medium. Not ridiculously slow and obviously not fast. When the mothership is destroyed, it explodes. One unique feature I would like to point out is right before the death of the mother ship, a small beam shoots out from the hull at the enemy base or maybe on the ground below the mother ship, and when the smoke clears from the explosion of Zaparia, all that is seen left from the rubble and remains of the ship is the symbol of the ASI, to haunt the faction that the ASI will return.

I am open to all forms of criticism. Anyone please feel free to jump in, ask questions, give opinions etc.

Sep 1 2012 Anchor

Should you envision this unit as "almost unbeatable" then for the player to even make an attempt at obtaining it would likely need to start at the end of the game, after going through all the ASI's tech tree.

The idea of buying upgrades is interesting, such as ones that stack (i.e. have an order of progression). Maybe once the player builds their last tech structure he or she could build a "structure" from the defenses tab. Once complete one would have to purchase upgrades that add on to the structure, the last upgrade adding a core/ matrix and activating the "structure", which turns out to be a Zaparia that flies up out of the ground. The price of the building and upgrades combine might just need to equal 15 or 30k haha.

I don't know about trumpets, but maybe an un-godly low-pitch mechanical screech/ growl might fill the role better? I'll have to look into what trumpets you are referring to.

Dropping robotic infantry is also interesting. How might the player acquire them? For free at specific time intervals? Or purchased from the build menu?

Weapon wise lasers are likely to be keep unique to Nod's inventory whereas pulse lasers are to be used by the ASI. To use the 2 or 3 minute charge weapon might the unit have a toggle to tell it to hold fire (for its main weapons) and thus start the charging sequence?

I like the idea of this vessel getting angrier due to taking damage, that would be interesting to see.

Regarding speed, it might need to go slow. Such would give the opposition a chance (concerning balance).

And maybe the partial remains of the ship itself could be the symbol of the ASI's return?

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"War does not determine who is right - only who is left." -- Bertrand Russell

Sep 3 2012 Anchor

I do like the idea of building a structure from a defenses tab as well as upgrades to make the tech structure more advanced. Price would definately discourage from letting the novice player just build a mothership, but would be well rewarding to those who have fought hard in the battle. The trumpets sound is on youtube under "Legion arrival of gabriel" first video that is 1:40 long . But im not dead set on any one sound, I think the trumpets sound evilish and sort of godly but frankly I would just like to hear some sort of sound (if you dont like the trumpets). A mechanical screech would also fit the role.
I love the idea of being able to drop robotic infantry into a base. I believe since the unit will already be powerful from its primary and secondary lasers, the robotic infantry should be purchased for a small price from the build menu.

Pulse lasers sound great, as long as Zaparia has some sort of cool primary laser! Haha. I believe the moment the hold fire button is activated on the bottom of the screen, the charge weapon should commence charging its power. I also agree with the mothership going slow, slower than I originally intended but this would give the other armies a chance.
More on the ship getting angrier while it is taking damage, I would love to see the unit do different things near death such as the lightning strikes on the Hull getting even larger, possibly the ship makes more mechanical sounds or even when the health bar gets low possibly deploying a small mechanical vehicle to the ground.

As far as the ASI symbol, I understand the difficulties of making an imprint on the ground. Im just using the particle cannon from generals as an example, it left burn marks in the ground wherever the laser went. I feel wherever the ship crashed, it would be really cool to either have the remains stay on the ground or some sort of physical trademark that the ASI will return.
Note: The idea below is a completely different mothership

I have been thinking and thinking about another amazing mothership idea for the ASI. My last brainstrorm but really would like this idea to be looked into too. The Zaparia mothership was my first thoughts (as read from above) but this mothership is a completely different ball game that some may like better. Lets call Zaparia mothership #1, and this new mothership idea mothership #2.

Unit: Undecided on name yet, i'm not good with names. Mothership idea #2
Description: This mothership would be feared by all on the battlefield, just like Zaparia, except these differences. The unit could be described as a massive piece of evolving metal arms and spears everywhere. It would have a red or green glow in the middle of the machine like an eye or core. This would be a flying and walking mothership.

Capabilities: This mothership would be built from ground or air or even special structure just like the Zaparia mothership idea. Its primary attack mode would be on the ground. This gigantic piece of metal with arms and spears everywhere has a mind of it's own. As it approaches its target, it practically devours humans and all soldiers, tearing the flesh from them. It would take all of its multiple arms with spears attached and slam them through tanks. Tanks would be flying in the air and die upon impact of either the spear of the ground. (Think when tanks got nuked in C&C Red Alert or Generals Zero hour and nearby vehicles would go flying in the air, this is the same concept except with spears throwing them around). If aircraft got near this godly mothership, it could grab smaller aircraft out of the sky. When not in attack mode, this mothership could be deployed in the air and transport at a medium speed through the battlefield. (This should be easy to accomplish, like the scrin command center can anchor in the ground and redeploy in the air). While in air mode I want to say this unit is either vulnerable and cannot attack or can only lightly defend itself, say if an aircraft possibly flies near the thing an arm can lash out and do minor damage. The defense to this unit would be tough to break through. I wasn't envisioning 3 shields or maybe not even a shield at all, because the offensive power of the claws and spears would balance the unit out to about the same as if it did have a shield. The hard metal of the unit would be primary defense. One would probably need heat rounds, armor piercing tank shell upgrades and a good amount of base defenses or EMP weaponry to attack mothership #2. Also I never covered structures. Maybe when the unit attacks a structure it would have to spear it multiple times before the building was destroyed or possibly even crushed. When the unit is in flying mode, the mothership would fly right over buildings with its powerful jets in the back to make it travel at a slow-medium speed. This unit would fly faster than Zaparia, because it doesnt have any primary lasers or attack features while in flight mode. It is mainly a large ground unit, that moves slow on the ground.

Weaknesses/Balance: Just like Zaparia, time would be a huge matter. Possibly building a tech tree to build such a creature. To fully make the arm spears operational, one would need to spend quite a lot of money as well.This unit would be vulnerable to EMP weapons. Soldiers with regular machine guns would have little to no effect against the hard metal outside, and chances are this unit would have shred the skin off a soldier before they get a chance to fire. I have found a picture on Yahoo that I completely love and have based this idea off of. It is below. Note the size of the helicopters on the bottom in comparison to this beast mothership. I wouldnt want the design scaled up that big, but this thing would still look extremley large, creepy like the picture and have roughly 5 - 10 robotic arms with spears as its primary weapon.

Please let me know what you think about Zaparia or mothership #2 in comparison to each other. Which you like better, and just opinions about both motherships!

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Sep 26 2012 Anchor

Although I already thought this before, O.o Dat ship...

Hmm... for starters, such a ships might require its own tech path to obtain, with one of two variants [say Mothership #1 and #2,] being available at the end to field, depending on which the player chooses. The concept and especially image really interest me, but the way in which one would create and balance this would be a vast undertaking.

I’d imagine such a unit [#2] might have pulse laser point defense turrets it might utilize while airborne, although these turrets would have EXTREMELY short range, so would likely only be anti-air. However, should the player take on such a project, I'd bet that would lock later game units in addition to possessing such a high cost.

Only time will tell where this might go...


"War does not determine who is right - only who is left." -- Bertrand Russell

Sep 27 2012 Anchor

Haha! As far as the flying Zaparia unit goes, I think we could agree that it would be great if were derived from a tech tree, had a godly universal sound heard by all players throughout, could drop ASI infantry soldiers down into a base, as well as have a primary laser that counts down and has to recharge but causes chaos and annihilation in a base, with secondary pulse lasers to blanket the base with smaller fire for its attack features against tanks, AA, and air craft.

As far as the walking/flying mothership 2 goes, I think I may be falling in love with this idea more than my original idea! Heres some ideas to create and balance the unit so it isn't as MUCH as an undertaking. Hah.

Well first, it won't be easy to destroy but not impossible. One would simply have to fight hard to destroy it, which is something I think EA games lacked in Tiberium Wars. Extreme effort for one unit to destroy. When the unit is in flying mode, it could have the anti air laser turrets you mentioned with short range. One thing that could balance this unit is that it would be extremely costly to build. Or the player would have to build possibly 10 seperate buildings to progress through the mothership tech tree. Maybe the player would even temporarily lose control of ones base when this mothership is launched. The mothership could be a temporary mind of the ASI base itself. The power one would provide for this unit would also be immense. So the drawback of the unit is managing to get it built in the first place. Assuming someone did manage to get this built, it would be far enough in the game where enemy players would have a good amount of time to prepare for this. Maybe implementing a sound heard through the map would fit well for this unit too.

I love the picture above with all the claws and arms. One weakness could be maybe the claws and spears might slow down after attacking a lot of buildings and units and maybe freeze for 30 seconds so the unit can take some damage. Soldiers would still be almost ineffective with regular ammunition. The key would be to destroy it while in flying mode, but could also be destroyed in ground mode. But one would have to work very hard to destroy it.

Which mothership idea does everyone seem to be leaning towards? Is it too early to tell? I love both mothership ideas for different aspects.
I love feedback from both ideas, as well as which one everyone seems to like more.

Oct 8 2012 Anchor

only for a story-only unit, cuz else, no. it will totaly ruin the unique side of D51 flight path if another side has a mothership

hmmm... i guess that when i have the time, i should post some epic-unit ideas, as those truly are a necessity

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Oct 9 2012 Anchor

Well I think it's safe to say if the D51 flight mothership were to encounter the above mothership it would have a hell of a fight, making for an epic battle. If the dream army were to hope to defeat a zaparia asi mothership or the walking idea number 2, they would need to equip their flying units with EMP missiles as well as special armor piercing rounds to pierce the defense.

Oct 11 2012 Anchor

it would be epic and it would look like Reaper from Mass Effect


when i watched some Colony units i think X parasite from Metroid Fusion

Oct 12 2012 Anchor

but again, doesnt this ruin the uniqueness of D51 flight side, if another faction has a super-epic aerial unit

Oct 14 2012 Anchor

colers maybe your right. I want to know the input from others if they still like the original Zaparia flying unit idea. If other people agree that only D51 should have a flight massive unit only then maybe we can stick to the mothership idea #2 that mainly walks. The picture below is a little different from the above walking mothership but im just jotting some ideas out there. Possibly some more inspiration can be gained by looking at this picture of shockwaves pet driller, with flailing spear arms from the prior picture.
Do you all like the flying zaparia mothership, the huge second picture with the red core eye? or do you all like this other picture that is solely a very powerful ground unit to keep the dream army the only army with an epic flying unit. Personally, I like all of the ideas so input is appreciated to see if people are leaning towards:
Mothership #1 Zaparia flying mothership with pulse lasers
Mothership #2 The walking and flying mothership combo with spears and extra heavy defense
Possible Mothership #3 The picture in this post strictly ground demolition with extra heavy alloy defense

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Oct 15 2012 Anchor

Mother ship would be cool if it would look like Sovereign from Mass Effect large Reaper ship :D

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when i watched some Colony units i think X parasite from Metroid Fusion

Oct 24 2012 Anchor

Eh, i wasnt thinking it would really look like that. maybe the driller picture pic above or that massive second mothership. Been a while from any news or feed back, does anyone have thoughts or input? Do you like zaparia, mothership 2 or the 3rd strictly ground driller mothership concept?

Oct 27 2012 Anchor

I dont know if it actually can be a real unit,but it definitely can be a special ,hmmm,defensive structure/boss unit for a final campaign mission againts ASI.
It heavily reminds of some Starcraft II missions with those crazy overgrown epic units. And everyone could go like " eeeeh,just another stupid Protoss mothership.Maybe it could shown itself for a brief time in form of superweapon.

15-30 0000 USD? Zaparia? (yeah,not the name I would expect at ASI) 3 shields? Will drop terminator soldiers? (Like Terminators from Dawn of War,Space Marines?) Godly Trumpets? Lightning strikes? (Like Ion storms,Scrin Storm columns?) etc,etc.. :D We also probably cant have some tech trees.I am just being deterred that it far more suits to be in some Blizzard game and maybe not here.So I say its both unrealistic but cool and want hear more about it,as well.
Well, it sounds almost absurd for a skirmish,but it sounds really super-cool as an idea for campaign,or superweapon or some neutral super-boss unit, that can be beaten on some special campaign maps.
And if there should ever be a super-epic ASI campaign unit,I think that honor belongs to the ASIM Mainframe Core. Uhh,too similiar to the Supcom Cybran QAI,lets nerf Zaparia and it will be an ASI counterpart for D51 Apollo Zeta.But,then again,yeah I just agree with Colers. GDI,NOD,Scrin and Colony would feel bad,if they also will not have something like Zaparia.Apollo Zeta is acceptable for D51, but Zaparia is simply too much to be in skirmish.Trying to push it too far,nerfing it,so it could be in skirmish to be lets say wee bit less powerfull than Apollo,is not something what would ASIM forgived you that easily... :D
I think ASI are more refined than some Protoss hyper-mothership showpiece of indomitable power and strenght. Yeah,ASIM could like it,but hes smarter than that. Swarms of nanomachines,flying satellites with EMP, total hacking and gained control over entire enemy infrastructure and electro-charged vehicles,and much much more,all that can mighty ASIM achieve.It would also override his primary objective and purpose to actually benefit humankind.He want to save humanity from tiberium and assimilate it into his order, not to extinct it. yeah,ASIM is a tough guy,but all heart,unlike those Scrin or Colony ba...rds are :D

Oct 29 2012 Anchor

Any of the names could be changed im cool with that. I understand the concern of the other factions getting wiped out or the difficulty of a tech tree, but i would REALLY like to see this as a playable unit in skirmish. The first mothership might be overpowered so lets focus on idea number two with the red eye core. No shields just raw alloy defense to better suit an asim feel. If we must we could vastly down the power to simply rival the zeta dream army ship. Asi will still help humanity and i just think we should definately make it a powerful but equal mpthership, even if we have to do away with fancy shields or dropping terminators

Oct 30 2012 Anchor

Ok,so the "red eye core" is I assume the one with the Terminator V written in the footer. Yeah,I like that one most.xd
It has hybrid movement,so its both considered to be mothership and some giant behemoth walker.
The claims for to be it in skirmish and equal of Apollo,we should think of some sophisticated "nerf system" or your entire grand idea would go for naught.
We dont want to screw it,right?

idea 1: Lets say its weakness will be absence of AA. Lets say it can store those new gunships that needs some cool name(or some nanomachines swarms reminding of flying buzzers). lets assume those gunships can attack only ground.
Lets say this unit can through "deploy ability" coding change its movement type.And it will go through similiar decision like D51 in "flight or fright". It would have 1-2 upgrades similiar to the hardpoints of Hierarchy walker from Universe at war:Earth assault.Those hands could be gradually changed into various weapons. BUT it could go only through one major upgrade at a one time per movement type. So when walking it could upgrade only shields,or some EMP device,but there would be no more storeroom upgrade for gunships.
Or it can be nerfed in a way that it will be static when in walking mode.When static it could gain some stats.Like activating primary laser batteries,shields,emp,etc.And when switching back to flying mode it would lost its static mode advantages.Maybe it could launch the gunships only in static mode and gunships would have only limited fly radius.(yeah,exactly like some Protoss carrier-defense structure)

Idea 2: There would actually be 2 epic units.One would be flying mothership,the second walking behemoth. ASI would go through the similarity of "flight or fright" and upon decision,ASI could train only one of those epic units.

But all of that would destroy the uniqeness of D51,all other factions would inevitably demand its own epic unit.
And its training/summoning.Maybe like Scrin Mothership?
Maybe we can give ASI the decision of gaining this unit or superweapon.

Oct 30 2012 Anchor

I like these ideas. The idea of having to make the ship static to be able to dispatch smaller ships is good. This would give the enemy a chance. Maybe this could prumarily be a ground unit but instead of taking it away, we make it very weak very short range aa defense, or like you said give the player a variety of tactics by getting to choose between 2 behemoth prototypes, one walking and one flier, to suprise the enemy and keeping the units unique but balanced. I like that. To keep the balance the player could decide between the units or a superweapon so all the other factions dont get jealous and want their own ship

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